This dictionary replaces my old wordlist (Sa Tdiu Gok Hak Ga Su Dien ), which was sadly lacking in compound words and did not indicate the tones.

I've decided to use a new romanisation which is much more consistent with the Hakga section of my site. Some entries in one language may have different synonyms in the other language, so it is possible to find repeat entries sometimes. This section is being renewed as I add new items. Some (indeed many) words which you may be seeking from English or Hakka may not be found. Hopefully, they will appear in future updates.

The dictionary is split into webpages with each section having words beginning with the same two initial characters of the word or phrase. Click on the links on the left, and they shall appear in this window. (Continued.)

© Dylan W.H. Sung

This dictionary was created in HTML form on
Saturday 25th October 2003 and was recently updated on
Sunday 10th July 2005