© Dylan W.H. Sung
Hakka English
to1 drag
to1 hai2 flip-flops (footwear)
to1 hai2 strapless sandles
to1 lai2 dai4 sui3 procrastinate
to1 siong1 drawer
to1 ti4 mop the floor
to3 everything accomplished
to3 dong4 everything accomplished
to3 to3 dong4 dong4 everything accomplished
toi1 ladder
toi1 stairs
toi2 carry on shoulders
toi2 classifier for tables of people
toi2 table
toi2 bu4 tablecloth
toi2 dai3 go4 su4 conceal part of the cost of a deal
toi2 den1 table lamp
toi2 fung1 typhoon
toi2 giok5 table leg
toi2 hi3 carry aloft
toi2 men4 table top
toi2 van1 taiwan
toi4 bag
toi4 carry in a pocket
toi4 classifier for bagfuls of items
toi4 classifier for generation of people
toi4 classifier for pocketfuls of items
toi4 era
toi4 generation
toi4 pocket (n.)
toi4 cu3 kangaroo
toi4 toi4 every generation
tok5 classifier for trays of things
tok5 separate
tok5 hi3 support up
ton1 broken
ton1 gen1 loose touch with someone
ton1 miang4 die
ton2 classifier for groups of people
ton2 guess
tong1 butcher a carcass
tong1 soup
tong1 gai1 kill a chicken for food
tong1 zu1 butcher a pig
tong2 paternal clan cousins
tong2 sugar
tong2 tang, chinese dynasty (618 - 907 AD)
tong2 ang1 let5 rosehip
tong2 gau1 syrup
tong2 ngiau4 piang4 diabetes
tong4 classifier for eras
tong4 iron clothing
tong4 of that generation
tong4 diu3 iron (n.)
tong4 sam1 iron (vb.)