© Dylan W.H. Sung
English Hakka
lead (metal) yen2
leaf yap6
leak liu4
leaking water liu4 sui3
lean (meat) ziang1
lean against pen4
lean back and have the lower back supported pen4 yau1
lean over bu1
lean over cui4
lean pork ziang1 zu1 ngiuk5
leaning against ai1 den3
leap day yun4 ngit5
leap month yun4 ngiet6
leap year yun4 ngien2
learn hok6
lease out zu1 cut5
leave ziu3
leave (vb.) li2
leave out men1
leech fu2 ki2
leek tai4 son4
left zo3
left over yin4
leg giok5
leg giok5
leg giok5 bi3
lemon lin2 mung3
leopard pau4
less noticeable if soiled kim1 lo4 so4
lessen siau1
lesson ko1
let the noble help us, sweep from us the petty gui4 ngin2 fu2 ci2 siau3 ngin2 ot5 hoi1
letter (of correspondence) sin4
letter of an alphabet su4 mu2
letter paper sin4 zi3
letterbox sin4 siong1
lettuce sang1 coi4
lettuce sang1 mak5
lettuce mak5 zai3
lettuce mak5 zai3
level piang2
level of a horizontal plane sui3 pin2
levels (one of many levels) cen4
lever apart kiau4