© Dylan W.H. Sung
English Hakka
drag to1
dragon lung2
dragon liung2
dragon eye liung2 ngan3
dragon eye lung2 ngan3
dragon fruit fo3 liung2 go3
dragon well (longjing) tea lung2 ziang3
dragonfly vong2 li1
drake (male duck) ap5 gung1
drape clothes to dry long4 sam1
drape over long4
drawer to1 siong1
dream mung4
dream (vb.) bot5 mung4
dregs za1
dribble down ye2
dribble spit le2 hiu3 sui3
dried sai4 gon1
dried chinese sausage made with pig's liver yun3 cong2
dried deer tail used in chinese medicine luk6 mui1 ba1
dried preserved duck lap6 ap5
drill zon4
drill (vb.) zon4
drill bit zon4 zui3
drink (vb.) sit6
drink (vb.) yim3
drink (vb.) hot5
drink a toast to gin4 ziu3
drink tea yim3 ca2
drink wine yim3 ziu3
drip din2
drip din4
drug yok6
drug (n.) yok6 pin3
drunk (too much alcohol) zui4
dry gon1
dry zau1
dry liam3
dry sai4
dry gon1 dat6 dat6
dry and crisp gon1 song3
dry cloths in the open air sai4 sam1
dry meat flavoured with wine and soya sauce lap6 ngiuk5