© Dylan W.H. Sung
English Hakka
space in between vui4
spain si1 ban1 nga2
spare ribs pai2 gut5
sparrow ma2 ziok5
spatula can3
speak gong3
speak nonsense lon4 gong3
speak snidely but with good reason sau2
speak unreasonably by skewing all the facts da3 vang2 loi2 gong3
speak with charm and courtesy zoi4 ma1
speaker of another dialect of cantonese bet6 zai3 lau3
spear ciong1
special tit6 pet6
special tit6
spend money recklessly fa1
spend time in the company of others liau4
spider la2 kia2
spider web la2 kiang2 miong3
spill da3 sa3
spill dau3 sa3
spin around and around dit5 dit5 zon3
spinach bo1 coi4
spinach gok5 coi4
spine yau1 gut5
spine yau1
spit (n. phlegm) tam2
spit (n. phlegm) hiu3 sui3 tam2
spit (n.) hiu3 sui3
spit it out lun4 cut5 loi2
spit out le2
spit out tun4 cut5
spit out lun4
spit out spit tun4 hiu3 siu3
spitoon tam2 tung2
splash fu4
splash cong4
splash water fu4 sui3
splendid fa2
split trousers con1 fu4 long4
sponsor (vb.) giau3
sponsor a child through school giau3 hok6
sponsor someone to come to this country giau3 loi2
spoon ci2 gang1
spoon (vb.) yau3
spoon (vb.) but5
sports clothes ti3 yuk4 sam1
sports shoes (trainers) ti3 yuk5 hai2
spots (skin complaint) puk6 zai3
spray pun4
spray spit from the mouth pun4 hiu3 sui3
spread con2
spread tun2
spread on ca2
spread open pia1 pia1 hoi1
spread out pia1
spread over tu2
spring cun1
spring equinox [mar 20th - 22nd] cun1 fun1
spring equinox [mar 20th - 22nd] cun1 fun1
spring onion cung1 zai3
spring out biau1
spring up but6
spring up fang3
sprinkle onto yim4
sprite (soft drink) set5 bit5
spy (n.) tit6 mu4