© Dylan W.H. Sung
Hakka English
co1 first
co1 sit
co1 co1 at the beginning
co1 gam1 go to prison
co2 dig
co2 shovel
co4 classifier for buildings
co4 wrong
coi1 at
coi1 be at
coi1 exisiting
coi1 exist
coi1 cut5 ben4 outside
coi1 cut5 bien4 outside
coi1 du3 lui4 inside
coi1 du3 lui4 within
coi1 lai4 tang4? where?
coi1 lai4 vui4? where?
coi1 lai4? where?
coi1 ngoi4 get5 abroad
coi2 pimple
coi2 talent
coi2 wealth
coi2 ngiun2 zu1 bau3 wealth money and jewelry (fortune)
coi2 zu3 wealthy person
coi3 colour
coi3 luck
coi3 take notice of
coi3 set5 multicoloured
coi4 crisp
coi4 vegetable
coi4 dan1 menu
coi4 sim1 chinese flowering cabbage
coi4 so1 vegetables
cok6 chisel (n.)
cok6 chisel (vb.)
cok6 correct
cok6 fo1 ablaze
cok6 zai3 chisel
con1 be found out
con1 bolt (n.)
con1 classifier for meals
con1 suck
con1 fu4 long4 split trousers
con1 kung1 damaged with holes
con1 lung1 has holes in it
con1 mun2 bolt the door
con2 infect
con2 pass down
con2 pass on
con2 spread
con2 ngiam4 infect
con4 classifier for skewered items
con4 thread (vb.)
con4 gat5 seal engraving (formal name)
con4 ket5 small seal script
con4 zim1 thread a needle
cong1 pustule
cong1 warehouse
cong1 ngin1 lau3 a_man's father-in-law
cong1 ngin1 lau3 wife's father
cong1 ngin1 po2 a_man's mother-in-law
cong1 ngin1 po2 wife's mother
cong2 intestines
cong2 keep
cong2 long
cong2 dan1 bedspread
cong2 du3 gut
cong2 fu4 trousers (long full length)
cong2 giang3 luk6 giraffe
cong2 lam1 lam1 long
cong2 ngiuk5 bed mattress
cong2 sam1 long exquisitely embroidered chinese dress
cong3 discover
cong4 crash
cong4 sing
cong4 splash
cong4 ca1 car crash
cong4 dai4 tape (magnetic tape for recording music)
cong4 dai4 gi1 tape recorder
cong4 go1 sing songs
cong4 tiap6 record (vinyl disk)
cong4 tiap6 gi1 record player
cot5 steal by trickery
cot5 zai3 thief
cot6 nothing at all