© Dylan W.H. Sung
English Hakka
fragrant hiong1
frame (n.) kiong2
france fap5 gok5
france fap5 lan2 su2
frank tan1 pak6
fray into strands si1
free fong4
free of charge men1 cen2
free of charge men1 fui4
freeze (food) set5
freeze forming ice ken2 ben1
freezer set5 kui4
friday li1 bai4 ng3
friday sin1 ki2 ng3
fried rice cau3 fan4
friend pen2 yiu1
frighten hak5
frog ha2 ma2
frog gai3
frog gai3 zai3
from yiu2
from cung2
from the start yit5 lut6
fronds within a melons or gourds ga1 long2
front cien2
front teeth mun2 nga2
frost song1
frost (vb.) lok6 song1
frost's descent [oct 23rd - 24th] song1 gong4
frost's descent [oct 23rd - 24th] song1 gong4
frozen dung4
frozen goods dung4 pin3
frugal han1
fruit sang1 go3
fruit go3