© Dylan W.H. Sung
Hakka English
pu1 cover over
pu1 cong2 dan1 fit a bedsheet on the mattress
pu1 gai1 zon1 cover with tiles
pu1 pien3 common
pu1 ti4 zen1 carpet fitting
pu1 tung1 ordinary
pu2 hold to support
pu2 ng2 manta ray fish
pu2 su3 support by holding hands
pu2 tau2 nga2 portugal
pu2 tau2 zu3 grapes
pu4 brood
pu4 shop
pu4 gai1 cun1 brooding a clutch of hens eggs
pui2 accompany
pui2 fat
pui2 long2 best man
pui2 ngiong2 bridesmaid
pui4 buy according to a prescription
pui4 lung
pui4 number of times over
pui4 ga1 lung
pui4 ngan3 giang4 get a prescription for spectacles
pui4 yok6 get a medicine prescription
pui4 yok6 su1 pharmacist
puk5 fall down
puk5 gai1 fall onto the street (term of verbal abuse)
puk6 boil (n.)
puk6 crouch down
puk6 pimple
puk6 pustule
puk6 zai3 spots (skin complaint)
pun1 thick
pun1 pi2 unfazed by criticism
pun2 classifier for basins of items
pun2 classifier for businesses
pun2 coi4 bowl of layered food (type of feasting practice)
pun4 spray
pun4 hiu3 sui3 spray spit from the mouth
pung1 bump into
pung2 evidence
pung2 gi3 evidence