© Dylan W.H. Sung
English Hakka
deaf lung1
deaf and dumb lung1 dap5 a3
deaf in the ears lung1 ngi3
decayed mien2
deceive for money pen4 cen2
december sip6 ngi4 ngiet6
decieve gun4
decieve pen4
decieve sep5
deep cim1
deep freeze refrigerator ngang4 kui4
deep fry za4
deer luk6
deer antler shavings used in chinese medicine yung2
deer antler slices used in chinese medicine luk6 yung2
deer antlers luk6 gok5
defecate o1 si3
defecate (polite) hi4 tai4 pien4
definitely yit5 tin4 he4
deliberately yiu1 sim1 yiu1 yi4
dented ngiap5
dentures ga3 nga2
depend upon kau4
descend ha1
descend lok6
deserve goi1
deserve all the bad things that may come goi1 soi1
desire something for one's own ends muk6
destroy cak5
destroy po4
destroy po4 lan4
deteriorate fa4
deteriorate zu4
devil gui3
devious gan1 vak6
dew lu4
dew lu4 sui3
dew forming da3 lu4 sui3