© Dylan W.H. Sung
English Hakka
lobster lung2 ha1
lobster liung2 ha1
lock so3
long cong2
long cong2 lam1 lam1
long lam2 lam2 cong2
long beamed foot powered pounding tool doi4
long exquisitely embroidered chinese dress cong2 sam1
long lasting lai4
long time giu3
look kon4
look down on ha1
look down on another with ridicule ki1 fu4
look out to see mong4
loose sung1
loose sit5
loose a button vat6 liu3
loose touch with someone ton1 gen1
lose a bet du3 su1
lost something sau3 hoi2
lotus flower lien2 fa1
lotus root lien2 ngiu1
lotus root lien2 liu1
lotus root len2 ngiu1
lotus root len2 liu1
loud hiong3
loud tai4 sang1
love oi4
love siak5
low dai1
low blood pressure dai1 het5 at5
low tide sui3 dai1
lower back of body yau1
lower jaw ha1 pa2