© Dylan W.H. Sung
Hakka English
so1 hairbrush
so1 intermittant
so1 coi4 green vegetables
so1 fa3 sofa
so1 tiu2 brushing hair (growing from one's head)
so2 foolish
so2 silly
so3 lock
so4 so4 tiau2 rustling sound
soi1 bad
soi4 lie down
soi4 sleep
soi4 years old
soi4 fong2 bedroom
soi4 muk5 sleep
sok5 rope
sok5 string
sok6 absorp
sok6 classifier for ladlefuls of items
sok6 ladle
sok6 biang4 handle of a ladle
sok6 sui3 absorb water
son1 sour
son1 cu4 vinegar
son1 mui4 acidic
son1 yong4 ugly
son2 boat
son2 mui1 rear of a boat
son2 tiu2 brow of a boat
son2 zong3 captain of the boat
son4 calculate
son4 garlic
son4 miang4 fortune telling by chinese astrologist
son4 sut6 arithmetic
son4 sut6 mathematics
son4 tiu2 garlic bulbs
song1 frost
song1 injure
song1 injury
song1 up
song1 fung1 cold
song1 gong4 frost's descent [oct 23rd - 24th]
song1 gong4 frost's descent [oct 23rd - 24th]
song1 liong2 discuss
song1 ngan4 aground
song2 taste a sample of food
song2 mui4 tasting the flavour of food
song2 song2 often
song3 place into position
song3 liong2 place a main beam in a house into position
song4 uppermost
song4 boi4 above
song4 hoi2 pak6 coi4 bokchoi (green stemmed)
song4 hoi2 pak6 coi4 pakchoi (green stemmed)
song4 hoi2 pak6 coi4 shanghai bokchoi
song4 hoi3 shanghai
song4 hoi3 pak6 coi4 green bokchoi
song4 hoi3 pak6 coi4 green pakchoi
song4 hoi3 pak6 coi4 shanghai pakchoi
song4 ngok6 upper palate
song4 zak5 li1 bai4 last week
song4 zak5 ngiet6 tiu2 last month
song4 zak5 sin1 ki2 last week
song4 zu4 morning
sot5 sow (vb. -seeds)
sot5 talk
sot5 tell