© Dylan W.H. Sung
Hakka English
bo1 slope (embankment)
bo1 coi4 spinach
bo1 li1 glass
bo1 li1 ang1 bottle
bo1 li1 giang4 glass
bo1 li1 giang4 pane of glass
bo1 lo2 pineapple
boi4 back (of body)
boi4 recite from memory
boi4 gin3 one's past
boi4 lung2 back (of body)
bok5 embankment
bok5 join together
bok5 shoulder (part of body)
bok5 miang4 act with haste
bok5 su4 doctorate
bok6 die
bok6 hit with a stick
bok6 bok6 cui2 giong1 ma2 fine and dandy
bong1 a_group of people
bong1 aid (vb.)
bong1 brushed against
bong1 help
bong1 co4 aid (vb.)
bong1 su3 give a helping hand
bong2 sound of a metallic crash
bong3 bind
bong3 tie up
bong3 ga4 kidnap
bot5 inflicted with
bot5 fung1 windy
bot5 kong2 rabid
bot5 lang1 zun1 shivering with cold
bot5 ma2 zai3 measles
bot5 mung4 dream (vb.)
bot5 sa2 afflicted with shingles
bot5 tai4 fung1 lok6 tai4 sui3 strong wind and heavy rain
bot5 vun1 afflicted with mange