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English Hakka
go hi4
go ziu3
go abroad go4 fiu4
go across to go4 hi4
go along with ciu4
go along with ziong1 ciu4
go meet hi4 ngi4
go on a date with someone pak5 to1
go out cut5
go shopping cut5 gai1
go shopping tiu2 hi1
go through tung1
go to prison co1 gam1
go to school fan1 hok6
go to work fan1 gung1
go under the knife hoi1 dau1
go willy nilly ngiau1 ngiau1 ngiau3 ngiau3 hi4
goat san1 yong2
god sin2
god of the chinese spirit underworld ngiam2 vong2
godfather ke4 ya2
godmother ke4 mu1
goes down the throat smoothly (alcholic drinks) sun4 hiu2
going into the water to swim mi4
goldfish gim1 ng2
gone awry mia3
good hau3
good liong2
good sen4 liong2
good customer who always comes back suk6 hak5
good looking ziang1
goods fo4
goods pin3
goose ngo2
govern gon3