© Dylan W.H. Sung
English Hakka
near kiun1
near cen2
near to giam1
neat and tidy ce2 ce2 zin3 zin3
necessary cung1 yau4
neck giang3
need oi4
need oi4
needle zim1
negative [+ verb] m1 [+ verb]
neighbour lin2
neighbours lin2 sa4
nephew (brother's son) cit6 zu1
nephew (sister's son) ngoi4 sang1
neptune hoi3 vong2 sin1
nerve in the body sin2 gin1 sen4
nerves sin2 gin1
nest vo1
netherlands ho2 lan1
nettles let5
new sin1
new zealand sin1 si1 lan2
news of events siau1 sit5
newspaper bau4 zi3
next go4 loi2
next door gak5 li2
next door neighbours gak5 li2 ngin2 sa4
next door neighbours gak5 li2 lin2 sa4
next month ha4 zak5 ngiet6 tiu2
next week ha4 zak4 li1 bai4
next week ha4 zak4 sin1 ki2
next year cut5 ngien2