© Dylan W.H. Sung
English Hakka
on the hour dap5 zin4
on the top side men4 tiu2
on top of a situation tiam4
once yit5 cu4
one yit5
one (in card games) yau1
one and a half zak5 ban4
one fifth ng3 fun4 zu1 yit5
one hundred yit5 bak5
one hundred and one thousand sip6 yit5 van4
one hundred and ten bak5 yit5
one hundred and ten yit5 bak5 yit5
one hundred million yit6
one hundred thousand sip6 van4
one million yit5 bak5 van4
one o'clock yit5 diam3 zung1
one o'clock yit5 diam3
one third sam1 fun4 zu1 yit5
one thousand yit5 cien1
one thousand and one yit5 cien1 lang2 yit5
one thousand and ten yit5 cien1 yit5 sip6
one thousand one hundred yit5 cien1 yit5
one thousand one hundred cien1 yit5
one way street dan1 cin2 lu4
one who decieves tai4 gun4 giok5
one who doesn't know what is going on around ziang3 dai3 ha2 ma2
one who fritters away his/her last possessions sai1 ga1 mui1
one's past boi4 gin3
oneself ci2 ga1
onion cung1
onion yong2 cung1
onion bulb cung1 tiu2
only ciang4 he4
only ciang4