© Dylan W.H. Sung
English Hakka
paddle (oar) ziong3
paddle a boat with an oar or oars ziong3 son2
paddy field ten2
page yap6
pagoda tap5
pain tung4
paint (n.) yiu2 cit5
paint pictures vak6 fa4
paint5 yiu2
painting (decorating household surfaces) yiu2 yiu2
painting (n.) fa4
pair dui4
pakchoi (green stemmed) song4 hoi2 pak6 coi4
pakchoi (white stemmed) pak6 coi4
palm (of the hand) su3 ba1 zong3
palm of the hand zong3
pan fry hok5
panda yung2 miau4
pane of glass bo1 li1 giang4
pant pang1
panther pau4
panting (breath) pang1 hi4
papaya fa1 len4 go3
papaya muk5 ga1
paper zi3
paper decorations zi3 fa1
paper kite zi3 yau4
parcel of land ti4 don4
parched hon1
parents fu4 mu1
parents ya2 zia3
paring knife dau1 zai3
parrot yim1 mu1
particle modifies a noun or verb to form actor za3
pass go4
pass (between hills) au4
pass down con2
pass off as mau4
pass on con2
pass the time liau4
pass through tiu4
passing of one month after the birth of a baby cut5 ngiet6
paste (vb.) ca2
paste (vb.) tu2
pastry roll gen3
paternal clan cousins tong2
paternal clan cousins suk5 bak5 hiung1 ti5
path lu4
patisseries biang3
pattern fa1 mun2
patterned fa1
patterned cloth fa1 bu4
pavement gai1 ben1
pawn an object for money dong4
pay fees and demands lap6
pay for bin1 cien2
pay for zau3 su4
pay in installments pia1
pay rates lap6 cai1 hiong3
pay school fees lap6 hok6 fui4