© Dylan W.H. Sung
English Hakka
alcholic drink ziu3
alert zin1 sin2
alive sang1
all cien2 pu4
all ham3 ba3 lang3
all mui1
all cen2 pu4
all because of cien2 kau4
all in common fan2
all night go4 ya4
all of a sudden man2 cen2 zi4 dong4
all present and accounted for ce2
allergic men3 gam1
alligator ngok6 ng2
alloted amount fun4 ha4
allow zun3
almond hen4 yin2
almost ciu4
almost ciu4 loi2
almost ca1 m1 do1
alone ciang4 ci2 ga1
alone ciang4
already yi4 gin3
also yiu3
also tung2 mai2
also du1
also han2
although sui1 yen2
although han2 si2
altogether yen2 cen2
always mui1 cu4
always yit5 lut6
always sang2 ngit5
always go4 ngit5