© Dylan W.H. Sung
English Hakka
fiddle with other people's things do1 su3
fierce ok5
fifteen sip6 ng3
fifth ti4 ng3
fifth lunar month ng3 ngiet6
fifty ng3 sip6
fifty eight ng3 sip6 bat5
fifty five ng3 sip6 ng3
fifty four ng3 sip6 si4
fifty nine ng3 sip6 giu3
fifty one ng3 sip6 yit5
fifty seven ng3 sip6 cit5
fifty six ng3 sip6 luk5
fifty six ng3 sip6 liuk5
fifty three ng3 sip6 sam1
fifty two ng3 sip6 ngi4
fight a battle or war da3 zong4
fight for food zang1 sit6
fight for something zang1
fill out a form ten2
fill out a form ten2 biau3
filling (of caks and pastry) ham4
filling (satiated feeling) li4
film (n.) hi4
finally zui4 hiu4
financial compensation poi2 cen2
find cim2
find vun3
fine and dandy bok6 bok6 cui2 giong1 ma2
finger zi3
finger (n.) su3 zi3
finger (n.) siu3 zi3
fingernail su1 zi3 gap5
fingerprint su3 zi3 mu2
fingertip su3 zi3 mui1
finished gau1
fircone ciung2 gai1 gok5
fire fo3
fire prevention fong2 fo3
firecrackers bau4 cong4
fireplace zau4
fireplace zau4 tiu2
firewood cai2
firm vun3
firm sit6
firm and steadfast vun3 zun3
first ti4 yit5
first co1
first class tiu2 den3
first floor yit5 liu2
first grade tiu2 den3
first lunar month zang1 ngiet6
first prize tiu2 ziong3
fish ng2
fish tau3
fish (vb.) diau4 ng2
fish (vb.) tau3 ng2
fish scales lin1
fishbone ng2 gut5
fishing net suspended by frame operated by leverzen1 pang2
fist ken2
fit a bedsheet on the mattress pu1 cong2 dan1
fit in body, vigorous in health sin1 zong4 lit6 ken4
fit on to lap5
five ng3
five dynasties - dynastic era (907 - 960 AD) ng3 toi4
five hundred ng3 bak5
five o'clock ng3 diam3 zung1
five o'clock ng3 diam3
five past dap5 yit5
five thousand ng3 cien1
five to dap5 sip6 yit
fizzy soft drinks hi4 sui3