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English Hakka
we ngai2 diu1
we nga1 diu1
weak ngiok6
weak mau2 lit6
wealth coi2
wealth fu4
wealth and status fu4 gui4
wealth money and jewelry (fortune) coi2 ngiun2 zu1 bau3
wealthy person coi2 zu3
wear zok5
weather tien1 hi4
weather when the rain has stopped ciang2
wedge (n.) siap5
wedge of men3
wednesday li1 bai4 sam1
wednesday sin1 ki2 sam1
week li1 bai4
week sin1 ki2
welcome fon1 ngiam2
welcome zau1
welcome and take care of guests zau1 fu1
weld hon4
weld sau1 hon4
weld metal hon4 tet5
well (source of ground water) ziang3
well acquainted suk6
well behaved gai1
well dwelling frog ziang3 dai3 ha2 ma2
well opening ziang3 hiu3
well used (lit. thousand mile horse) cen1 li1 ma1
well water ziang3 sui3
wellington boots sui3 hai2
west si1
west wind si1 fung1
western cakes si1 biang3
western lands away from china - generally europesi1 yong2
wet sip5
wet heat, body condition in chinese medecine sip5 ngiet6