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Hakka English
si1 body
si1 corpse
si1 fray into strands
si1 sieve (n.)
si1 sieve (vb.)
si1 west
si1 ban1 nga2 spain
si1 bet5 north west
si1 biang3 western cakes
si1 fung1 west wind
si1 ga1 water melon
si1 kiun2 celery
si1 lam2 south west
si1 lan2 fa1 broccoli
si1 yong2 western lands away from china - generally europe
si1 yong2 coi4 watercress
si1 ziau1 capsicum
si1 ziau1 green pepper
si2 time
si2 gan1 time
si2 hiu4 time of day
si2 sin2 hour of the day in chinese horological reckoning
si3 die
si3 faeces
si3 shit (n.)
si3 cut5 wanting to defecate
si3 fut1 anus
si3 fut5 kung3 kung3 rear end raised up
si3 fut5 tet6 tet6 buttocks prone
si3 fut5 tun2 buttocks
si3 lau3 exclamation in reference to a man: bastard
si3 miang4 with all one's efforts
si4 four
si4 market
si4 sample something
si4 try
si4 bak5 four hundred
si4 cien1 four thousand
si4 cong2 market
si4 diam3 four o'clock
si4 diam3 zung four o'clock
si4 fong1 square
si4 fong1 square
si4 fun4 zu1 sam1 three quaters
si4 fun4 zu1 yit5 quarter
si4 gai4 world
si4 giok5 sa2 lizard
si4 kiong2 semi-finals
si4 ngiet6 april
si4 ngiet6 fourth lunar month
si4 sip6 fourty
si4 sip6 bat5 fourty eight
si4 sip6 cit5 fourty seven
si4 sip6 giu3 fourty nine
si4 sip6 liuk5 fourty six
si4 sip6 luk5 fourty six
si4 sip6 ng3 fourty five
si4 sip6 ngi4 fourty two
si4 sip6 sam1 fourty three
si4 sip6 si4 fourty four
si4 sip6 yit5 fourty one
si4 yiu2 soya sauce
si4 zung1 sim1 centre of town
sia2 bad fortune or luck
sia3 write
sia3 sin4 write a letter
sia3 su4 write
sia4 diarhoea
sia4 tong1 diarhoea of the watery type
siak5 adore
siak5 love
siak5 tin
siang1 smell and taste said of oily fish
siang1 smell of rusty iron as you get in blood
siang2 mui4 smell and taste of oily types of fish
siang3 awake
siang3 muk5 awake
siang3 muk5 intelligent
siang3 muk5 quick witted
siang4 surname
siap5 slip between (vb.)
siap5 wedge (n.)
siau1 lessen
siau1 reduce
siau1 reed pipe (musical instrument)
siau1 sit5 news of events
siau1 tuk6 combat infection
siau1 tuk6 sui3 antiseptic liquid
siau1 zai3 pipe (musical instrument)
siau3 few
siau3 cu3 slight heat [jul 6th - 8th]
siau3 cu3 slight heat [jul 6th - 8th]
siau3 hi4 petty nature
siau3 hok6 kindergarten
siau3 hok6 primary school
siau3 hon2 slight cold [jan 5th - 7th]
siau3 hon2 slight cold [jan 5th - 7th]
siau3 man1 grain full [may 20th - 22nd]
siau3 man1 grain full [may 20th - 22nd]
siau3 ngin2 petty person or people
siau3 pien4 urine (polite)
siau3 siet5 slight snow [nov 22nd -23rd]
siau3 siet5 slight snow [nov 22nd -23rd]
siau3 sim1 be careful
siau4 laugh
siau4 smile
siau4 si3 ngai2 it was so funny I nearly died laughing
sien1 eel
sien4 pleasant
sim1 heart
sim1 cong2 piang4 coronary problems
sim1 cong2 piang4 heart problems
sim1 cong3 heart
sim1 gi1 effort
sim1 gon1 heart
sim1 gon1 zai3 my precious (said of children, mainly)
sim1 kiu1 daughter-in-law
sim1 man1 yi4 ziuk5 content and wishes fulfilled
sim3 judge (vb.)
sim3 try in a court of law
sin1 body
sin1 classifier for bodies of items
sin1 new
sin1 star
sin1 xin, chinese dynasty (8 AD - 25AD)
sin1 fun4 identity
sin1 ga3 bo1 singapore
sin1 ki2 week
sin1 ki2 liuk5 saturday
sin1 ki2 luk5 saturday
sin1 ki2 ng3 friday
sin1 ki2 ngi4 tuesday
sin1 ki2 ngit5 sunday
sin1 ki2 sam1 wednesday
sin1 ki2 si4 thursday
sin1 ki2 tien1 sunday
sin1 ki2 yit5 monday
sin1 si1 lan2 new zealand
sin1 ti3 body
sin1 zong4 lit6 ken4 fit in body, vigorous in health
sin2 god
sin2 multiplied by
sin2 own up to
sin2 placed underneath
sin2 rope
sin2 string
sin2 times (arithimetic)
sin2 gan1 in a moment's time
sin2 gin1 nerves
sin2 gin1 sen4 nerve in the body
sin2 gin2 crazy
sin2 m1 sin2 do you own up to it or not?
sin2 sen1 fairy
sin2 zau1 tomorrow
sin2 zau1 man1 tomorrow night
sin2 zau1 man1 ya4 tomorrow night
sin2 zau1 ngit5 tomorrow
sin4 believe
sin4 kidney
sin4 letter (of correspondence)
sin4 nature or character of something
sin4 det4 go4 trustworthy
sin4 fung1 envelople
sin4 gau3 sex (intercourse)
sin4 m1 go4 untrustworthy
sin4 pet6 sex (male/female)
sin4 siong1 letterbox
sin4 zi3 letter paper
siong1 classifier for boxfuls of items
siong3 think
siong4 elephant
siong4 photograph
siong4 pen3 photograph (n.)
sip5 wet
sip5 dak6 dak6 soaking wet
sip5 ngiet6 wet heat, body condition in chinese medecine
sip6 ten
sip6 bat5 eighteen
sip6 cit5 seventeen
sip6 diam3 ten o'clock
sip6 diam3 zung1 ten o'clock
sip6 giu3 nineteen
sip6 liuk5 sixteen
sip6 luk5 sixteen
sip6 ng3 fifteen
sip6 ngi4 twelve
sip6 ngi4 diam3 twelve o'clock
sip6 ngi4 diam3 zung1 twelve o'clock
sip6 ngi4 ngiet6 december
sip6 ngi4 ngiet6 twelve lunar month
sip6 ngiet6 october
sip6 ngiet6 tenth lunar month
sip6 sam1 thirteen
sip6 si4 fourteen
sip6 van4 one hundred thousand
sip6 yit5 eleven
sip6 yit5 diam3 eleven o'clock
sip6 yit5 diam3 zung1 eleven o'clock
sip6 yit5 ngiet6 eleventh lunar month
sip6 yit5 ngiet6 november
sip6 yit5 van4 one hundred and one thousand
sip6 ziuk5 hundred percent
sit5 know
sit5 lice
sit5 loose
sit5 ma2 flea
sit5 ma2 lice
sit5 ma2 mite
sit6 drink (vb.)
sit6 eat
sit6 firm
sit6 fan4 tiang1 diningroom
sit6 len4 breastfeed
sit6 len4 suckle breast milk
sit6 lo4 mi3 eat glutinous rice (see also: sit6 long4 mi3)
sit6 long4 mi3 waste of food to nourish someone undeserving
sit6 si3 die by overeating
siu1 shy
siu2 worry
siu3 hand
siu3 zi3 finger (n.)
siu4 thin
siuk5 sa4 accomodation