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English Hakka
tickle lem1
tickle lem1
tide barrier gan1 lak5 mun2
tie a necktie da3 let6 tai4
tie a non-ravelling knot da3 si3 git5
tie a rope or string tau2
tie a slip knot which can be undone da3 sang1 git5
tie into knots da3 git5
tie tightly ku1
tie together ban4
tie up bong3
tierd kioi4
tiger lau4 fu3
tight fitting ku1
tightly packed mit6
tights (stockings) su1 mat5
tile nga3
tile nga3 zai3
tile zon1
time si2
time si2 gan1
time of day si2 hiu4
times (arithimetic) sin2
timetable biau3
tin siak5
tip of zui3
title deeds to property ke4
title deeds to the house vuk5 ke4
tits len4 gu1