© Dylan W.H. Sung
Hakka English
go1 brother (older)
go1 song
go3 classifier used mostly in mandarin
go3 fruit
go3 ziong4 jam
go4 experiential aspect of action
go4 pass
go4 cung1 overweight
go4 fang4 over extend
go4 fiu4 go abroad
go4 fun4 outrageous
go4 hi4 go across to
go4 hoi1 after
go4 loi2 next
go4 ngiap5 overdo
go4 ngit5 always
go4 se4 die (passing from this life)
go4 sin1 die (passing from this body)
go4 ya4 all night
go4 yau1 sa2 severe shingles
goi1 deserve
goi1 throat area to the chin
goi1 soi1 deserve all the bad things that may come
goi3 change
goi3 miang2 change name
goi4 cover
gok5 corner
gok5 corner (vb.)
gok5 coi4 spinach
gok5 nga2 back teeth
gok5 tiu2 corner inside of an object
gok6 knock (vb.)
gok6 mun2 knock on a door
gon1 dry
gon1 liver
gon1 ciang4 clean
gon1 cong4 liver
gon1 dat6 dat6 dry
gon1 song3 dry and crisp
gon3 classifier for tubelike items
gon3 classifier for writing implements
gon3 govern
gon3 rule
gon3 rushed
gon3 kai4 quickly
gon3 kai4 with haste
gon4 classifier for metal cans of items
gon4 coronet
gon4 force down the throat
gon4 giun2 winner
gong1 bright
gong1 hoi1 become brighter
gong1 lu2 ci4 scallops (dried)
gong1 tiap6 compact disc
gong3 say
gong3 speak
gong3 talk
gong3 bi4 hong kong dollar
gong3 cong2 shopping mall
got5 cut