© Dylan W.H. Sung
English Hakka
in a moment dau4 cin4 ngan1
in a moment's time cin4 gan1
in a moment's time sin2 gan1
in direct sunlight sai4
in fact ki2 sit6
in front of cen2
in sunlight tai4 yong2 ha1
in temporary charge of a shop or stall kon4 dong4
in the blinking of an eye zam1 ha4 ngan3
in the future ziong1 loi2
in the past kiu4 cin4 si2
in the shade yim1 to2 ha1
in the whole yen2 cen2
in two days time guo4 do1 liong3 ngit5 zang4
in-laws (when inlaws speak of each other) cin1 ga1
inadvertently mau2 sim1
inch cun4
inclined zet5
increase zen1 ga1
india yin4 tu4
indonesia yin4 li2
infect ce4
infect con2
infect con2 ngiam4
infect other people ce4 ngin2
inflicted with bot5
ingredients liau4
injection by syringe da3 zim1
injure hoi4
injure song1
injure one's back lak5
injure one's back lak5 dau3 yau1 gut5
injury song1
ink met6
ink pen met6 bit5
inkpen met6 sui3 bit5
inkpen ngien2 zu3 bit5
inner du3
inner elbow su3 au3
insect cung2
inseminate (farm animals) fong4 zung3
inside coi1 du3 lui4
inside du3 lui3
inside lui4
inside loi4
inside du3
inside lui4 du3
install electric equipment gau4
install equipment on1
install equipment on1 zong1
institution yen4
intelligent cung1 min2
intelligent cung1
intelligent cung1 min2
intelligent siang3 muk5
intentionally yiu1 yi4
intentionally yiu1 sim1
intercalculary month yun4 ngiet6
interest (on money and savings) li4
interest accrued cut5 li4
interesting hau3 you1 hin4 ci4
interfere in someone else's business cap5 su3
intermittant so1
intermittenly yit5 cin4 yit cin4
intestines cong2
intoxicated zui4
investigate ca2
investigate tiau1 ca2
invitation card gan3
invite ciang3
invite for a meal ciang3 sit6
invite to a banquet yim3 ziu3
invoice dan1