© Dylan W.H. Sung
Hakka English
lu1 braise
lu1 rust
lu1 sun3 asparagus
lu2 classifier for joss-sticks
lu2 classifier for pots of ash (for ceremonies)
lu2 oven
lu2 servant
lu2 slave
lu2 coi2 servant or underling
lu2 ng2 perch fish
lu2 ngan3 ring on a cooking hob
lu2 tiu2 hob
lu2 tiu2 oven
lu4 dew
lu4 path
lu4 road
lu4 way
lu4 a1 fork in the road
lu4 sui3 dew
lui2 grind into
lui2 gung1 thunder (n.)
lui2 gung1 da3 thunder (vb.)
lui2 gung1 piak5 thunder (vb.)
lui2 gung1 piak5 fo3 sa2 ngiap5 thunder and lightning (vb.)
lui4 afflict grief on another
lui4 bore into
lui4 cause sorrow
lui4 inside
lui4 dau3 ngai2 giving me grief and trouble
lui4 du3 inside
lui4 zai3 bradawl
lui4 zon4 boring tool
luk5 grapefruit
luk5 roll about
luk5 six
luk5 wheel
luk5 a3 luk5 wobble about
luk5 bak5 six hundred
luk5 cien1 six thousand
luk5 diam3 six o'clock
luk5 diam3 zung1 six o'clock
luk5 loi2 luk5 hi4 roll about here and there
luk5 ngiet6 june
luk5 sip6 sixty
luk5 sip6 bat5 sixty eight
luk5 sip6 cit5 sixty seven
luk5 sip6 giu3 sixty nine
luk5 sip6 luk5 sixty six
luk5 sip6 ng3 sixty five
luk5 sip6 ngi4 sixty two
luk5 sip6 sam2 sixty three
luk5 sip6 si4 sixty four
luk5 sip6 yit5 sixty one
luk6 continental
luk6 deer
luk6 green
luk6 land mass
luk6 record (vb.)
luk6 scald (vb.)
luk6 giun1 army
luk6 gok5 deer antlers
luk6 mui1 ba1 dried deer tail used in chinese medicine
luk6 set5 green
luk6 yung2 deer antler slices used in chinese medicine
lun2 classifier for public transport service
lun2 queue up
lun2 dau3 ngai2 my turn
lun2 dau3 ngi2 your turn
lun3 dip into a mixture
lun3 feel something by running hands over it
lun3 zun3 clumsy
lun4 spit out
lun4 tender
lun4 young
lun4 cut5 loi2 spit it out
lung1 cage
lung1 classifier for cages of items
lung1 deaf
lung1 hole
lung1 dap5 a3 deaf and dumb
lung1 ngi3 deaf in the ears
lung2 dragon
lung2 hand along
lung2 cong2 ti4 agricultural land
lung2 ha1 lobster
lung2 lak6 lunar calendar
lung2 li4 sole fish
lung2 ngan3 dragon eye
lung2 ngiap6 agriculture
lung2 ziang3 dragon well (longjing) tea
lung3 chest (box for clothing)
lung3 zai3 small chest
lut6 law
lut6 su1 lawyer
lut6 su1 solicitor