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English Hakka
subtract gam3
suck ziot5
suck con1
suck on something cion1
suckle breast milk sit6 len4
sugar tong2
sugar cane lap6 za4
sugarcane za4
suitcase giap6
suitcase pi2 giap6
summer ha4
summer solstice [jun 21st - 22nd] ha4 zi4
summer solstice [jun 21st - 22nd] ha4 zi4
summit dang3
sun ngit5
sun ngit5 tiu2
sun tai4 yong2
sun and moon ngit5 ngiet6
sunday li1 bai4 ngit5
sunday li1 bai4 tien1
sunday li1 bai4
sunday sin1 ki2 ngit5
sunday sin1 ki2 tien1
sunflower kui2 fa1
sunny cut5 ngit5 tiu2
sunny hau3 ngit5 tiu2
supermarket cau1 kip5 si4 cong2
support by holding hands pu2 su3
support up tok5 hi3
supporting wire under tensile stress lam4
supreme god of the chinese pantheon ngiuk6 di4
sure tin4
surname siang4
surpass all notions of beauty into repulsivenessliang4 go4 fang4
suspect (vb.) fai2 yi4