© Dylan W.H. Sung
English Hakka
exactly the same yit5 mu2 yit5 yong4
exasperated about something git5 hi4
exceed yet6
excess (too much it is piling up) da3 doi1
exchange von4
exchange (vb.) gau4
excited gin3 zong1
exclamation in reference to a man: bastard si3 lau3
exclamation of agreement: yes i3
exclamation of disgust: terrible poi4
exclamation of disgust: what a thing to say poi4 diok6 sat5
excrete from the body (waste, eggs) lai2
exisiting coi1
exist coi1
exit cut5 hiu3
expensive gui4
experiential and completed aspect of an action dau3
experiential aspect of action go4
explain gai3
explode za4
expose to heat hiun4
extractor fan fung1 gi1
extreme limit fang4