© Dylan W.H. Sung
English Hakka
black vu1
black het5
black vu1 set5
black and grimy vu1 sau1 sau1
black eye bean mi2 tiu4
blame lai4
blame yen4
bland tam1
bland and tasteless tam1 bet6 bet6
bleed cut5 het5
blind mang2
blind girl getting married - cannot see outcome mang2 moi4 ga4 lau3 gung1 - mau2 ngan3 kon4
blind support for someone not deserving of it bung3 giok5
blister sui3 pau1
bloke fo4
blood het5
blood pressure het5 at5
blood vessel het5 gon3
blooms fa1
blossom fa1
blow cui1
blow pang1
blow nasal mucus pang1 pi4 lung2
blow one's nose sen4 pi4
blowing a nose pang1 pi4
blue lam2
blue lam2 set5
blunt tun4
blurt ngap6
blurt something out ngap6