© Dylan W.H. Sung
Hakka English
mo1 feel
mo2 rub
mo2 met6 rub an inkstick to form liquid chinese ink
mo3 feel around in the dark
mo4 grind
mo4 mill (vb.)
mo4 millstone
moi1 mildew
moi1 mold
moi1 siang1 moldy smell
moi2 classifier for needles
moi2 coal
moi2 gui4 rose
moi2 hi4 gas
moi2 zu1 ang1 sides of the forehead
moi3 muddle through
moi3 separate out (say fish bones from the flesh)
moi4 sister (younger)
moi4 se4 brother-in-law (younger sister's husband)
moi4 tsu1 daughter
moi4 zai3 girl
mong1 go3 mango
mong2 busy
mong2 die
mong2 zung4 grain in ear [jun 5th - 7th]
mong2 zung4 grain in ear [jun 5th - 7th]
mong4 look out to see
mong4 yen3 giang4 telescope