© Dylan W.H. Sung
Hakka English
ci1 stick (vb.)
ci1 cin2 madly in love
ci1 gau1 gau1 sticky
ci1 liong2 woeful
ci1 sen4 crazy
ci1 su3 sticks on one's hands
ci2 late
ci2 pond
ci2 ba1 moochi (glutinous rice pastry with diff.fillings
ci2 dau4 late arriving
ci2 dit6 later
ci2 ga1 oneself
ci2 gang1 classifier for spoonfuls
ci2 gang1 spoon
ci3 marry (a man marrying a woman)
ci3 tooth
ci3 lau3 po2 marry a woman
ci4 female animal
ci4 resemble
ci4 thorn
ci4 so3 toilet
ci4 so3 tap5 toilet seat
ci4 zi3 toilet tissue
ci4 zi3 luk5 toilet roll
cia1 me1 mother-in-law (when inlaws speak of each other)
cia2 hillside plots of farming land
cia2 sloped
cia2 bo1 sloping embankment
cia2 hi4 air of bad omen
cia4 thank
ciak5 ciak5 tiau2 throbbing
ciak6 grass mat
ciak6 cau3 grass for weaving mats
ciam1 bamboo divining stick
ciam1 sign (a name)
ciam1 stab (with a knife)
ciam1 miang2 sign one's signature
ciam1 su4 sign an official document
ciam2 withdraw
ciam4 temporary
ciam4 si2 for the meantime
ciang1 green
ciang1 ga1 cucumber
ciang1 lin2 herring
ciang1 lin2 mung3 lime
ciang1 lo2 pet6 green radish
ciang1 miang2 tomb sweeping [apr 4th - 6th]
ciang1 miang2 tomb sweeping [apr 4th - 6th]
ciang1 set5 green
ciang1 tiu4 marrowfat peas
ciang1 ziau1 green pepper
ciang2 weather when the rain has stopped
ciang3 invite
ciang3 mun4 please may I ask...
ciang3 sit6 invite for a meal
ciang4 alone
ciang4 clean
ciang4 only
ciang4 ci2 ga1 alone
ciang4 he4 only
ciau1 small pointed spade
ciau4 chew
cien1 thousand
cien1 yit5 one thousand one hundred
cien2 front
cien2 kau4 all because of
cien2 ngien2 the year before last
cien2 ngit5 the day before
cien2 pu4 all
cien2 zak5 li1 bai4 the week before last
cien2 zak5 ngiet6 tiu2 the month before last
cien2 zak5 sin1 ki2 the week before last
ciet5 cut
cim1 deep
cim2 find
cim2 seek
cim2 sink (vb.)
cim2 dai3 sink (vb.)
cin1 clear
cin1 closely related
cin1 qing, chinese dynasty (1644 - 1911 AD)
cin1 co3 clear
cin1 ga1 father-in-law (when inlaws speak of each other)
cin1 ga1 in-laws (when inlaws speak of each other)
cin1 min2 tomb sweeping [apr 4th - 6th]
cin1 min2 tomb sweeping [apr 4th - 6th]
cin2 clay bottle with narrow neck and wide body
cin4 classifier for moments of time
cin4 peaceful
cin4 quiet
cin4 the company of others
cin4 gan1 in a moment's time
ciok5 ciok5 tiau2 throbbing
cion1 suck on something
ciong1 gun
ciong1 spear
ciong1 pau4 guns and cannons (artillery)
ciong3 snatch
ciong3 giang4 tiu2 upstage
ciong4 similar to
cit5 seven
cit5 bak5 seven hundred
cit5 cien1 seven thousand
cit5 diam3 seven o'clock
cit5 diam3 zung1 seven o'clock
cit5 hi3 seven up (7 up)
cit5 ngiet6 july
cit5 ngiet6 seventh lunar month
cit5 sip6 seventy
cit5 sip6 bat5 seventy eight
cit5 sip6 cit5 seventy seven
cit5 sip6 giu3 seventy nine
cit5 sip6 liuk5 seventy six
cit5 sip6 luk5 seventy six
cit5 sip6 ng3 seventy five
cit5 sip6 ngi4 seventy two
cit5 sip6 sam1 seventy three
cit5 sip6 si4 seventy four
cit5 sip6 yit5 seventy one
cit6 straight
cit6 worth
cit6 hang2 straight ahead
cit6 hi4 straight ahead
cit6 ngi3 niece (brother's daughter)
cit6 vut6 plant (n.)
cit6 zu1 nephew (brother's son)
ciu1 autumn
ciu1 carry
ciu1 lift up
ciu1 fun1 autumnal equinox [sep 22nd - 24th]
ciu1 fun1 autumnal equinox [sep 22nd - 24th]
ciu3 mix
ciu4 almost
ciu4 go along with
ciu4 sleeve
ciu4 soon
ciu4 loi2 almost
ciu4 loi2 soon
ciuk5 skewer through
ciung2 pine
ciung2 gai1 gok5 fircone