© Dylan W.H. Sung
Hakka English
do1 many
do1 cia4 thank you
do1 cu2 sau3 bu3 return the excess or make up the difference
do1 do1 many
do1 su3 fiddle with other people's things
do1 zoi4 over talkative
do1 zui3 say too much
do3 classifier for flower stalks
do3 take cover from the weather
do3 fung1 shelter from the rain
do3 ngit5 tiu2 shelter from the heat of the sun
do3 sui3 shelter from the rain
do3 yi3 shelter from the rain
doi1 classifier for heaps of items
doi1 heap of something
doi4 long beamed foot powered pounding tool
doi4 ham3 hole in the ground for the pounding tool
doi4 men4 opposite
doi4 mien4 opposite
doi4 mun2 opposite
dok5 knob
dok5 go1 sa2 lizard
dok6 chop
don3 short
don3 fu4 short trousers
don3 sut6 sut6 short
don4 classifier for parcels of land
don4 section
dong1 cope with
dong1 manage
dong3 political party
dong4 pawn an object for money
dong4 shop or business
dong4 si2 at the time
dong4 zin1 take for real
dong4 zung1 among