© Dylan W.H. Sung
Hakka English
ce2 all present and accounted for
ce2 even
ce2 ce2 zin3 zin3 neat and tidy
ce4 cymbals (musical instrument)
ce4 infect
ce4 ngin2 infect other people
cen1 link
cen1 thousand
cen1 cen1 van4 van4 many and multitudinous
cen1 cia4 van4 cia4 thank someone profusely
cen1 gim1 maiden (lit. (worth) a thousand gold (pieces) )
cen1 li1 ma1 well used (lit. thousand mile horse)
cen1 ngin2 cen1 yong4 a_thousand people having a thousand natures
cen2 classifier for buildings
cen2 close
cen2 creep up (said of climbing plants or vines)
cen2 in front of
cen2 money
cen2 near
cen2 stack up one atop another
cen2 ben1 at the front of
cen2 coi2 money and wealth
cen2 coi2 money and wealth
cen2 ngit5 two days ago
cen2 pu4 all
cen2 pu4 everything
cen2 su4 money tree
cen3 shallow
cen4 levels (one of many levels)
cet6 dui4 absolutely