© Dylan W.H. Sung
Hakka English
lo1 beg for
lo1 take
lo1 bin1 gi2 take it to him
lo1 loi2 soi1 bring misfortune upon oneself
lo1 sit6 beg for a living
lo1 sit6 lau3 beggar man
lo2 basket
lo2 classifier for baskets of things
lo2 roll with hands
lo2 pet6 carrot
lo2 vui1 norway
lo4 mi3 glutinous rice
lo4 so4 dirty
loi2 come
loi4 inside
lok5 to2 camel
lok6 descend
lok6 hi4 enter in
lok6 loi2 come in
lok6 mi2 mau1 sui3 raining fine raindrops
lok6 mu4 foggy
lok6 mung2 ha2 misty
lok6 set5 snow (vb.)
lok6 song1 frost (vb.)
lok6 sui3 rain (vb.)
lok6 tai4 sui3 heavy rain
lok6 yi3 rain (vb.)
lon1 warm
lon1 warm up
lon1 fo3 feeding a fire for cooking
lon2 zau4 fo3 raising a fire for cooking
lon4 messy
lon4 random
lon4 unordered
lon4 young female chicken
lon4 gong3 speak nonsense
lon4 loi2 act rashly
long1 slosh around
long1 hiu3 sui3 mouthwash
long1 nga2 gargle after brushing teeth
long1 zoi4 flush the mouth
long2 pith
long2 vicious
long2 wolf
long2 sim1 giu3 pui4 callous and shameless
long4 drape over
long4 waste of effort
long4 wave (on water)
long4 sam1 drape clothes to dry
long4 si2 gan1 waste of time
long4 sim1 gi1 waste of time and effort