© Dylan W.H. Sung
English Hakka
reach over to tam1
reach to tai1
react to physical provocation van2 su3
read tuk6 su1
read (a book) kon4 su1
really it is zin1 he4
rear end raised up si3 fut5 kung3 kung3
rear of a boat son2 mui1
reasoned and thought out yiu1 mun2 yiu1 lu4
reciept su1 tiau2
recieve ziap5
recieve injuries su1 song1
recieve with both hands sung1 su3 ziap5
recite poi4
recite from memory boi4
record (vb.) luk6
record (vinyl disk) cong4 tiap6
record player cong4 tiap6 gi1
red fung2
red date fung2 zau3
red sweet chinese sausage made with fatty pork lap6 cong2
redeem suk6
reduce gam3
reduce siau1
reed pipe (musical instrument) siau1
refined su1 vun2
reflect off something cang2
reform one's character zon3 sin4
refrigerator set5 kui4
region ki1
release fong4
relocate ban1
remain (vb.) liu2
remember gi4
remove cu2
renminbi (yuan, Chinese currency) ngin2 min2 bi4
rent zu1
repair zin3
request yau1 kiu2
rescue giu4
resemble ci4
reside cu4
reside gi1
resident gi1 min2
resign (from a job) cu2 zit5
resist din3
rest one's back pen4 yau1
retract suk5
return fan1
return gui1
return zon3
return zon3 tiu2
return (after borrowing it) van2
return the excess or make up the difference do1 cu2 sau3 bu3
revenge bau4 su2
revolve zon3
revolving around and around gau3 gau3 zon3