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Hugh Stimson's T'ang Sound System Reconstruction

and Unicode kTang data field

Professor Hugh McBirney Stimson's Middle Chinese ("MC") reconstruction of the sound system of Tang dynasty poetry can be found in his published works in that topic. Although his reconstruction is a derived from Samuel Martin's revison of Bernhard Karlgren's problematic "Ancient Chinese" sound system, and superceded by more modern scholarly reconstructions, the inclusion of this data set of Stimson's reconsruction in Unicode as the kTang data field is significant because of how widely the data is included in many online dictionaries of Chinese characters. As we shall find out, the data set itself is not without it's problems. Despite being so widely used, there is virtually no information online that details the reconstruction as of the time this webpage was begun. We aim to provide an outline by looking at the kTang data and the use of Stimson's published books, and other Middle Chinese sources.

Unicode kTang data field ("kTang") entry reports the source of the readings as being from

This book is out of print, and hard to come by, and I don't have access to it. However, by filtering the Unicode data to select out only the kTang entries, it is possible to have a set of these characters for reference. There are about 3800 character entries, each with one or more MC reconstructed readings. I have provided them at the end of this page.

Stimson's other book, however, is still in print and is readily available. It includes a small but well selected group of poems from Chinese poets of the T'ang dynasty for his course on the grammar of Middle Chinese poetry. All the poems selected come with an accomapnying MC pronunciation. The small glossary of about 46 pages lists several hundred characters from the fifty five poems selected, which conveniently lists its MC pronunciation, the gloss or translation in English, and the poem number and line it first appears and subsequent appearances elsewhere with other meanings. This book has been invaluable in the writing of this description of his system.

I estimate that there are approximately 1200 - 1400 character in 55TP, and this low number meant that there was some difficulty in finding suitable character examples to show their readings for some of the rimes.

It will become apparent that 55TP reconstructions are slightly different to those found in TPV. Nonetheless, we can use it to reveal Stimson's EMC reconstruction by filling in the gaps in 55TP by returning to a MC character source.

Middle Chinese

The sound system of Middle Chinese is first systematically categorised in the Sui Dynasty 601AD work, QieYun 切韻 ("QY"). Four hundred years later, an expanded work based on Qieyun called Guangyun 廣韻 ("GY") was published in the Northern Song dynasty in 1008AD although various similar works which kept the form of QY are know, and later in 1037 called Jiyun 集韻 ("JY") was published which nearly doubled the entries found in GY.

Over the four centuries that spanned QY to GY era, the sounds of Middle Chinese changed. It is possible to split the Middle Chinese era between Early and Late periods, where Early Middle Chinese ("EMC") is essentially represented by QY, and Late Middle Chinese ("LMC") by GY and JY.

Tang Dynasty began in 618AD and ended in 907AD, with the early part of this dynastic period is firmly within the Early Middle Chinese period. The poets which Stimson selects, Wang Wei, Li Bai, Du Fu amongst others were born between 699 AD and died no later than 860 AD, with a good overlap amongst them in regards to the then current state of Middle Chinese.

Reconstructions of Middle Chinese by other sinologists, such as Baxter and Pulleyblank etc show finer nuances in the rimes such as duplicate sub-rimelets (Chongniu), and Stimson's TPV shows this detail in the kTang readings of the MC, but he opts for a more simplified reconstruction in 55TP by merging some rimes categories to and ignoring chongniu distinctions for ease of the reader when using it to read Tang poetry.

As QY and GY rime dictionaries are extant, so we can compare the two to find the main differences between EMC and LMC. Here are the key differences in a nutshell.

  • Initials
  • Rimes

    Recovering Stimson's Reconstruction

    It is a simple (though tedious) matter to compare character readings from 55TP and kTang (therefore TPV) to fit them with a table of MC Rimes.

    Initially, I used Karlgren's data from Études sur la phonologie chinoise set out in a table of Guangyun Rimes to compare against Stimson's 55TP. However it became apparent that because of the small selection of characters in 55TP, we need to select from a larger set of appropriate characters.

    I opted instead for a complete listing of Guangyun, selecting commonly used characters from it before seeking them out in kTang and then taking that smaller group of characters and testing for their appearance in 55TP.

    There is an online version of the SongBen GuangYun (SBGY : Song dynasty rimebook of expanded rimes). I used a hardbacked copy of 余迺永 Yu NaeWing's annotated SongBenGuangYun 《新校互註‧宋本廣韻》 to cross reference, and my notes on Middle Chinese intials to check the correspondence of Stimson's initials. Below, lists of characters for each GY rime are provided to show the reconstructed data and how 55TP compares with kTang (TPV), and a table of comparison is given after each section. Stimson conveniently groups the rimes so we discuss each group at a time.

    Medials and Vowels

    The vowel letters present in the phonemic transcription, or reconstruction, are as follows

    i  	u 
    e	o
    ɛ	ə
    a 	ɑ 

    In 55TP the author notes that the sound values are only approximate.

    Below, the reconstruction's phonemic spelling is followed by English (E) or German (G) example word that contain the vowel represented by the phonemic transcription. The E or G word is then spelt out in IPA, and the MC sound value or phonetic value of the vowel is given in the IPA value. Notes indicate in what rimes these vowels occur.


    Phonem	Example		IPA render	IPA Sound	Notes 
    -i- 	E cute 		/kjuːt/		/-j-/
    -u- 	E quit 		/kwɪt/		/-w-/
    -iu- 	G über 		/ˈyːbɐ/		/-y-/		-ui- same as -iu-

    IPA Medials

    Nuclear vowels

    Stimson's Transcription		Example in 	MC Vowel	Notes on use and appearance
    				IPA		in IPA
    Vowel	Example	
    -ɑ- 	o in E cot 		/kɑːt/ (AmE)	/-ɑ-/		Stimson is American, so we take American E as our sound value
    -a- 	a in G Mann 		/man/ 		/-a-/
    -æ- 	a in E man 		/mæn/ (AmE)	/-æ-/		As note above.
    -ə- 	u in E cut 		/kʌt/ 		/-ʌ-/
    -ɛ- 	e in E met  		/mɛt/ 		/-ɛ-/
    -e- 	ee in G See 		/zeː/ 		/-e-/
    -i- 	i in E machine		/məˈʃiːn/ 	/-i-/		-i, -ui, -in, -uin, -im 
    -o- 	o in G so 		/zoː/ 		/-o-/		-ong, -io, -o 
    -o- 	u in E cut		/kʌt/		/-ʌ-/		in -iou, -ou, and -om
    -u- 	oo in E cool 		/kuːl/ 		/-u-/
    -u- 	ü in G über 		/ˈyːbɐ/		/-y-/		-ui, uin 
    -iu 						/-y/		
    -io 						/-yo/
    -i 	y in E coy 		/kɔj/		/-j/		like y in E coy

    IPA Vowels


    Middle Chinese has four tone types, Ping (平 bhiæng), Shang (上 zhiɑ̌ng), Qu (去 kiù), and Ru (入 njip). Stimson employs two types of diacritic above the main vowel to distinguish between the MC Tones.

    Ping and Ru -p -t -k 		Shang  Tone			Qu Tone
    No diacritic			caron mark 			grave mark
    i  		u 		ǐ		ǔ		ì		ù
    e		o		ě		ǒ		è		ò
    ɛ	ə			ɛ̌	ə̌			ɛ̀	ə̀	
    a 	æ  	ɑ 		ǎ	æ̌	ɑ̌		à	æ̀	ɑ̀

    This is conveniently shown by the MC syllables themselves.


    On page 3 of 55TP, Stimson gives the following table of phonemic characters, each represent an initial.

    			 	Plain	Aspirat	Voiced	Sonorant
    Labial stops			b 	p 	bh 	m 
    Apical stops			d 	t 	dh 	n 	l
    Apical affricate		tz 	ts 	dzh 	
    Apical spirants	 			s 	z
    Retracted affricates		jr 	chr 	jrh
    Retracted spirants		 	shr 	zhr
    Frontal stops			dj	tj	djh	nj
    Frontal affricates		j	ch 	jh
    Frontal spirants		 	sh	zh
    Dorsal stops			g 	k	gh	ng
    Dorsal spirants	 			x 	h
    Glottal stop (and zero initial)	q			ø

    Stimson's set of initials series / b p bh m / are the only sounds with a labial place of articulation corresponding to the initial set 幫 [p] 滂 [pʰ] 並 [b] 明 [m].

    We provide the secondary series initials 非敷奉微 and 娘 to illustrate that Stimson's reconstruction is EMC. Some initials have a different characters that are associated with palatization; they are included on the right.

    EMC	IPA	Stimson Fanqie Upper Characters		(LMC) 	Fanqie Upper Characters
    幫 	[p]	/b/	博 bɑk 		北 bək 		(非) 	方 biɑng 	甫 biǒ 
    滂 	[pʰ]	/p/	匹 pit 		滂 pɑng		(敷) 	芳 piɑng 	敷 pio 
    並 	[b]	/bh/	蒲 bho 		薄 bhɑk 		(奉) 	符 bhio 	扶 bhio
    明 	[m]	/m/	莫 mɑk 		母 mǒu 		(微) 	武 miǒ 		亡 miɑng
    端 	[t]	/d/	都 do		丁 deng
    透 	[tʰ]	/t/	他 tɑ  		吐 tǒ 
    定 	[d]	/dh/	徒 dho 		杜 dhǒ 
    泥 	[n]	/n/	奴 no 		乃 nəǐ 		(娘) 	女 niǔ njiǔ 	尼 ni 
    來 	[l]	/l/	盧 lo 		郞 lɑng 			力 liək		良 liɑng
    精 	[ts]	/tz/	作 tzɑk 		則 tzək			子 tziə̌ 	卽 tziək
    清 	[tsʰ]	/ts/	倉 tsɑng		千 tsen			七 tsit   	此 tsiɛ̌
    從 	[dz]	/dz/	昨 dzhɑk 	徂 dzho			疾 dzhit 	慈 dzhiə
    心 	[s]	/s/	蘇 so 		先 sen			息 siək 		相 siɑng
    邪 	[z]	/z/	徐 ziu 		似 ziə̌  
    莊 照二 [ʈʂ]	/jr/	側 jriək  	莊 jriɑng 
    初 穿二 [ʈʂʰ]	/chr/	初 chriu 	楚 chriǔ 
    崇 牀二 [ɖʐ]	/jrh/	士 jrhiə̌ 	鋤 jrhiu 
    生 審二 [ʂ]	/shr/	所 shriǔ 	山 shrɛn 
    俟 牀二	[ʐ]	/zhr/	俟 {zhriə̌}
    知 	[ʈ]	/dj/	竹 djiuk 	知 djiɛ 
    徹 	[ʈʰ]	/tj/	敕 tjiək		恥 tjiə̌ 
    澄 	[ɖ]	/djh/	直 djhiək 	除 djhiu
    日 	[ɲ]	/nj/	而 njiə 		如 njiu 
    章 照三	[tɕ]	/j/	之 jiə 		職 jiək 
    昌 穿三	[tɕʰ]	/ch/	昌 chiɑng 	尺 chiɛk 
    船 牀三	[dʑ]	/jh/	食 jhiək 	神 jhin 
    書 審三	[ɕ]	/sh/	式 shiək 	書 shiu 
    禪 	[ʑ]	/zh/	市 zhiə̌ 	是 zhiɛ̌ 
    見 	[k]	/g/	古 gǒ 		公 gung 			居 giu 		舉 giǔ 
    溪 	[kʰ]	/k/	苦 kǒ 		口 kǒu 			去 kiù 		丘 kiou  
    群 	[g]	/gh/	渠 ghio 	其 ghiə 
    疑 	[ŋ]	/ng/	五 ngǒ 		吾 ngo 			魚 ngiu 	語 ngiù 
    曉 	[x]	/x/	呼 xo 		火 xuɑ̌ 			許 xiǔ 		虛 xiu
    匣 	[ɣ]	/h/	胡 ho 		户 hǒ		(喻三) 	于 hio		王 hiuɑng
    影 	[ʔ]	/q/	烏 qo 		伊 qi 			乙 qyit 	衣 qiəi
    喻四 	[ø]/[j]	/ø/	以 iə̌ 		羊 iɑng 

    The data can be gathered into the following table as EMC initials in Stimson's reconstruction.

    StimsonMC StimsonMC StimsonMC StimsonMC
    Labial stopsb 幫 [p] p 滂 [pʰ]bh 並 [b]m 明 [m]
    Apical stopsd 端 [t]t 透 [tʰ]dh 定 [d]n 泥 [n]
    娘 [ɳ]
    l 來 [l]
    Apical affricatetz 精 [ts]ts 清[tsʰ]dzh 從 [dz] 
    Apical spirants s 心 [s]z 邪 [z] 
    Retracted affricatesjr 莊 (照) [ʈʂ]chr 初 (穿) [ʈʂʰ]jrh 崇 (牀) [ɖʐ] 
    Retracted spirants shr 生 (審) [ʂ]zhr 俟 (牀) [ʐ]  
    Frontal stopsdj 知 [ʈ]tj 徹 [ʈʰ]djh 澄 [ɖ]nj 日 [ɲ]
    Frontal affricatesj 章 (照) [tɕ]ch 昌 (穿)[tɕʰ]jh 船 (牀)[dʑ] 
    Frontal spirants sh 書 (審) [ɕ]zh 禪 [ʑ] 
    Dorsal stopsg 見 [k]k 溪 [kʰ]gh 群 [ɡ]ng 疑 [ŋ]
    Dorsal spirants x 曉 [x]h 匣/云 [ɣ] 
    Glottal stop (and zero initial)q 影 [ʔ]   ø [Note 1] 以 (喻) [ø]

    The initial /zhr/ represented by 俟 (牀二) [ʐ] has little or no practical use. A single character 漦, is the sole fanqie spelling that uses 俟 as its initial and by consulting KangXi Dictionary, we see that 俟 has several other readings, thus its exact value is somewhat controversial, but by symmetry, 俟 [ʐ] ought to be the voiced counterpart of the 生 [ʂ] initial. It was included for completeness though the /zhr/ [ ʐ ] initial is merged with /jrh/[ɖʐ] 崇 (牀二). We have reconstructed the reading as /zhriə̌/ from its fanqie spelling 牀史切.

    聲韻學 By 竺家寧 notes that

    第八轉齒音商聲止韻二等位第五行有 [ 俟 ] 字,通常韻圖齒音二等第五行世沒有字的. 查 < 廣韻 > [ 俟 ] 字音 [ 牀史切 ] , 那麼, 他應該屬於第三行崇母,不該放到第五行. 但是, 早期的 < 切韻 > 殘卷 (切三,全王) 反切是 [ 漦史切 ], 和之韻的漦字 [ 俟甾切 ] 聲母互用為一類. <韻鏡> 淚列 [ 漦 ] 字, < 七音略 > 列在齒音二等第五行. 剛好知和 [ 俟 ] 字同在一行. 可知 早期 [ 俟 , 漦 ] 是同一類聲母, 董同龢把這一類聲母稱為 [ 俟 ] 母, 和齒音第三行的崇母並非一類.後來,語音變了,僅有兩 個字的 [ 俟 ] 母被同一發音部位同為濁音的崇母類化了,所以 < 廣韻 > 變成了 [ 牀史切 ] , 和崇母系聯為一類.

    Thus, < 廣韻 > [ 俟 ] 字音 [ 牀史切 ] should be taken as the primary reading for the initial for 俟, and it is why it is merged into /jrh/[ɖʐ] 崇 (牀二).

    [Note 1] ø is a zero initial


    Stimson's finals follow the traditonal order of rimes in Qieyun and Guangyun. 55TP readings are 'made according to simplifications suggested in Stimson 1976" (TPV). Consequently, there are fewer actual rimes listed here than there are in kTang.Stimson separates out the times into seven groups which I've labled A to G. We shall work through them to obtain character readings and report the results section by section.

    A (1) -ung, -iung; (2) -ong; -iong; (3) -ang.
    B (4) -i, -ui; (5) -iəi, -iuəi; (6) -iu; (7) -io; -o; (8) -ei, -uei; -iɛ̀i, -iuɛ̀i; (9)-ɑ̀i, -uɑ̀i; (10)-ai, -uai; (11) -uəi; -əi; -iæ̀i
    C (12) -in, -uin; (13) -iuən; -iən; (14) -iæn, -iuæn; uən; -ən; (15) -ɑn; -uɑn; (16) -an, uan; (17) -en, -uen; iɛn, iuɛn.
    D (18) -eu; -iɛu; (19) -au; (20) -ɑu; (21) -ɑ; -uɑ; (22) -a, -ua, -ia.
    E (23) -ɑng, -uɑng, -iɑng, -iuɑng; (24) -æng -uæng, -iæng, -iuæng; (25) -eng, -ueng; (26) -iəng, -iuəng; -əng, -uəng.
    F (27) -iou; -ou.
    G (28) -im; (29) -om; (30) -iɛm; -em; (31) -am; -iæm.

    The rimes ending in /-m/, /-n/ and /-ng/ correspond to the Ru tone rimes that end in /-p/, /-t/ and /-k/ respectively. So /-ung/, /-iung/ references /-uk/ and /-iuk/ rimes in the the Ru sheng. Similarly /-iuən/ correspond to /-iuət/, and /-iɛm/ to /-iɛp/.

    The GY rimes headings are as follows, and shall form a framework in which to group the reconstructed finals.

    Tones:	Ping	Shang	Qu	Ru 
     1\	 1 東 	 1 董 	 1 送 	 1 屋
     2\	 2 冬 	  	 2 宋 	 2 沃
     3\	 3 鍾 	 2 腫 	 3 用	 3 燭
     4\	 4 江 	 3 講 	 4 絳 	 4 覺
     5\	 5 支 	 4 紙 	 5 寘
     6\	 6 脂 	 5 旨 	 6 至
     7\	 7 之 	 6 止 	 7 志
     8\	 8 微 	 7 尾 	 8 未
     9\	 9 魚 	 8 語 	 9 御
    10\	10 虞 	 9 麌 	10 遇
    11\	11 模 	10 姥 	11 暮
    12\	12 齊 	11 薺 	12 霽
    13\	  	  	13 祭
    14\	  	  	14 泰
    15\	13 佳 	12 蟹 	15 卦 
    16\ 	14 皆 	13 駭 	16 怪
    17\ 	  	  	17 夬
    18\ 	15 灰 	14 賄 	18 隊
    19\ 	16 咍 	15 海 	19 代
    20\ 	  	  	20 廢
    21\ 	17 真 	16 軫 	21 震	 5 質
    22\ 	18 諄 	17 準 	22 稕 	 6 術
    23\ 	19 臻 	  		 7 櫛
    24\ 	20 文 	18 吻 	23 問	 8 物
    25\ 	21 欣 	19 隱 	24 焮	 9 迄
    26\. 	22 元 	20 阮 	25 願	10 月
    27\ 	23 魂 	21 混 	26 慁	11 沒
    28\ 	24 痕 	22 很 	27 恨	  (麧)
    29\ 	25 寒 	23 旱 	28 翰	12 曷
    30\ 	26 桓 	24 緩 	29 換	13 末
    31\ 	27 刪 	25 潸 	30 諫	14 轄
    32\ 	28 山 	26 產 	31 襉	15 黠
    33\ 	29 先 	27 銑 	32 霰	16 屑
    34\ 	30 仙 	28 獮 	33 線	17 薛
    35\ 	31 蕭 	29 篠 	34 嘯
    36\ 	32 宵 	30 小 	35 笑
    37\ 	33 肴 	31 巧 	36 效
    38\ 	34 豪 	32 皓 	37 號
    39\ 	35 歌 	33 哿 	38 箇
    40\ 	36 戈 	34 果 	39 過
    41\ 	37 麻 	35 馬 	40 禡
    42\ 	38 陽 	36 養 	41 漾	18 藥
    43\ 	39 唐 	37 蕩 	42 宕	19 鐸
    44\ 	40 庚 	38 梗 	43 映	20 陌 
    45\ 	41 耕 	39 耿 	44 諍	21 麥
    46\ 	42 清 	40 靜 	45 勁	22 昔
    47\ 	43 青 	41 迥 	46 徑	23 錫
    48\ 	44 蒸 	42 拯 	47 證	24 職
    49\ 	45 登 	43 等 	48 嶝	25 德
    50\ 	46 尤 	44 有 	49 宥
    51\ 	47 侯 	45 厚 	50 候
    52\ 	48 幽 	46 黝 	51 幼
    53\	49 侵 	47 寢 	52 沁	26 緝
    54\ 	50 覃 	48 感 	53 勘	27 合
    55\ 	51 談 	49 敢 	54 闞	28 盍
    56\ 	52 鹽 	50 琰 	55 豔	29 葉
    57\ 	53 添 	51 忝 	56 㮇	30 帖
    58\ 	54 咸 	53 豏 	58 陷	31 洽
    59\ 	55 銜 	54 檻 	59 鑑	32 狎
    60\ 	56 嚴 	52 儼 	57 釅	33 業
    61\ 	57 凡 	55 范 	60 梵	34 乏

    The 61 rime headings are numbered to the left, and their listing in GY are shown to the left of each character. It was found that the order of these characters had to be changed in order to create the table above. A few of the rime headings have been reordered namely, the Shang 52, 53 and 54 rimes, and Qu 57, 58 and 59 rimes.

    The (麧) rime is so written because has only five characters (麧𥝖齕紇淈) which the authors deemed too small a number deserve a separate rime, and so the authors merged them into a subsequent rime 沒 rime with the fanqie 下沒切.

    We use the numbering on the left with the backslash to indicate the rime heading henceforth to avoid confusion with the order of the individual rimes above.

    Matching characters to rimes

    Selecting various characters from the same rime heading, we note the kTang reading and compare them with 55TP. First we list from the GY rime list, section by section, and work through them seeking characters from our sources. At the end of each section, we group together the data from Stimson's 55TP and kTang (TPV).

    Character are searched for mainly in the Ping tone, but example characters from the Shang, Qu and Ru tone will be provided when there is a paucity of suitable example that appear in 55TP and kTang sources. The GY character listing will be used too.

    Group A

    Tones:	Ping	Shang	Qu	Ru 
    1	東 	董 	送 	屋
    2	冬 	  	宋 	沃
    3	鍾 	腫 	用	燭
    4	江 	講 	絳 	覺
    (1) -ung, -iung; 
    (2) -ong; -iong; 
    (3) -ang.

    1\ The 東 rime forms two subrimes, /-ung/ and -iung/

    55TP  公 gung       工 gung 
    kTang 公 *gung gung 工 gung
    55TP  弓 giung  中 djiung
    kTang 弓 *giung 中 *djiùng djiung
    2\ The 冬 rime is /-ong/
    55TP  宗 tzong
    kTang 宗 *tzong 毒 dhok
    3\ The 鍾 rime is /-iong/
    55 TP 松 ziong  從 dzhiong         恐 kiǒng
    kTang 松 *ziong 從 *dzhiong tsiong 恐 *kiǒng
    4\ The 江 rime is /-ang/
    55TP  江 gang  雙 shrang  戇 djàng
    kTang 江 *gang 雙 *shrang 講 gǎng  降 gàng hang

    The GY rimes compared to the kTang/TPV and 55TP reconstructions by Stimson can be tabulated in the table below.

    Tones:	Ping	Shang	Qu	Ru 	kTang/TPV	RU TONE		Stimson 55TP	RU TONE		
     1\	東 	董 	送 	屋 	-ung	-iung	-uk	-iuk	-ung	-iung	-uk	-iuk
     2\	冬 	  	宋 	沃	-ong		-ok		-ong		-ok
     3\	鍾 	腫 	用	燭		-iong		-iok		-iong		-iok
     4\	江 	講 	絳 	覺	-ang		-ak		-ang		-ak

    Group B

    Tones:	Ping	Shang	Qu	Ru 
     5	支 	紙 	寘
     6	脂 	旨 	至
     7	之 	止 	志
     8	微 	尾 	未
     9	魚 	語 	御
    10	虞 	麌 	遇
    11	模 	姥 	暮
    12	齊 	薺 	霽
    13 	  	  	祭
    14 	  	  	泰
    15 	佳 	蟹 	卦 
    16 	皆 	駭 	怪
    17 	  	  	夬
    18 	灰 	賄 	隊
    19 	咍 	海 	代
    20 	  	  	廢
    Stimson 55TP
    (4) -i, -ui; 
    (5) -iəi, -iuəi; 
    (6) -iu; 
    (7) -io; -o; 
    (8) -ei, -uei; -iɛ̀i, -iuɛ̀i; 
    (9)-ɑ̀i, -uɑ̀i; 
    (10)-ai, -uai; 
    (11) -uəi; -əi; -iæ̀i

    5\ The 支 rime is slightly more complicated than meets the eye. Stimson 55TP gives (4) -i and -iu, but in reality, kTang reveals there is a four way contrast for the reconstruction in this rime -iɛ -yɛ, -iuɛ and -yuɛ.

    55TP  枝 ji   兒nji        知 dji
    kTang 枝 *jiɛ 兒 *njiɛ njiɛ 知 *djiɛ 斯 *siɛ 離 *liɛ 
    55TP  宜 ngi   騎 ghi ghì 
    kTang 宜 *ngyɛ 騎 *ghyɛ *ghyɛ̀ 碑 *byɛ 奇 *ghyɛ gyɛ 犧 xyɛ 
    55TP  吹 chui         隨 zui 
    kTang 吹 *chiuɛ chiuɛ̀ 隨 *ziuɛ 睢 xiuɛ xyui 羸 liuɛ 
    55TP  爲 ui uì       委 quǐ
    kTang 爲 *hyuɛ *hyuɛ̀ 委 *gyuɛ gyuɛ̌ 麾 *xyuɛ 逶 *qyuɛ
    6\ Similarly the 脂 rime 55TP /-i, -ui/ also shows a four way contrast in kTang /-i, -yi, -ui, -yui/
    55TP  師 shri  私 si  伊 i
    師 *shri 私 *si 伊 *qi qi 尼 ni 姨 qi
    55TP  飢 gyi       悲 bi   眉 mi   
    飢 *gyi giəi 悲 *byi 眉 *myi 丕 pyi
    55TP  惟 ui     追 djui  誰
    惟 *ui ui 追 *djui 誰 *zhui 錐 jui 椎 djhui 
    55TP  No entries found 
    龜 giou gyui 夔 ghyui 帷 hyui
    7\ The 之 rime showing in 55TP as /-i/ but manifests as /-iə/ in kTang.

    55TP  之 ji       時 zhi   思 si, sì   其 ghi        而 ngi 
    kTang 之 *jiə jiə 時 *zhiə 思 *siə siə̀ 其 *ghiə ghiə 而 *njiə
    8\ The 微 rime contain /-iəi/ and /-iuəi/ rimes, which are the same in 55TP and kTang.

    55TP  微 miəi  機 giəi  希 xiəi 
    kTang 微 *miəi 機 *giəi 希 xiəi 肥 *bhiəi 祈 ghiəi 
    55TP  輝 xiuəi  歸 giuəi  揮 xiuəi  鬼 giuə̌i
    kTang 輝 *xiuəi 歸 *giuəi 揮 *xiuəi 鬼 *giuə̌i
    9\ 魚 rime is /-iu/
    55TP  魚 ngiu  書 shiu  居 giu 如 njiu  
    kTang 魚 *ngiu 書 *shiu 居 giu 如 *njiu
    10\ 虞 rime is /-io/
    55TP  無 mio  須 sio      芙 bhio  于 io
    kTang 無 *mio 須 *sio sio 芙 *bhio 于 *hio hio 
    11\ 模 rime is /-o/
    55TP  胡 ho  壺 ho  吾 ngo  呼 xo  都 do
    kTang 胡 *ho 壺 *ho 吾 *ngo 呼 *xo 都 *do
    12\ 齊 rime embodies two subrimes /-ei/ and /-uei/
    55TP  齊 dzhei  妻 tsei  低 dei      奚 hei 西 sei 
    kTang 齊 *dzhei 妻 *tsei 低 *dei dei 奚 hei 西 *sei
    55TP  珪 guei
    kTang 珪 guei 畦 huei 觿 huei xiuɛ 攜 *huei 圭 *guei 閨 *guei 
    13\ 祭 is a Qu character /-iuɛ̀i/
    55TP  歲 siuɛ̀i
    kTang 歲 *siuɛ̀i 鋭 iuɛ̀i 芮 njiuɛ̀i 睿 iuɛ̀i 税 shiuɛ̀i 帨 chiuɛ̀i shiuɛ̀i 
    14\ 泰 is a Qu tone rime embodying two subrimes /-ɑ̀i/ /-uɑ̀i/
    太 tɑ̀i 大 dhɑ̀i 
    太 *tɑ̀i 大 *dhɑ̀i 蓋 *gɑ̀i 奈 *nɑ̀i  貝 *bɑ̀i 蔡 *tsɑ̀i 賴 *lɑ̀i
    15\ 佳 rime has two subrimes /-ai/ and /-uai/ in 55TP, but kTang shows /-ɛi/ and /-uɛi/.
    55TP  [P佳] 佳 gai     柴 jrhai  [S蟹] 擺 bǎi 罷 bhǎi 蟹 gǎi [Q卦] 解 gǎi 
    kTang [P佳] 佳 *gɛi gɛi 柴 *jrhɛi [S蟹] 擺 bɛ̌i 罷 bhyɛ *bhɛ̌i  [Q卦] 解 *gɛ̌i 
    55TP  [Q卦] 挂 guài
    kTang [Q卦] 挂 *guɛi [missed tone marking out to be /*guɛ̀i/]
    16\ 皆 rime character examples from kTang includes subrimes -æi and -uæi (open and close syllables) but are -ai and -uai in 55TP. In 55TP they are all merged under -ai.
    55TP  皆 gai  埋 mai 豺jrhai
    kTang 皆 *gæi 埋 *mæi 豺 jrhæi 
    55TP  懷 huai
    -kTang 懷 *huæi 淮 *huæi 乖 guæi
    17\ 夬 is a Qu tone rime /-ài/ in kTang. There are no characters found in 55TP for this rime.
    kTang 邁 mài 敗 bhài 蠆 tjài
    kTang 快 kuài 話 huài 駃
    18\ 灰 rime /-uəi/ is the same in 55TP as kTang
    55TP  灰 xuəi  回 huəi  雷 luəi  梅 məi
    kTang 灰 *xuəi 回 *huəi 雷 *luəi 梅 *məi
    19\ 咍 rime /-əi/ is the same in 55TP as kTang
    55TP  開 kəi  來 ləi      海 xə̌i;
    kTang 開 *kəi 來 *ləi ləi 海 *xə̌i
    20\ 廢 rime /-iæ̀i/ is the same in both kTang and 55TP. We should also include the /-iuæ̀i/ but due to the small selection of characters in GY for this rime, characters 吠艾 which has this rime can not be found.
    55TP  廢 biæ̀i
    kTang 廢 *biæ̀i 肺 piæ̀i 吠 bhiæ̀i
    The data suggests the following relation between Stimson's two reconstructions.

    Tones:	Ping	Shang	Qu	Ru 	kTang/TPV				Stimson 55TP	
     5\	支 	紙 	寘		-iɛ	-yɛ	-iuɛ	-yuɛ		-i	-u
     6\	脂 	旨 	至		-i	-yi	-ui	-yui		-i	-u
     7\	之 	止 	志		-iə					-i
     8\	微 	尾 	未		-iəi		-iuəi			-iəi	-iuəi
     9\	魚 	語 	御		-iu					-iu
    10\	虞 	麌 	遇		-io					-io
    11\	模 	姥 	暮		-o					-o
    12\	齊 	薺 	霽		-ei		-uei			-ei	-uei
    13\ 	  	  	祭				-iuɛ̀i				-iuɛ̀i
    14\ 	  	  	泰		-ɑ̀i		-uɑ̀i			-ɑ̀i	-uɑ̀i
    15\ 	佳 	蟹 	卦 		-ɛi		-uɛi			-ai	-uai
    16\ 	皆 	駭 	怪		-æi		-uæi			-ai	-uai
    17\ 	  	  	夬		-ài					(-ài)
    18\ 	灰 	賄 	隊		-uəi						-uəi
    19\ 	咍 	海 	代		-əi					-əi
    20\ 	  	  	廢		-iæ̀i		(-iuæ̀i)			(-iæ̀i)	(-iuæ̀i)

    Group C

    Tones:	Ping	Shang	Qu	Ru  	
    21 	真 	軫 	震	質
    22 	諄 	準 	稕 	術
    23 	臻 	  		櫛
    24 	文 	吻 	問	物
    25 	欣 	隱 	焮	迄
    26. 	元 	阮 	願	月
    27 	魂 	混 	慁	沒
    28 	痕 	很 	恨	(麧)
    29 	寒 	旱 	翰	曷
    30 	桓 	緩 	換	末
    31 	刪 	潸 	諫	轄
    32 	山 	產 	襉	黠
    33 	先 	銑 	霰	屑
    34 	仙 	獮 	線	薛

    (12) -in, -uin; 
    (13) -iuən; -iən; 
    (14) -iæn, -iuæn; uən; -ən; 
    (15) -ɑn; -uɑn; 
    (16) -an, uan; 
    (17) -en, -uen; iɛn, iuɛn. 

    21\ 真 rime -in -yin -uin -yuin

    55TP  因 qin  新 sin  神 jhin  日 njit
    kTang 因 *qin 新 *sin 神 *jhin 日 *njit
    55TP  貧 bhin   垠 ngin        密 mit 
    kTang 貧 *bhyin 垠 ngiən ngyin 密 *myit
    55TP (No entries found)
    kTang 率 luì shruit
    55TP (No entries found)
    kTang 殞 hyuǐn
    22\ 諄 rime /-uin/
    55TP  春 chuin 	順 jhuìn 
    kTang 春 *chuin 順 *jhuìn 潤 njuìn 棆 luin 論 *luən luin luə̀n 
    55TP (No entries found)
    kTang 準 juǐn 筍 suǐn 蠢 chuǐn
    23\ 臻 rime /-in/
    55TP           櫛 jrit 瑟 shrit 
    kTang 臻 jrin  櫛 jrit 瑟 *shrit 蝨 shrit
    24\ 文 rime /-iən/ and /-iuən/
    55TP  文 miən  分 biən        芬 piən 粉 biə̌n  憤 bhiə̌n 問 miə̀n  物 miət  不 biət 
    kTang 文 *miən 分 *biən bhiə̀n 芬 piən 粉 *biə̌n 憤 bhiə̌n 問 *miə̀n 物 *miət 不 *biət biət
    55TP  雲 iuən   羣 gjiuən 君 giuən  運 iuə̀n 
    kTang 雲 *hiuən           君 *giuən 運 *hiuə̀n 群 *ghiuɛn 
    25\ 欣 rime /-iən/
    55TP  殷 qiən           勤 ghiən  隱 qiə̌n 近 ghiə̀n  吃 giət
    kTang 殷 *qiən qiə̌n qɛn 勤 *ghiən 隱 qiə̌n 近 *ghiə̌n         訖 kiət
    26\ 元 rime embodies two rimes /-iæn/ and /-iuæn/
    55TP  煩 bhiæn  言 ngiæn  髮 biæt 揭伐謁
    kTang 煩 *bhiæn 言 *ngiæn 髮 *biæt
    55TP  元 ngiuæn         願 ngiuæ̀n  遠 -iuæ̌n  月 ngiuæt 闕 kiuæt 越厥掘
    kTang 元 *ngiuæn ngiuæn 願 *ngiuæ̀n 遠 *hiuæ̌n 月 *ngiuæt 闕 *kiuæt
    27\ 魂 rime /-ən/ seems to be associated with bilabial initials, whilst /-uən/ other initials.
    55TP  門 mən  噴 pən
    kTang 門 *mən 沒 mət 勃 bhət
    55TP  孫 suən  村 tsuən  骨 quət  忽 xuət 
    kTang 孫 *suən 村 *tsuən 骨 *guət 忽 *xuət
    28\ 痕 rime group /-ən/ /-(u)ət/ has very few characters. In total this rime has only 30 characters in GY.
    55 TP 痕 hən  根      恩 qən          懇     恨 hə̀n  紇 huət
    kTang 痕 *hən 根 *gən 恩 *qən 吞 *tən 懇 kə̌n 恨 *hə̀n 紇 huət
    29\ 寒 rime /-ɑn/
    55 TP 寒 hɑn  安 qɑn  難 nɑn  蘭 lɑn  看 kɑn kɑ̀n  散sɑ̀n   岸 ngɑ̀n  漢xɑ̀n   喝xɑt  妲dɑt  達 dhɑt 
    kTang 寒 *hɑn 安 *qɑn 難 *nɑn 蘭 *lɑn 看 *kɑn kɑ̀n 散 *sɑ̀n 岸 *ngɑ̀n 漢 *xɑ̀n 喝 xɑt 妲 dɑt 達 *dhɑt
    30\ 桓 rime /-ɑn/ tend to appear only with bilabial initials, and /-uɑn/ with other initials.
    55 TP 滿 mɑ̌n  漫 mɑn mɑ̀n   伴 bhɑ̌n                             末 mɑt 
    kTang 滿 *mɑ̌n 漫 *mɑn *mɑ̀n 伴 *bhɑ̌n bhɑ̌n 絆 bɑ̀n 判 pɑ̀n 畔 *bhɑ̀n 末 mɑt 
    55 TP 完 huɑn  端 duɑn  酸 suɑn  官 guɑn 歡 huɑn  短 duɑ̌n  觀 guɑn       亂 luɑ̀n       喚 huɑ̀n 活 huɑt 
    kTang 完 *huɑn 端 *duɑn 酸 *suɑn 官 *guɑn 歡 *xuɑn 短 *duɑ̌n 觀 *guɑn guɑ̀n 亂 *luɑ̀n luɑ̀n 喚 huɑ̀n 活 huɑt
    31\ 刪 -an -uan
    55TP  刪 shran 顏 ngan  姦 gan  諫 gàn 
    kTang          顏 *ngan 姦 gan  諫 gàn 
    55TP  關 guan  還 huan  宦 huàn  刷 shruat
    kTang 關 *guan 還 *huan 宦 *huàn
    Surprisingly, there are characters in this rime in 55TP which shows a different reconstruction /-ɑn/ and /-uɑn/, but in kTang, they are all /-an/ and /-uan/ instead. Of these, a cross check in 55TP shows that the appearance of that character is accompanied by the same rendering as found in the index, except 彎 which appears as /quan/ in as the annotated reading beside the chinese character poem. It is quite possible both -ɑn and -uɑn are typographical errors. However in the case of 莞, both 55TP and kTang agree on the spelling with the same nuclear vowel.
    55TP  患 huɑ̀n 莞 guɑn      彎 quɑn 
    kTang 患 huàn 莞 guɑn huɑn 彎 quan 
    32\ 山 rime poses somewhat of puzzle and the paucity of readings in the data works against us. Although 55TP shows /-at/ and /-uat/ in this rime, the kTang readings show a number of different nuclear vowels: /-at/ -uat/, /-ɛn/ and /-uət/
    55TP  拔 bhat   八 bat     殺 shrat 
    kTang 拔 *bhat 八 *bat bat 殺 *shrat *shræ̀i
    55TP  滑 huat 
    kTang (No entries found)
    55TP  山 shran  艱 gan  眼 ngǎn 
    kTang 山 *shrɛn 艱 *gɛn 眼 *ngɛ̌n 
    55TP  (No entries found)
    kTang 鶻 huət
    33\ 先 -en -uen
    55TP  先 sen      前 dzhen  千 tsen  天 ten  田 dhen  牽 ken      顛 den 練 lèn 殿 dhèn  結 get  咽 qet  
    kTang 先 *sen sen 前 *dzhen 千 *tsen 天 *ten 田 *dhen 牽 *ken kèn 顛 den 練 lèn 殿 *dhèn 結 *get 咽 *qet
    55TP  玄 huen  縣 huèn  血 xuet  缺 kuet  決 guet 穴 huet
    kTang 玄 *huen 縣 *huèn 血 *xuet 缺 *kuet         穴 *huet
    34\ 仙 rime 55TP /-iɛn/ maps to kTang /-iɛn/ and /-yɛn/, and 55TP /-iuɛn/ maps to /-iuɛn/ and /-yuɛn/
    55TP  仙 siɛn       展 djiɛ̌n  戰 jiɛ̀n  哲 djiɛt
    kTang 仙 *siɛn siɛn 展 *djiɛ̌n 戰 *jiɛ̀n 哲 djiɛt
    55TP  乾 gɑn ghiɛn        別 bhiɛt
    kTang 乾 *ghyɛn ghyɛn gɑn 別 *bhyɛt
    55TP  船 jhiuɛn  轉 djiuɛ̌n  穿 chiuɛn  雪 siuɛt
    kTang 船 *jhiuɛn 轉 *djiuɛ̌n 穿 *chiuɛn 雪 *siuɛt
    55TP  卷 giuɛ̌n 
    kTang 卷 *gyuɛ̌n gyuɛ̀n
    The inconsistencies found in 山 readings is left aside, we can summarise the data in the following table.

    Tones:	Ping	Shang	Qu	Ru 	kTang/TPV			RU TONE				Stimson 55TP	RU TONE		
    21\ 	真 	軫 	震	質 	-in	-yin 	-uin	 -yuin 	-it	-yit 	-uit	 -yuit	-in 	-uin	-it 	-uit
    22\ 	諄 	準 	稕	術 			-uin				-uit			-uin		-uit
    23\ 	臻 	  		櫛 	-in				-it				-in		-it
    24\ 	文 	吻 	問	物 	-iən 		-iuən		-iət		-iuət			-iuən		-iuət
    25\ 	欣 	隱 	焮	迄 	-iən				-iət				-iən 		-iət
    26\ 	元 	阮 	願	月 	-iæn 		-iuæn		-iæt 		-iuæt		-iæn 	-iuæn	-iæt 	-iuæt
    27\ 	魂 	混 	慁	沒 	-ən		-uən		-ət		-uət		(-ən) 	-uən	(-ət) 	-uət
    28\ 	痕 	很 	恨	(麧) 	-ən				-(u)ət				ən		ət
    29\ 	寒 	旱 	翰	曷 	-ɑn 				-ɑt				-ɑn 		-ɑt
    30\ 	桓 	緩 	換	末 	-ɑn 		-uɑn		-ɑt 		-uɑt		(-ɑn) 	-uɑn	(-ɑt) 	-uɑt
    31\ 	刪 	潸 	諫	轄 	-an 		-uan		-an		-uan		-an	-uan	-at	-uat
    32\ 	山 	產 	襉	黠 	-an		-uat		-at 		-uat		-an	-uat	-at 	-uat
    33\ 	先 	銑 	霰	屑 	-en		-uen		-en 		-uet		-en	-uen	-en 	-uet
    34\ 	仙 	獮 	線	薛 	-iɛn	-yɛn	-iuɛn	-yuɛn	-iɛt	-yɛt	-iuɛt	-yuɛt	-iɛn	-iuɛn	-iɛt	-iuɛt

    Group D

    Tones:	Ping	Shang	Qu	Ru 
    35\ 	蕭 	篠 	嘯
    36\ 	宵 	小 	笑
    37\ 	肴 	巧 	效
    38\ 	豪 	皓 	號
    39\ 	歌 	哿 	箇
    40\ 	戈 	果 	過
    41\ 	麻 	馬 	禡
    (18) -eu; -iɛu; 
    (19) -au; 
    (20) -ɑu; 
    (21) -ɑ; -uɑ; 
    (22) -a, -ua, -ia. 
    35\ 蕭 /-eu/ rime.
    55TP  跳 dheu 皎 gěu  鳥 děu  曉 xěu  皎 gěu  鳥 děu  曉 xěu  嘯 sèu  弔 dèu 
    kTang 跳 dheu 皎 *gěu 鳥 *děu 曉 *xěu 皎 *gěu 鳥 *děu 曉 *xěu 嘯 *sèu 弔 *dèu
    36\ 宵 rime shows /-iɛu/ and /-yɛu/ in kTang but both are represented as /-iɛu/ in 55TP
    55TP  消 siɛu 宵 siɛu  焦 tziɛu 飄 piɛu  笑 siɛ̀u  照 jiɛ̀u  少shiɛ̌u
    kTang 消 siɛu 宵 *siɛu 焦 tziɛu 飄 *piɛu 笑 *siɛ̀u 照 *jiɛ̀u 少 *shiɛ̀u *shiɛ̌u
    55TP  嬌 giɛu  妖 qiɛu  
    kTang 嬌 *gyɛu 妖 *qyɛu 
    37\ 肴 /-au/ rime
    55TP  交 gau 巧 kǎu 
    kTang 交 gau 巧 kǎu 包 bau 飽 bǎu 爪 jrǎu 教 *gau gàu 孝 xàu
    38\ 豪 /-ɑu/ rime
    55TP  高 gɑu  勞 lɑu      刀dɑu   抱 bhɑ̌u  老lɑ̌u   道 dhɑ̌u dhɑ̀u   掃 sɑ̌u      寶 bɑ̌uu 號 hɑu      到 dɑ̀u  好 xɑ̌u xɑ̀u
    kTang 高 *gɑu 勞 *lɑu lɑ̀u 刀 *dɑu 抱 *bhɑ̌u 老 *lɑ̌u 道 *dhɑ̀u *dhɑ̌u 掃 *sɑ̌u sɑ̀u 寶 *bɑ̌u 號 *hɑu hɑ̀u 到 *dɑ̀u 好 *xɑ̀u *xɑ̌u
    39\ 歌 /-ɑ/ rime
    55TP  歌 gɑ  多 dɑ  陀 dhɑ 娥 ngɑ  我 ngǎ  可 kǎ 
    kTang 歌 *gɑ 多 *dɑ 陀 dhɑ 娥 *ngɑ 我 *ngɑ̌ 可 *kɑ̌
    40\ 戈 rime heading for subrimes /-uɑ/ and /-ɑ/, the latter seems to occur with bilabial initials.
    55TP  波 bɑ  磨 mɑ  破 pɑ̀ 
    kTang 波 *bɑ 磨 *mɑ 破 *pɑ̀ 
    55TP  戈 guɑ  果 guɑ̌  鎖 suɑ̌  坐 dzhuɑ̌         火 xuɑ̌  過 guɑ̀      
    kTang 戈 *guɑ x果 *guɑ̌ 鎖 *suɑ̌ 坐 *dzhuɑ̀ *dzhuɑ̌ 火 *xuɑ̌ 過 *guɑ guɑ̀ 
    kTang 伽 ghia : 伽 only occurs under the 戈 rime heading, but the ending -ia does not fit with the other readings.
    kTang 迦 ga : 迦 is found under 戈 and 麻 rimes which accounts for this spelling.
    41\ 麻 rime contains three sub rimes /-a/, /-ua/, /-ia/
    55TP  麻 ma  家 ga  馬 mǎ  雅 nga  把 bǎ  嫁 gà  暇 hà 夏 hǎ  下 hà hǎ
    kTang 麻 *ma 家 *ga 馬 *mǎ 雅 *ngǎ 把 *bǎ 嫁 *gà 暇 hà 夏 *hǎ 下 hà hǎ
    55TP  華 hua      誇 kua  
    kTang 華 *hua huà 誇 *kuɑ 
    55TP  者 jiǎ  野 iǎ  且 tsiǎ       夜 ià  瀉 siǎ 
    kTang 者 *jiǎ 野 *iǎ 且 *tsiǎ tsiǎ 夜 *ià 瀉 siǎ 
    Tones:	Ping	Shang	Qu	Ru 	kTang/TPV				Stimson 55TP
    35\ 	蕭 	篠 	嘯		-eu					-eu
    36\ 	宵 	小 	笑			-iɛu		-yɛu			-iɛu
    37\ 	肴 	巧 	效		-au					-au
    38\ 	豪 	皓 	號		-ɑu					-ɑu
    39\ 	歌 	哿 	箇		-ɑ					-ɑ
    40\ 	戈 	果 	過		-ɑ		-uɑ			-ɑ		-uɑ
    41\ 	麻 	馬 	禡		-a	-ia	-ua			-a	-ia	-ua

    Group E

    Guang Yun
    Tones:	Ping	Shang	Qu	Ru 
    42\ 	陽 	養 	漾	藥
    43\ 	唐 	蕩 	宕	鐸
    44\ 	庚 	梗 	映	陌
    45\ 	耕 	耿 	諍	麥
    46\ 	清 	靜 	勁	昔
    47\ 	青 	迥 	徑	錫
    48\ 	蒸 	拯 	證	職
    49\ 	登 	等 	嶝	德
    (23) -ɑng, -uɑng, -iɑng, -iuɑng; 
    (24) -æng -uæng, -iæng, -iuæng; 
    (25) -eng, -ueng; 
    (26) -iəng, -iuəng; -əng, -uəng.
    42\ 陽 rime has subrimes/-iɑng/ and /iuɑng/
    55TP  陽 iɑng  香 xiɑng  章 jiɑng  掌 jiɑ̌ng  向 xiɑ̀ng  放 biɑ̀ng  藥 iɑk  腳 giɑk 若 njiɑk  削 siɑk
    kTang 陽 *iɑng 香 *xiɑng 章 *jiɑng 掌 *jiɑ̌ng 向 *xiɑ̀ng 放 *biɑ̀ng 藥 *iɑk 腳 giɑk 若 *njiɑk 削 siɑk
    55TP  枉 qiuɑ̌ng  怳 xuɑ̌ng  況 xiuɑ̀ng  誑 giuɑ̀ng 王 iuɑng          
    kTang 枉 *qiuɑ̌ng 怳 xiuɑ̌ng 況 *xiuɑ̀ng 誑 giuɑ̀ng 王 *hiuɑng hiuɑ̀ng 
    43\ 唐 rime has subrimes /-ɑng/ and /-uɑng/
    55TP  唐 dhɑng 蕩 dhɑ̌ng             浪 lɑ̀ng       莫 mɑk  落 lɑk 
    kTang 唐 dhɑng 蕩 *dhɑ̌ng dhɑng tɑng 浪 *lɑ̀ng lɑng 莫 *mɑk 落 *lɑk 
    55TP  黄 huɑng  皇 huɑng  光 guɑng        廓 kuɑk
    kTang 黄 *huɑng 皇 *huɑng 光 *guɑng guɑng 廓 kuɑk
    44\ 庚 rimes /-æng/, /-uæng/ /-iæng/, /-iuæng/ in kTang corresponds to (24) -æng -uæng, -iæng, -iuæng in 55TP
    55TP  坑 kæng 生 shræng  猛 mæ̌ng  陌 mæk  白 bhæk 
    kTang 坑 kæng 生 *shræng 猛 *mæ̌ng 陌 *mæk 白 *bhæk 
    55TP  橫 huæng 
    kTang 橫 *huæng guɑ̀ng
    55TP  明 miæng  迎 ngiæng  影 qiæ̌ng  映 qiæ̀ng  鏡 giæ̀ng   劇 ghiæk
    kTang 明 *miæng 迎 *ngiæng 影 *qiæ̌ng 映 *qiæ̀ng 鏡 *giæ̀ng  劇 *ghiæk
    55TP  榮 iuæng   永 iuæ̌ng    咏 iuæ̀ng 
    kTang 榮 *hiuæng 永 *hiuæ̌ng  咏 hiuæ̀ng
    45\ 耕 are /-ɛng/ and /-uɛng/ in kTang but /-æng/ and /-uæng/ in 55TP
    55TP  耕 gæng  淨 dzhiæ̀ng   爭 jræng 幸 hæ̌ng 諍 jræ̀ng 策 chræk 
    kTang 耕 *gɛng  淨 *dzhiɛ̀ng  爭 *jrɛng 幸 hɛ̌ng  諍 jrɛ̀ng 策 *chrɛk 
    55TP  宏 huæng 
    kTang 宏 huɛng  
    46\ 清 /-iɛng/ and /-iuɛng/ in kTang appear as /-iæng/ and /-iuæng/ in 55TP
    55TP  清 tsiæng 情 dzhiæng  聲 shiæng 正 jiæ̀ng  靜 dzhiæ̌ng 請 tsiæ̌ng 聖 shiæ̀ng  輕 kiæng 精 tziæng / 益益 qiæk  尺 chiæk 石 zhiæk
    kTang 清 *tsiɛng 情 *dzhiɛng 聲 *shiɛng 正 *jiɛ̀ng 靜 *dzhiɛ̌ng 請 *tsiɛ̌ng 聖 *shiɛ̀ng 輕 *kiɛng 精 *tziɛng / 益益 *qiɛk 尺 *chiɛk 石 *zhiɛk
    55TP  瓊 ghiuæng 役 iuæk
    kTang 瓊 ghiuɛng  役 *iuɛk
    47\ 青 /-eng/ and /-ueng/ rimes
    55TP  青 tseng  經 geng  頂 děng  醒 sěng       徑 gèng 定 dhèng   擊 gek  劈 pek 歷 lek 
    kTang 青 *tseng 經 *geng 頂 *děng 醒 *seng sěng 徑 *gèng 定 *dhèng 擊 *gek 劈 pek 歷 *lek
    55TP  螢 hueng 
    kTang 螢 *hueng 
    48\ 蒸 have subrimes /-iəng/ and /-iuəng/
    55TP  陵 liəng  應 qiəng *qiə̀ng  冰 biəng        應 qiəng          直 djhiək         力 liək 
    kTang 陵 *liəng 應 *qiəng *qiə̀ng 冰 *biəng biəng 應 *qiəng *qiə̀ng  直 *djhiək *djhiə̀ 力 *liək 
    55TP  域 hiuək 
    kTang 域 hiuək 
    49\ 登 /-əng/ and /-uəng/ rimes
    55TP  崩 bəng   肯 kə̌ng   能 nəng  得 dək   北 bək  曾 tzəng               
    kTang 崩 *bəng 肯 *kə̌ng 能 *nəng 得 *dək 北 *bək 曾 *dzhəng *tzəng 
    55TP  或  huək 國 guək
    kTang 或 *huək 國 *guək
    Tones:	Ping	Shang	Qu	Ru 	kTang/TPV			RU TONE				Stimson 55TP	RU TONE		
    42\ 	陽 	養 	漾	藥	-iɑng			-iuɑng	-iɑk			-iuɑk	-iɑng	-iuɑng	-iɑk	-iuɑk
    43\ 	唐 	蕩 	宕	鐸	-ɑng		-uɑng		-ɑk		-uɑk		-ɑng	-uɑng	-ɑk	-uɑk
    44\ 	庚 	梗 	映	陌 	-æng	-iæng	-uæng	-iuæng	-æk	-iæk	-uæk	-iuæk	-iæng	-iuæng	-iæk	-iuæk
    45\ 	耕 	耿 	諍	麥	-ɛng		-uɛng		-ɛk		-uɛk		-æng	-uæng	-æk	-uæk
    46\ 	清 	靜 	勁	昔		-iɛng		-iuɛng		-iɛk		-iuɛk	-iæng	-iuæng	-iæk	-iuæk
    47\ 	青 	迥 	徑	錫	-eng		-ueng		-ek		-uek		-eng	-ueng	-ek	-uek
    48\ 	蒸 	拯 	證	職		-iəng		~		-iək		-iuək	-iəng	~	-iək	-iuək
    49\ 	登 	等 	嶝	德	-əng		-uəng		-ək		-uək		-əng	-uəng	-ək	-uək

    Group F

    Guang Yun
    Tones:	Ping	Shang	Qu
    50\ 	尤 	有 	宥
    51\ 	侯 	厚 	候
    52\ 	幽 	黝 	幼
     (27) -iou; -ou. 

    50\ 尤 rime is /-iou/ in both sources.

    55TP  尤 iou    留 liou   油 iou 由  iou  周 jiou  有 iǒu     柳 liǒu    受 zhiǒu  救 giòu   獸 shiòu  守 shiǒu  舊 ghiòu   溜 liòu 
    kTang 尤 *hiou 留 *liou 油 iou 由 *iou 周 *jiou 有 *hiǒu 柳 *liǒu 受 *zhiǒu  救 *giòu 獸 *shiòu 守 *shiǒu 舊 *ghiòu 溜 liòu 
    51\ 侯 /-ou/ in both sources.
    55TP  頭 dhou   鉤 gou 母 mǒu  偶 ngǒu  走 tzòu          後 hòu         
    kTang 頭 *dhou 鉤 gou 母 *mǒu 偶 *ngǒu 走 *tzǒu tzòu 後 *hǒu hòu 
    However, there was an anomaly with this character which shows both 55TP and kTang entries are not accidental.
    55TP  部 bhǒ 
    kTang 部 bhǒ 
    52\ 幽 rime are few, so there are fewer characters in our source 55TP which Simson writes as /-iou/ whilst it is /-iəu/ in kTang from his TPV.
    55TP  幽 qiou 
    kTang 幽 *qiəu
    In summary:
    Tones:	Ping	Shang	Qu	Ru 	kTang/TPV			Stimson 55TP	
    50\ 	尤 	有 	宥				-iou			-iou
    51\ 	侯 	厚 	候		-ou				-ou	
    52\ 	幽 	黝 	幼				-iəu			-iou

    Group G

    Guang Yun
    Tones:	Ping	Shang	Qu	Ru 
    53\	侵 	寢 	沁	緝
    54\ 	覃 	感 	勘	合
    55\ 	談 	敢 	闞	盍
    56\ 	鹽 	琰 	豔	葉
    57\ 	添 	忝 	㮇	帖
    58\ 	咸 	豏 	陷	洽
    59\ 	銜 	檻 	鑑	狎
    60\ 	嚴 	儼 	釅	業
    61\ 	凡 	范 	梵	乏
    (28) -im; 
    (29) -om; 
    (30) -iɛm; -em; 
    (31) -am; -iæm.

    53\ 侵 rime /-im/ and /-yim/ in kTang are merged as /-im/ in 55TP

    55TP  林 lim   針 jim   深 shim  心 sim  臨 lim   十 zhip   入 njip 沈 djhim           
    kTang 林 *lim 針 *jim 深 *shim 心 *sim 臨 *lim 十 *zhip 入 njip 沈 *djhim shǐm 
    55TP  琴 ghim     吟 ngim    金 gim    今  gim            音 qim  錦 gǐm      飲 qǐm              及 gyip     急 gip    
    kTang 琴 *ghyim 吟 *ngyim 金 *gyim 今 *gyim gyim  音 *qyim 錦 *gyǐm 飲 *qyìm *qyǐm 及 *ghyip 急 *gyip 

    54\ 覃 rime /-om/ is the same for kTang and 55TP.

    55TP  南 nom   男 nom  含 hom   蠶 dzhom   堪 kom   感 gǒm  慘 tsǒm   坎 kǒm   暗 qòm  合 hop   雜 dzhop  探 tom        
    kTang 南 *nom 男 *nom 含 *hom 蠶 *dzhom 堪 *kom 感 *gǒm 慘 *tsǒm 坎 *kǒm 暗 *qòm 合 *hop 雜 *dzhop 探 tɑm tɑ̀m 

    55\ 談 rime is /-ɑm/ in kTang but shows as /-om/ in 55TP.

    55TP  甘 gom   三 som          敢 gǒm  暫 dzhòm   蠟 lop 
    kTang 甘 *gɑm 三 *sɑm sɑm  敢 *gɑ̌m 暫 *dzhɑ̀m 蠟 *lɑp

    56\ 鹽 rime is /-iɛm/ and /-yɛm/ in kTang are /-iɛm/ in 55TP.

    55TP  纖 siɛm   染 njiɛ̌m          豔 iɛ̀m  葉 iɛp   獵 liɛp   妾 tsiɛp 
    kTang 纖 *siɛm 染 njiɛ̀m njiɛ̌m 豔 *iɛ̀m 葉 *iɛp 獵 *liɛp 妾 *tsziɛp 
    55TP  險 xiɛ̌m    掩 qiɛ̌m
    kTang 險 *xyɛ̌m 掩 *qyɛ̌m

    57\ 添 rime is /-em/

    55TP  嫌  hem  點 děm   蝶 dhep        
    kTang 嫌 *hem 點 *děm 蝶 *tep dhep 

    58\ 咸 rime is /-æm/ in kTang, but /-am/ in 55TP

    55TP   咸 ham   讒 jrham 饞 jrham   臉 lǎm 陷 hàm 
    kTang 咸 *hæm 讒 jrhæm 饞 jrhæm 臉 læ̌m 陷 hæ̀m 
    59\ 銜 rime is /-am/ in both 55TP and kTang.
    55TP  巉 jrham 巖 *ngam 檻 hǎm 讒 jrham  
    kTang 巉 jrham 巖 *ngam 檻 hǎm 讒 jrhæm 
    60\ 嚴 rime is /-iæm/ in both 55TP and kTang.
    55TP  嚴 ngiæm  脅 xiæp  業 ngiæp   鄴 ngiæp
    kTang 嚴 *ngiæm 脅 xiæp 業 *ngiæp 鄴 ngiæp
    61\ 凡 rime shows open /-iæm/ and close /-iuæm/ syllables in kTang, which are /-iæp/ and /-iuæp/ respectively in 55TP.
    55TP  凡 bhiæm 劍 giuæ̀m     乏 bhiæp 
    kTang 凡 bhiæm 劍 *gi(u)æ̀m 乏 bhiæp 

    Tones:	Ping	Shang	Qu	Ru 	kTang/TPV		RU TONE			Stimson 55TP	RU TONE		
    53\	侵 	寢 	沁	緝	-im	-yim		-ip	-yip		-im		-ip
    54\ 	覃 	感 	勘	合	-om			-op			-om		-op
    55\ 	談 	敢 	闞	盍	-ɑm			-ɑp			-om		-op
    56\ 	鹽 	琰 	豔	葉	-iɛm	-yɛm		-iɛp	-yɛp		-iɛm		-iɛp
    57\ 	添 	忝 	㮇	帖	-em			-ep			-em		-ep
    58\ 	咸 	豏 	陷	洽	-æm			-æp			-am		-ap
    59\ 	銜 	檻 	鑑	狎	-am			-ap			-am		-ap
    60\ 	嚴 	儼 	釅	業	-iæm			-iæp			-iæm		-iæp
    61\ 	凡 	范 	梵	乏	-iæm		-iuæm	-iæp		-iuæp	-iæm		-iæp	-iuæp

    Stimson's Rime Reconstructions

    So collating the above into a single table:

    							Stimson's Rime Reconstructions
    Tones:	Ping	Shang	Qu	Ru 	kTang/TPV			RU TONE				Stimson 55TP	RU TONE		
     1\	東 	董 	送 	屋 	-ung		-iung		-uk		-iuk		-ung	-iung	-uk	-iuk
     2\	冬 	  	宋 	沃	-ong						-ok			-ong		-ok
     3\	鍾 	腫 	用	燭			-iong				-iok			-iong		-iok
     4\	江 	講 	絳 	覺	-ang				-ak				-ang		-ak
     5\	支 	紙 	寘		-iɛ	-yɛ	-iuɛ	-yuɛ					-i	-u
     6\	脂 	旨 	至		-i	-yi	-ui	-yui					-i	-u
     7\	之 	止 	志		-iə								-i
     8\	微 	尾 	未		-iəi		-iuəi						-iəi	-iuəi
     9\	魚 	語 	御		-iu								-iu
    10\	虞 	麌 	遇		-io								-io
    11\	模 	姥 	暮		-o								-o
    12\	齊 	薺 	霽		-ei		-uei						-ei	-uei
    13\ 	  	  	祭				-iuɛ̀i							-iuɛ̀i
    14\ 	  	  	泰		-ɑ̀i		-uɑ̀i						-ɑ̀i	-uɑ̀i
    15\ 	佳 	蟹 	卦 		-ɛi		-uɛi						-ai	-uai
    16\ 	皆 	駭 	怪		-æi		-uæi						-ai	-uai
    17\ 	  	  	夬		-ài								(-ài)
    18\ 	灰 	賄 	隊		-uəi									-uəi
    19\ 	咍 	海 	代		-əi								-əi
    20\ 	  	  	廢		-iæ̀i		(-iuæ̀i)						(-iæ̀i)	(-iuæ̀i)
    21\ 	真 	軫 	震	質 	-in	-yin 	-uin	 -yuin 	-it	-yit 	-uit	 -yuit	-in 	-uin	-it 	-uit
    22\ 	諄 	準 	稕	術 			-uin				-uit			-uin		-uit
    23\ 	臻 	  		櫛 	-in				-it				-in		-it
    24\ 	文 	吻 	問	物 	-iən 		-iuən		-iət		-iuət			-iuən		-iuət
    25\ 	欣 	隱 	焮	迄 	-iən				-iət				-iən 		-iət
    26\ 	元 	阮 	願	月 	-iæn 		-iuæn		-iæt 		-iuæt		-iæn 	-iuæn	-iæt 	-iuæt
    27\ 	魂 	混 	慁	沒 	-ən		-uən		-ət		-uət		(-ən) 	-uən	(-ət) 	-uət
    28\ 	痕 	很 	恨	(麧) 	-ən				-(u)ət				ən		ət
    29\ 	寒 	旱 	翰	曷 	-ɑn 				-ɑt				-ɑn 		-ɑt
    30\ 	桓 	緩 	換	末 	-ɑn 		-uɑn		-ɑt 		-uɑt		(-ɑn) 	-uɑn	(-ɑt) 	-uɑt
    31\ 	刪 	潸 	諫	轄 	-an 		-uan		-an		-uan		-an	-uan	-at	-uat
    32\ 	山 	產 	襉	黠 	-an		-uat		-at 		-uat		-an	-uat	-at 	-uat
    33\ 	先 	銑 	霰	屑 	-en		-uen		-en 		-uet		-en	-uen	-en 	-uet
    34\ 	仙 	獮 	線	薛 	-iɛn	-yɛn	-iuɛn	-yuɛn	-iɛt	-yɛt	-iuɛt	-yuɛt	-iɛn	-iuɛn	-iɛt	-iuɛt
    35\ 	蕭 	篠 	嘯		-eu								-eu
    36\ 	宵 	小 	笑		-iɛu			-yɛu					-iɛu
    37\ 	肴 	巧 	效		-au								-au
    38\ 	豪 	皓 	號		-ɑu								-ɑu
    39\ 	歌 	哿 	箇		-ɑ								-ɑ
    40\ 	戈 	果 	過		-ɑ		-uɑ						-ɑ		-uɑ
    41\ 	麻 	馬 	禡		-a	-ia	-ua						-a	-ia	-ua
    42\ 	陽 	養 	漾	藥	-iɑng			-iuɑng	-iɑk			-iuɑk	-iɑng	-iuɑng	-iɑk	-iuɑk
    43\ 	唐 	蕩 	宕	鐸	-ɑng		-uɑng		-ɑk		-uɑk		-ɑng	-uɑng	-ɑk	-uɑk
    44\ 	庚 	梗 	映	陌 	-æng	-iæng	-uæng	-iuæng	-æk	-iæk	-uæk	-iuæk	-iæng	-iuæng	-iæk	-iuæk
    45\ 	耕 	耿 	諍	麥	-ɛng		-uɛng		-ɛk		-uɛk		-æng	-uæng	-æk	-uæk
    46\ 	清 	靜 	勁	昔		-iɛng		-iuɛng		-iɛk		-iuɛk	-iæng	-iuæng	-iæk	-iuæk
    47\ 	青 	迥 	徑	錫	-eng		-ueng		-ek		-uek		-eng	-ueng	-ek	-uek
    48\ 	蒸 	拯 	證	職		-iəng		***		-iək		-iuək	-iəng	***	-iək	-iuək
    49\ 	登 	等 	嶝	德	-əng		-uəng		-ək		-uək		-əng	-uəng	-ək	-uək
    Group F
    50\ 	尤 	有 	宥				-iou							-iou
    51\ 	侯 	厚 	候		-ou								-ou	
    52\ 	幽 	黝 	幼				-iəu							-iou
    Group G
    53\	侵 	寢 	沁	緝	-im	-yim			-ip	-yip			-im		-ip
    54\ 	覃 	感 	勘	合	-om				-op				-om		-op
    55\ 	談 	敢 	闞	盍	-ɑm				-ɑp				-om		-op
    56\ 	鹽 	琰 	豔	葉	-iɛm	-yɛm			-iɛp	-yɛm			-iɛm		-iɛp
    57\ 	添 	忝 	㮇	帖	-em				-ep				-em		-ep
    58\ 	咸 	豏 	陷	洽	-æm				-æp				-am		-ap
    59\ 	銜 	檻 	鑑	狎	-am				-ap				-am		-ap
    60\ 	嚴 	儼 	釅	業	-iæm				-iæp				-iæm		-iæp
    61\ 	凡 	范 	梵	乏	-iæm			-iuæm	-iæp			-iuæp	-iæm		-iæp	-iuæp


    -i- and -y- syllables in the same line indicates the presence of Chongniu syllables in this rime. Even though two fanqie spellings are equivalent they have been placed into different deng entries in rime tables. To separate them, -i- and -y- are contrasting notation used. You will notice that in TVP or kTang they are distinct entities where chongniu spellings with -i- and -y- are open syllables and -iu- and -yu- showing closed syllables , but in 55TP the contrast is not shown and only open -i- and closed syllables -u- are distinguished. That is, -i- and -y- are merged in 55TP.

    *** is marked thus in 48\ because -iuəng syllable is found only as Ru tone characters with syllable -iuək.


    There seems to be some differencies between his reconstruction presented in Hugh M. Stimson, 55TP , and that found in the unicode kTang listings which derive from TPV. For example, the two characters 音 and 陰 have the same fanqie spelling 於金切, however, in kTang, these are rendered as 音 /*qyim/ and 陰 /*qim/, whilst they are both /qim/ in 55TP.

    If we look at the 支 rime, it embodies four sub-rimes -iɛ, -yɛ, -iuɛ, -yuɛ. In tradtional Chinese philology, an Open Mouth 開口 kaikou distinction is in contrast with a Close Mouth 合口 hekou, the latter being a syllable which has a mouth rounding medial. -i- and -y- indicate rimes which have Third and Fourth Deng (三等, 四等) distinctions in kTang, but otherwise simplified and ignored in 55TP.

    I do not have access to T'ang Poetic Vocabulary, which is the source of the kTang reconstruction, however, a note in Unicode Report tr38 says the following (highlighting is mine ):

    The Tang dynasty pronunciation(s) of this character, derived from or consistent with _T’ang Poetic Vocabulary_ by Hugh M. Stimson, Far Eastern Publications, Yale Univ. 1976. An asterisk indicates that the word or morpheme represented in toto or in part by the given character with the given reading occurs more than four times in the seven hundred poems covered.

    This can be seen in the character 具 which has the fanqie 其遇切 and appears only once in the entire Guangyun listing, but kTang gives two entries *ghiò ghiò which are identical, except one has an asterisk. I have left the asterisk preserved, and not corrected any errors found in the kTang listing below, such as the initials of 淙 czhong /czh-/ and 妾 tsziɛp /tsz-/ which do not appear in Stimson's list of initials, but sites using the kTang data preserves it (e.g., fileformat, unihan database, and obvious errors like 穿 *chiuɛn tjæng tjæ̀ng where the last two syllables are impossible, given the fanqie associated with this character (P仙 S獮 Q線 R薛) 仙 rime 昌縁切 and 線 rime 尺絹切.

    Curiously, also, there are characters in 55TP which do not appear in kTang. It is likely the 700 poems that was the source of the TPV volume did not contain some of the poems in 55TP. Or, given the the above tjæng tjæ̀ng readings for 穿, that there may be characters that are missing from the kTang list due to an error in transfering the original data by the data inputter to being recieved by, and that the other minor transcriptional errors too, have not been checked independently.

    Sometimes a character may have variant forms, eg. 癩 U+F90E and 癩 U+7669 differs only in the stroke form 勹 刀. The character reading in kTang can only be found in one of these.

    Therefore, some caution should be advised when using the kTang data. It is best to go back to the source, and check the tone class, and fanqie spelling of the character in question, as errors in input can affect the validity of the reconstructed syllable

    kTang Unicode data set

    I've enlarged the font to make it easier to see the character and the diacritic tone marks.

    U+963F 阿 qɑ U+54C0 哀 *qəi U+57C3 埃 *qəi U+6B38 欸 qə̌i U+85F9 藹 qɑ̀i U+9744 靄 qɑ̀i U+9698 隘 qɛ̀i U+611B 愛 *qə̀i U+7919 礙 ngə̀i U+8AF3 諳 qom U+5A95 媕 qom U+5B89 安 *qɑn U+978D 鞍 *qɑn U+9EEF 黯 *qæ̌m U+95C7 闇 qòm U+5CB8 岸 *ngɑ̀n U+6309 按 qɑ̀n U+6697 暗 *qòm U+6848 案 qɑ̀n U+6602 昂 *ngɑng U+76CE 盎 qɑ̀ng qɑ̌ng U+6556 敖 ngɑu U+37FC 㟼 ngɑu U+55F7 嗷 ngɑu U+7FFA 翺 ngɑu U+9F07 鼇 ngɑu U+5773 坳 qau U+9A41 驁 ngɑu ngɑ̀u U+50B2 傲 ngɑù U+5961 奡 ngɑ̀u U+6160 慠 ngɑ̀u U+61CA 懊 qɑ̀u U+5967 奧 qɑ̀u U+82AD 芭 ba U+516B 八 *bat bat U+5DF4 巴 *ba U+62D4 拔 *bhat U+8DCB 跋 bhɑt U+628A 把 *bǎ U+9776 靶 bà U+7F77 罷 bhyɛ *bhɛ̌i U+705E 灞 bà U+767D 白 *bhæk U+67CF 柏 *bæk U+767E 百 *bæk U+64FA 擺 bɛ̌i U+62DC 拜 *bæ̀i U+6557 敗 bhài U+6591 斑 ban U+73ED 班 ban U+5742 坂 biæ̌n U+677F 板 bǎn U+7248 版 bǎn U+4F34 伴 *bhɑ̌n bhɑ̌n U+534A 半 bɑ̀n U+7D46 絆 bɑ̀n U+8FA6 辦 *bhyɛ̌n U+90A6 邦 bang U+699C 榜 bæ̀ng bɑ̀ng U+7253 牓 bɑ̌ng U+508D 傍 *bhɑn bhɑn U+8B17 謗 bɑ̀ng U+82DE 苞 bau U+5305 包 bau U+8912 褒 bɑu U+4FDD 保 bɑǔ U+5BF6 寶 *bɑ̌u U+98FD 飽 bǎu U+9B91 鮑 bhǎu U+66B4 暴 bhɑ̀u U+5831 報 *bɑ̀u U+62B1 抱 *bhɑ̌u U+83E2 菢 bhɑ̀u U+8C79 豹 bàu U+5EB3 庳 bhiɛ̌ U+9642 陂 byɛ pɑ U+5351 卑 biɛ U+60B2 悲 *byi U+676F 杯 *bəi U+76C3 盃 *bəi U+7891 碑 *byɛ U+5317 北 *bək U+80CC 背 *bə̀i U+5B5B 孛 bət bə̀i U+88AB 被 *bhyɛ̌ U+500D 倍 bhəǐ U+5099 備 *bhyì U+72FD 狽 bɑ̀i U+7CD2 糒 bhyì U+8C9D 貝 *bɑ̀i U+8F29 輩 *bə̀i U+5954 奔 *bən U+672C 本 *bə̌n U+5D29 崩 *bəng U+8FF8 迸 bɛ̀ng U+903C 逼 biək U+9F3B 鼻 bhì U+6BD4 比 *bǐ bhi bì U+868D 蚍 bhi U+4FFE 俾 byɛ̌ U+5F7C 彼 *byɛ̌ U+7B46 筆 *byit U+9119 鄙 byǐ U+7B84 箄 biɛ U+81C2 臂 biɛ̀ U+859C 薜 bhèi U+853D 蔽 biɛ̀i U+88E8 裨 bhiɛ U+58C1 壁 bek U+5970 奰 bhyì U+5A62 婢 bhiɛ̌ U+5E87 庇 bì U+5F0A 弊 bhiɛ̀i U+5FC5 必 *bit U+655D 敝 bhiɛ̀i U+6583 斃 bhiɛ̀i U+74A7 璧 biɛk U+7562 畢 *bit U+78A7 碧 *biɛk U+7B86 箆 bei U+84FD 蓽 bit U+89F1 觱 bit hiuət U+907F 避 *bhiɛ̀ U+9589 閉 *bèi U+959F 閟 byì U+965B 陛 bhěi U+7DE8 編 ben U+8759 蝙 ben U+908A 邊 *ben U+97AD 鞭 *biɛn U+6241 扁 *piɛn U+890A 褊 biɛ̌n U+8CB6 貶 byɛ̌m U+8FAF 辯 *bhyɛ̌n U+4FBF 便 *bhiɛ̀n bhiɛn U+38D0 㣐 bhæng U+5FA7 徧 *biɛ̀n U+6C74 汴 bhyɛ̀n U+8B8A 變 byɛ̀n U+904D 遍 *biɛ̀n U+6A19 標 *biɛu U+98C6 飆 biɛu U+8868 表 *biɛ̌i U+9F08 鼈 biɛt U+5225 別 *bhyɛt U+8E69 蹩 bhet U+8CD3 賓 *bin U+6FF1 濱 *bin U+90A0 邠 bin U+9B22 鬢 *bìn U+51B0 冰 *biəng biəng U+5175 兵 *biæng biæng U+67C4 柄 biæ̀ng U+7A1F 稟 byǐm U+70B3 炳 biæ̌ng U+79C9 秉 biæ̌ng U+4E26 並 bhěng U+5E77 幷 *biɛng U+5002 倂 *biɛ̌ng biɛ̌ng U+75C5 病 *bhiæ̀ng U+525D 剝 pak U+6CE2 波 *bɑ U+64A5 撥 *bɑt U+4F2F 伯 bæk U+8584 薄 *bhɑk U+6CCA 泊 *bhɑk U+8E23 踣 bhək U+3D3E 㴾 bhət U+52C3 勃 bhət U+535A 博 *bɑk bɑk U+5E1B 帛 bhæk U+640F 搏 bɑk pɑk U+7B94 箔 bhɑk U+6661 晡 bo U+535C 卜 *buk U+54FA 哺 bhò U+6355 捕 bhò U+88DC 補 *bǒ U+4E0D 不 *biət biət U+90E8 部 bhǒ U+5E03 布 *bò U+6B65 步 *bhò U+731C 猜 tsəi U+624D 才 *dzhəi U+6750 材 *dzhəi U+7E94 纔 *dzhəi U+88C1 裁 *dzhəi U+8CA1 財 dzhəi U+91C7 采 *tsə̌i U+5F69 彩 *tsə̌i U+63A1 採 *tsə̌i U+7DB5 綵 *tsə̌i U+8521 蔡 *tsɑ̀i U+83DC 菜 tsèi U+53C2 参 *chrim shrim tsom U+98E1 飡 *tsɑn U+9910 餐 *tsɑn U+9A42 驂 tsom U+3E91 㺑 sɑu U+615A 慚 dzhɑm U+6B98 殘 *dzhɑn U+8836 蠶 *dzhom U+6158 慘 *tsǒm U+7CB2 粲 tsɑ̀n U+84BC 蒼 *tsɑng U+9DAC 鶬 tsɑng U+5009 倉 *tsɑng tsɑng U+6EC4 滄 *tsɑng U+85CF 藏 *dzhɑng dzhɑng U+64CD 操 tsɑu tsɑ̀u U+6F15 漕 dzhɑ̀u U+5608 嘈 dzhɑu U+66F9 曹 *dzhɑu U+8349 草 *tsɑ̌u U+5EC1 廁 chriə̀ U+60FB 惻 *chriək U+6E2C 測 chriək U+7B56 策 *chrɛk U+5074 側 *jriək jriək U+5C91 岑 jrhim U+5C64 層 *dzhəng U+66FE 曾 *dzhəng *tzəng U+8E6D 蹭 tsə̀ng U+6748 杈 chrɛ̀i U+63D2 插 *chræp U+69CE 槎 jrha U+579E 垞 *djhæk U+8336 茶 djha U+5DEE 差 *chriɛ U+62C6 拆 *tjæk U+91F5 釵 *chrɛi U+5115 儕 jrhæi U+8C7A 豺 jrhæi U+67F4 柴 *jrhɛi U+8806 蠆 tjài U+5B71 孱 jrhiɛn U+79AA 禪 *zhiɛn zhiɛ̀n U+87EC 蟬 *zhiɛn U+5B0B 嬋 zhiɛn U+5DC9 巉 jrham U+6B03 欃 chram U+6F7A 潺 jrhɛn U+700D 瀍 djhiɛn U+7E8F 纏 *dhjiɛn U+87FE 蟾 zhiɛm U+8B92 讒 jrhæm U+9471 鑱 jhram U+995E 饞 jrhæm U+92CB 鋋 iɛn U+8E94 躔 djhiɛn U+71C0 燀 chiɛ̌n jiɛ̌n U+7522 產 shrɛ̌n U+93DF 鏟 chrɛ̌n U+95B6 閶 *chiɑng U+660C 昌 chiɑng U+5834 場 *djhiɑng U+88F3 裳 *zhiɑng U+5617 嘗 *zhiɑng U+5AE6 嫦 *həng U+5E38 常 *zhiɑng U+8178 腸 *djhiɑng U+9577 長 *djhiɑng djhiɑ̀ng djhiɑ̌ng U+655E 敞 chiɑ̌ng U+5021 倡 *chiɑ̀ng chiɑ̀ng U+5531 唱 *chiɑ̀ng U+60B5 悵 *tjiɑ̀ng U+66A2 暢 tjiɑ̀ng U+8D85 超 tjiɛu U+5DE2 巢 *jrhau U+6F6E 潮 *djhiɛu U+5632 嘲 djau U+8ECA 車 *giu chia U+577C 坼 *tjæk U+5FB9 徹 djhiɛt tjiɛt U+63A3 掣 chiɛt U+8F4D 轍 djhiɛt U+778B 瞋 chin U+6C88 沈 *djhim shǐm U+5875 塵 *djhin U+5BB8 宸 zhin U+6668 晨 *jhin zhin U+6C89 沉 *djhim U+81E3 臣 *zhin U+8FB0 辰 zhin U+9673 陳 *djhin U+8B96 讖 chrìm U+896F 襯 tsìn U+8D81 趁 tjìn U+7A31 稱 *chiəng chiə̀ng U+6490 撐 *tjæ̌ng U+6A59 橙 djhɛng U+6F84 澄 *djhiəng djhiæng U+4E57 乗 jhiəng U+4E58 乘 jhiəng jhiə̀ng U+4E1E 丞 *zhiəng zhiəng U+57CE 城 *zhiɛng U+61F2 懲 djhiəng U+6210 成 *zhiɛng U+7A0B 程 djhiɛng U+8AA0 誠 *zhiɛng U+627F 承 *zhiəng U+9A01 騁 tjiɛ̌ng U+9AB4 骴 dzhiɛ dzhiɛ̀ U+645B 摛 tjiɛ U+9ED0 黐 liɛ tjiɛ U+55E4 嗤 chiə U+7661 癡 tjiə U+7B1E 笞 djhiɛ U+7D7A 絺 djhi U+86A9 蚩 chiə U+87AD 螭 tjiɛ U+9B51 魑 tjiɛ U+9D1F 鴟 chi U+5319 匙 zhiɛ U+6C60 池 *cjhiɛ U+5880 墀 *djhi U+6301 持 *djhiə U+7BEA 篪 djhiɛ U+99B3 馳 *djhiɛ U+9072 遲 *djhi U+5C3A 尺 *chiɛk U+544E 呎 *jiɛ̌ U+6065 恥 *tjiə̌ U+9F52 齒 *chiə̌ U+52C5 勅 tjiək U+53F1 叱 chit U+6555 敕 tjiək U+65A5 斥 chiɛk U+7FC5 翅 *shiə̌ U+8D64 赤 *chiɛk U+9D92 鶒 tjiək U+885D 衝 chiong U+8202 舂 shiong U+5145 充 chiung U+5D07 崇 jhriung U+87F2 蟲 *djhiung U+5BF5 寵 *tjiǒng U+62BD 抽 *tjiou U+88EF 裯 djhiou U+7DA2 綢 djhiou U+7C4C 籌 djhiou U+7A20 稠 djhiou U+5114 儔 djhiou U+60C6 惆 *tjiou U+6101 愁 *jrhiou U+8B90 讐 zhiou U+8E8A 躊 djhiou U+916C 酬 *zhiou zhiou U+919C 醜 chiǒu U+81ED 臭 chiòu U+6A17 樗 chio U+51FA 出 *chuit U+521D 初 *chriu U+8C99 貙 tjio U+8E87 躇 djhiu U+96DB 雛 jrhio U+92E4 鋤 jrhiu U+870D 蜍 zhiu U+5EDA 廚 djhio U+9664 除 *djhiu djhiu U+5132 儲 djhiu U+6775 杵 chiǔ U+695A 楚 *chriǔ U+8655 處 *chiù *chiǔ U+4FF6 俶 chiuk U+6035 怵 tjuit U+89F8 觸 chiok U+9EDC 黜 tjuit U+5DDD 川 *chiuɛn U+7A7F 穿 *chiuɛn tjæng tjæ̀ng U+693D 椽 djhiuɛn U+8239 船 *jhiuɛn U+50B3 傳 djhiuɛ̀n U+5598 喘 chiuɛ̌n U+821B 舛 shuìn U+91E7 釧 chiuɛ̀n U+7255 牕 *chrang U+7A97 窗 *chrang U+6450 摐 chrang dzhiong U+7621 瘡 chriɑng U+6A66 橦 dhung djhang jiong U+5E8A 床 *jrhiɑng U+7240 牀 *jrhiɑng U+5275 創 chriɑ̀ng U+6134 愴 *chriɑ̀ng U+5439 吹 *chiuɛ chiuɛ̀ U+708A 炊 *chiuɛ U+5015 倕 zhiuɛ U+5782 垂 *zhiuɛ U+6376 捶 jiuɛ̌ U+6425 搥 duəi U+9672 陲 *zhiuɛ U+6625 春 *chuin U+9D89 鶉 zhuin U+5507 唇 jhuin U+8123 脣 jhuin U+6DF3 淳 zhuin U+8822 蠢 chuǐn U+7DBD 綽 chiɑk U+555C 啜 chiuɛt U+8F1F 輟 djiuɛt U+858B 薋 dzhi U+75B5 疵 dzhiɛ U+96CC 雌 tsiɛ U+85BA 薺 dzhi U+7960 祠 *ziə U+6148 慈 *dzhiə U+8328 茨 dzhi U+8A5E 詞 *ziə U+8FAD 辭 *ziə U+6B64 此 *tsiɛ̌ U+523A 刺 lɑt tsiɛk tsiɛ̀ U+8CDC 賜 *siɛ̀ U+6B21 次 tsì U+8471 葱 tsung U+5306 匆 tsung U+6031 怱 tsung U+8070 聰 tsung U+9A44 驄 *tsung U+7DEB 緫 *tzǔng U+6DD9 淙 czhong jrhang U+53E2 叢 *dzhung U+5F9E 從 *dzhiong tsiong U+6E4A 湊 tsòu U+7C97 粗 dzhǒ tso U+9E84 麄 tso U+9EA4 麤 tso U+5F82 徂 dzho U+7C07 簇 tsuk U+4FC3 促 *tsiok tsiok U+8E59 蹙 tziuk U+8E74 蹴 *tziuk tsiuk U+7AC4 竄 *tsuɑ̀n U+6467 摧 *dzhuəi U+50AC 催 *tsuəi tsuəi U+5D14 崔 tsuəi U+7CB9 粹 suì U+60B4 悴 dzhuì U+7FE0 翠 *tsuì U+8106 脆 tsiuɛ̀i U+9847 顇 dzhuì U+6751 村 *tsuən U+76B4 皴 tsuin U+5B58 存 *dzuən U+5BF8 寸 *tsuə̀n U+8E49 蹉 *tsɑ U+78CB 磋 tsɑ U+5D6F 嵯 *dzhɑ U+932F 錯 tsò tsɑk U+7B54 答 *dop U+9054 達 *dhɑt U+59B2 妲 dɑt U+601B 怛 dɑt U+6253 打 děng U+5927 大 *dhɑ̀i U+5F85 待 *dhə̌i U+902E 逮 dhèi dhə̀i U+4EE3 代 *dhəì dhəì U+5CB1 岱 dhə̀i U+5E36 帶 *dɑ̀i U+6234 戴 də̀i U+73B3 玳 dhə̀i U+9EDB 黛 *dhə̀i U+9ED5 黕 tǒm U+9132 鄲 dɑn U+55AE 單 *zhiɛn dɑn U+4E39 丹 *dɑn dɑn U+7C1E 簞 dɑn U+803D 耽 dom U+81BD 膽 dɑ̌m U+6FB9 澹 *dhɑ̀m *dhɑ̌m U+5F48 彈 *dhɑn dhɑ̀n U+6DE1 淡 *dhɑ̀m *dhɑ̌m U+8215 舕 tɑ̀m U+4F46 但 dhɑ̀n U+5556 啖 dhɑ̌m U+5649 噉 dhɑ̌m U+65E6 旦 dɑ̀n U+840F 萏 dhǒm U+8A95 誕 dhɑ̌n U+943A 鐺 chræng U+7576 當 *dɑng dɑ̀ng U+74AB 璫 dɑng U+9EE8 黨 dɑ̌ng U+8569 蕩 *dhɑ̌ng dhɑng tɑng U+76EA 盪 dhɑ̌ng U+5200 刀 *dɑu U+8220 舠 *dɑu U+5012 倒 dɑù dɑ̀u U+5C0E 導 dhɑ̀u U+8E48 蹈 dhɑ̀u U+5CF6 島 *dɑ̌u U+64E3 擣 *dɑ̌u U+79B1 禱 dɑ̀u dɑ̌u U+9053 道 *dhɑ̀u *dhɑ̌u U+7E9B 纛 dhok dhɑ̀u U+71FE 燾 dhɑ̀u U+5230 到 *dɑ̀u U+60BC 悼 dhɑ̀u U+76DC 盜 *dhɑ̀u U+7A3B 稻 dhɑ̀u U+5F97 得 *dək U+5FB7 德 dək U+7684 的 dek U+767B 登 *dəng U+71C8 燈 *dəng U+7B49 等 *də̌ng U+78F4 磴 də̀ng U+8E6C 蹬 dhə̀ng U+9419 鐙 *dəng U+9127 鄧 dhə̀ng U+9684 隄 *dei dhei U+4F4E 低 *dei dei U+6EF4 滴 *dek U+97AE 鞮 dei U+89BF 覿 dhek U+6575 敵 *dhek U+6ECC 滌 dhek U+7B1B 笛 *dhek U+7CF4 糴 dhek U+837B 荻 dhek U+5E95 底 *děi U+62B5 抵 děi U+905E 遞 *dhěi dhèi U+5730 地 *dhì U+6755 杕 dhèi U+7747 睇 dhèi U+5F1F 弟 *dhěi U+5E1D 帝 *dèi U+7B2C 第 *dhèi U+8515 蔕 dèi U+43D1 䏑 jiɛk U+985B 顛 den U+5DD4 巔 *den U+5178 典 *děn děn U+9EDE 點 *děm U+923F 鈿 *dhen dhèn U+5960 奠 dhèn U+5E97 店 dèm U+6BBF 殿 *dhèn U+7C1F 簟 *dhěm U+96FB 電 *dhèn U+51CB 凋 *deu deu U+5201 刁 deu U+5F6B 彫 *deu U+8C82 貂 *deu U+96D5 雕 *deu U+9D70 鵰 *deu U+8ABF 調 *dhèu dheu U+5F14 弔 *dèu U+6389 掉 dhèu U+91E3 釣 *dèu U+8DCC 跌 dhet U+5D7D 嵽 dhet U+8776 蝶 *tep dhep U+8DD5 跕 tep U+581E 堞 dhep U+758A 疊 *dhep U+8FED 迭 dhet U+800B 耋 dhet U+4E01 丁 *deng deng U+914A 酊 děng U+9802 頂 *děng U+9F0E 鼎 *děng U+5B9A 定 *dhèng U+51AC 冬 *dong dong U+6771 東 *dung U+8463 董 dǔng U+6D1E 洞 *dhùng dhung U+51CD 凍 *dùng dùng U+52D5 動 *dhǔng U+68DF 棟 dùng U+6597 斗 *dǒu U+7AC7 竇 dhòu U+8C46 豆 dhòu U+9B2D 鬭 dòu U+9017 逗 dhòu U+90FD 都 *do U+6BD2 毒 dhok U+8B80 讀 *dhuk U+7368 獨 *dhuk U+9EF7 黷 dhuk U+5835 堵 dǒ U+89A9 覩 dǒ U+8CED 賭 dǒ U+5EA6 度 *dhò dhɑk U+410D 䄍 jrhà U+5992 妒 dò U+59AC 妬 dò U+675C 杜 *dhǒ U+6E21 渡 *dhò U+7AEF 端 *duɑn U+77ED 短 *duɑ̌n U+65B7 斷 *dhuɑ̌n U+5806 堆 *duəi U+78D3 磓 duəi U+7893 碓 duə̀i U+5C0D 對 *duə̀i U+6566 敦 duəi U+8E72 蹲 dzhuən U+9813 頓 duə̀n U+920D 鈍 dhuə̀n U+9041 遁 dhuə̀n dhuə̌n U+5484 咄 duɑt duət U+591A 多 *dɑ U+6387 掇 duɑt U+596A 奪 *dhuɑt dhuɑt U+3650 㙐 njiuɛn U+6735 朵 duɑ̌ U+58AE 墮 dhuɑ̌ U+5A3F 娿 qɑ U+54E6 哦 ngɑ U+4FC4 俄 ngɑ U+5A25 娥 *ngɑ U+5CE8 峨 *ngɑ U+8A1B 訛 nguɑ U+984D 額 ngæk U+9D5D 鵝 ngɑ U+86FE 蛾 *ngɑ U+3529 㔩 qop U+5D3F 崿 ngɑk U+843C 萼 ngɑk U+9102 鄂 ngɑk U+9354 鍔 ngɑk U+9913 餓 ngɑ̀ U+9D9A 鶚 ngɑk U+60E1 惡 *qɑk qò U+6069 恩 *qən U+5152 兒 *njiɛ njiɛ U+800C 而 *njiə U+8033 耳 *njiə̌ U+723E 爾 *njiɛ̌ njiɛ̌ U+990C 餌 njiə̀ U+4E8C 二 *njì njì U+767C 發 *biæt U+4E4F 乏 bhiæp U+4F10 伐 *bhiæt bhiæt U+7F70 罰 *bhɛ̌i bhiæt U+6CD5 法 *biæp U+9AEE 髮 *biæt U+5E06 帆 *bhiæm U+5E61 幡 piæn U+65DB 旛 piæn U+7FFB 翻 *piæn U+98DC 飜 *piæn U+8543 蕃 biæn U+85E9 藩 bhiæn U+7E41 繁 *bhiæn U+51E1 凡 bhiæm U+7169 煩 *bhiæn U+53CD 反 *biæ̌n U+8FD4 返 *biæ̌n U+6CDB 泛 *piæ̀m U+6C4E 汎 *piæ̀m U+68B5 梵 bhiæ̀m U+72AF 犯 bhiæ̌m U+8303 范 bhiæ̌m U+98EF 飯 bhiæ̀n bhiæ̌n U+574A 坊 biɑng U+65B9 方 *biɑng U+82B3 芳 *piɑng U+59A8 妨 piɑng piɑ̀ng U+623F 房 *bhiɑng U+9632 防 *bhiɑng U+822B 舫 biɑ̀ng U+8A2A 訪 *piɑ̀ng U+9AE3 髣 piɑ̌ng U+653E 放 *biɑ̀ng U+83F2 菲 piəi piə̌i U+975E 非 *biəi U+5983 妃 *piəi U+6249 扉 *biəi U+7DCB 緋 biəi U+970F 霏 piəi U+98DB 飛 *biəi U+9A11 騑 biəi U+80A5 肥 *bhiəi U+8153 腓 bhiəi U+532A 匪 piə̌i U+7BDA 篚 biəi U+7FE1 翡 *bhiə̀i U+8CBB 費 piə̀i U+6CB8 沸 piə̀i U+80BA 肺 piæ̀i U+5420 吠 bhiæ̀i U+5EE2 廢 *biæ̀i U+72D2 狒 bhiə̀i U+82AC 芬 piən U+5206 分 *biən bhiə̀n U+6C1B 氛 piən U+7D1B 紛 *piən U+711A 焚 bhiən U+6C7E 汾 bhiən U+58B3 墳 *bhiən U+7C89 粉 *biə̌n U+596E 奮 biə̀n U+5FFF 忿 piə̀n piə̌n U+61A4 憤 bhiə̌n U+7CDE 糞 biə̀n U+98A8 風 *biung U+8451 葑 biong U+5C01 封 biong U+5CF0 峰 *piong U+6953 楓 *biung U+7043 灃 piung U+70FD 烽 *piong U+8702 蜂 biong U+8C50 豐 *piung U+92D2 鋒 piong U+7E2B 縫 bhiong U+9022 逢 *bhiong U+99AE 馮 bhiung U+8AF7 諷 biùng U+4FF8 俸 *bhiòng U+5949 奉 *bhiǒng U+9CF3 鳳 *bhiùng U+4F5B 佛 bhiət U+5426 否 biǒu U+592B 夫 *bio bhio U+6577 敷 pio U+819A 膚 *bio U+911C 鄜 pio U+62C2 拂 *piət U+9AF4 髴 piət U+7F58 罘 bhiou U+670D 服 *bhiuk U+798F 福 biuk U+6276 扶 *bhio U+82FB 苻 bhio U+4F0F 伏 *bhiuk bhiuk U+5E45 幅 biuk U+6D6E 浮 *bhiou U+7B26 符 bhio U+7E1B 縛 *bhiɑk U+8299 芙 *bhio U+8709 蜉 bhiou U+8760 蝠 biuk U+9CE7 鳧 bhio U+64AB 撫 *piǒ U+4FDB 俛 *biǒ biǒ myɛ̌n U+812F 脯 biǒ U+752B 甫 biǒ U+4FEF 俯 *biǒ U+5E9C 府 *biǒ U+65A7 斧 biǒ U+8150 腐 *bhiǒ U+8F14 輔 *bhiǒ U+91DC 釜 bhiǒ U+5FA9 復 *bhiuk bhiòu U+5085 傅 biò U+7236 父 *bhiǒ U+9644 附 *bhiò U+4ED8 付 biò U+5A66 婦 *bhiǒu U+5BCC 富 *biòu U+8179 腹 *biuk U+876E 蝮 piuk U+8907 複 *bhiòu U+8986 覆 *piòu bhiuk U+8CA0 負 *bhiou U+8CE6 賦 *biò biò U+8D74 赴 *pio U+961C 阜 bhiǒu U+5793 垓 gəi U+6539 改 *gə̌i U+84CB 蓋 *gɑ̀i U+69E9 槩 gə̀i U+69EA 槪 gə̀i U+6746 杆 *gɑn U+7AFF 竿 *gɑn U+5E72 干 *gɑn gɑn U+4E7E 乾 *ghyɛn ghyɛn gɑn U+7518 甘 *gɑm U+809D 肝 *gɑn U+611F 感 *gǒm U+6562 敢 *gɑ̌m U+69A6 榦 gɑ̀n U+5E79 幹 gɑ̀n U+65F0 旰 gɑ̀n U+525B 剛 gɑng U+5CA1 岡 gɑng U+7DB1 綱 gɑng U+818F 膏 gɑu gɑ̀u U+9AD8 高 *gɑu U+768B 皋 gɑu U+69C1 槁 gɑ̌u U+6772 杲 gɑ̌u U+7E1E 縞 gɑ̀u gɑ̌u U+85C1 藁 gɑ̌u U+544A 告 *gɑ̀u U+8AA5 誥 *gɑ̀u U+90DC 郜 gɑ̀u U+5272 割 *gɑt U+54E5 哥 gɑ U+6208 戈 *guɑ U+6B4C 歌 *gɑ U+683C 格 gæk U+845B 葛 gɑt U+9694 隔 *gɛk U+8F35 輵 gɑt U+95A3 閣 *gɑk U+9ABC 骼 gæk U+8238 舸 gɑ̌ U+7B87 箇 gɑ̀ U+5404 各 *gɑk U+7D66 給 gyip U+6839 根 *gən U+7DEA 緪 gə̀ng U+7A09 稉 gæng U+7FB9 羹 gæng U+5E9A 庚 gæng U+8015 耕 *gɛng U+6897 梗 gæ̌ng U+803F 耿 *gɛ̌ng U+9BC1 鯁 gæ̌ng U+66F4 更 *gæng gæ̀ng U+4F9B 供 *giong giong U+516C 公 *gung gung U+529F 功 *gung U+5BAE 宮 *giung U+5DE5 工 gung U+5F13 弓 *giung U+606D 恭 giung U+653B 攻 gong gung U+8EAC 躬 giung U+62F1 拱 *giǒng U+5171 共 *ghiòng ghiòng U+8CA2 貢 *gùng U+6E9D 溝 gou U+9264 鉤 gou U+7DF1 緱 gou U+97DD 韝 gou kou U+72D7 狗 gǒu U+7B31 笱 gǒu U+57A2 垢 gǒu U+69CB 構 gòu U+96CA 雊 gòu U+4F30 估 gǒ U+6CBD 沽 *go gò U+86C4 蛄 go U+59D1 姑 *go U+5B64 孤 *go U+7F5B 罛 go U+83F0 菰 go U+8F9C 辜 go U+9164 酤 *go gò hǒ U+9D23 鴣 go U+9DBB 鶻 huət U+9AA8 骨 *guət U+53E4 古 *gǒ U+7F5F 罟 gǒ U+80A1 股 gǒ U+9F14 鼔 *gǒ U+6C69 汩 guət U+8C37 谷 *guk iok U+6545 故 *gò U+688F 梏 gok U+56FA 固 *gò U+9867 顧 *gò U+8052 聒 guɑt U+522E 刮 guæt U+74DC 瓜 *gua U+9A27 騧 gua guɛi U+5BE1 寡 guǎ U+6302 挂 *guɛi U+639B 掛 *guɛ̀i U+4E56 乖 guæi U+602A 怪 *guæ̀i U+839E 莞 guɑn huɑn U+51A0 冠 guɑn guɑ̀n U+68FA 棺 guɑn U+89C0 觀 *guɑn guɑ̀n U+5B98 官 *guɑn U+95DC 關 *guan U+7BA1 管 *guɑ̌n U+9928 館 *guɑ̀n U+704C 灌 guɑ̀n U+4E31 丱 guàn U+6163 慣 guɑ̀n U+8CAB 貫 guɑ̀n U+5149 光 *guɑng guɑng U+5EE3 廣 *guɑ̌ng U+9F9C 龜 giou gyui U+898F 規 giuɛ U+6B78 歸 *giuəi U+572D 圭 *guei U+73EA 珪 guei U+74CC 瓌 guəi U+95A8 閨 *guei U+8ECC 軌 gyuǐ U+9B3C 鬼 *giuə̌i U+6842 桂 *guèi U+8CB4 貴 *giuə̀i U+8DEA 跪 ghyuɛ̌ U+6EFE 滾 guən U+886E 衮 guə̌n U+889E 袞 guə̌n U+90ED 郭 *guɑk U+570B 國 *guək U+8662 虢 guæk U+679C 果 *guɑ̌ U+88F9 裹 guɑ̌ U+904E 過 *guɑ guɑ̀ U+548D 咍 xəi U+5B69 孩 həi U+6D77 海 *xə̌i U+91A2 醢 xə̌i U+5BB3 害 *hɑ̀i U+4EA5 亥 həì U+99ED 駭 hæ̀i U+9163 酣 *hɑm U+6B5B 歛 liɛ̀m liɛ̌m U+61A8 憨 kyɛ̀i U+6DB5 涵 *hom U+90AF 邯 hɑn U+51FD 函 hæm U+542B 含 *hom U+5BD2 寒 *hɑn U+9097 邗 ghiong U+97D3 韓 *hɑn U+6C57 汗 *hɑ̀n hɑn U+6F22 漢 *xɑ̀n U+64BC 撼 hǒm U+701A 瀚 hɑ̀n U+7FF0 翰 hɑ̀n U+83E1 菡 hǒm U+9837 頷 hòm hǒm U+980F 頏 hɑng U+822A 航 hɑng U+84BF 蒿 *hɑu U+58D5 壕 hɑu U+6BEB 毫 hɑu U+6FE0 濠 hɑu U+8C6A 豪 hɑu U+597D 好 *xɑ̀u *xɑ̌u U+93AC 鎬 hɑ̌u U+6D69 浩 *hɑ̌u U+865F 號 *hɑu hɑ̀u U+7693 皓 hɑ̌u U+8017 耗 xɑ̀u U+660A 昊 *hɑ̌u U+9865 顥 *hɑ̌u U+559D 喝 xɑt U+5475 呵 xɑ U+7D07 紇 huət U+95D4 闔 *hɑp U+5408 合 *hop U+6DB8 涸 hɑk U+8377 荷 hɑ hɑ̌ U+4F55 何 *hɑ hɑ U+8910 褐 hɑt U+548C 和 *huɑ huɑ̀ U+76CD 盍 hɑp U+7FEE 翮 hɛk U+52BE 劾 hək U+66F7 曷 hɑt U+6CB3 河 *ha U+79BE 禾 huɑ U+58D1 壑 *xɑk U+8CC0 賀 hɑ̀ U+9DB4 鶴 *hɑk U+8D6B 赫 xæk U+9ED1 黑 *xək U+75D5 痕 *hən U+6068 恨 *hə̀n U+6841 桁 hɑ̀ng U+6A6B 橫 *huæng guɑ̀ng U+59EE 姮 *həng U+6046 恆 *həng U+8861 衡 *hæng U+8A07 訇 xuɛng U+8F5F 轟 xuəng U+7D05 紅 *hung U+9D3B 鴻 *hung U+8679 虹 gàng gùng hung U+5B8F 宏 huɛng U+5F18 弘 huəng U+6D2A 洪 *hung U+6D64 浤 huɛng U+6F92 澒 hǔng U+4FAF 侯 *hou hou U+7334 猴 hou U+7BCC 篌 hou U+543C 吼 xòu xǒu U+9005 逅 hòu U+5019 候 *hòu U+539A 厚 hòu hǒu U+5F8C 後 *hǒu hòu U+60DA 惚 xuət U+4E4E 乎 ho U+5FFD 忽 *xuət U+547C 呼 *xo U+9D60 鵠 hok U+58FA 壺 *ho U+5F27 弧 ho U+659B 斛 huk U+6E56 湖 *ho U+72D0 狐 *ho U+745A 瑚 ho U+80E1 胡 *ho U+8774 蝴 ho U+864E 虎 *xǒ U+7425 琥 xǒ U+4E92 互 hò U+6237 户 *hǒ U+6248 扈 hǒ U+8B77 護 *hò U+9120 鄠 hǒ U+7B0F 笏 xuət U+82B1 花 *xua U+83EF 華 *hua huà U+8B41 譁 xua U+9A4A 驊 hua U+5316 化 *xuɑ̀ U+5283 劃 huɛk U+756B 畫 *huɛ̀i huɛk U+8A71 話 huài U+5F8A 徊 *huəi U+61F7 懷 *huæi U+69D0 槐 hiəi huɛi U+6DEE 淮 *huæi U+58DE 壞 huæ̀i U+61FD 懽 *xuɑn U+6B61 歡 *xuɑn U+9A69 驩 xuɑn U+8B99 讙 xiuæn xuɑn U+9084 還 *huan U+74B0 環 *huan U+5BF0 寰 huan U+6853 桓 huɑn U+9436 鐶 *huan U+9B1F 鬟 huan U+7DE9 緩 huɑ̌n U+559A 喚 huɑ̀n U+5BA6 宦 *huàn U+60A3 患 huàn U+63DB 換 *huɑ̀n U+7165 煥 xuɑ̀n U+8352 荒 *xuɑng U+6F62 潢 huɑng U+6E5F 湟 huɑng U+51F0 凰 *huɑng huɑng U+714C 煌 huɑng U+7BC1 篁 huɑng U+968D 隍 huɑng U+9EC4 黄 *huɑng U+7687 皇 *huɑng U+6033 怳 xiuɑ̌ng U+604D 恍 xuɑ̌ng U+5FBD 徽 xiuəi U+6062 恢 kuəi U+63EE 揮 *xiuəi U+649D 撝 xyuɛ U+6689 暉 *xiuəi U+7070 灰 *xuəi U+7FEC 翬 xiuəi U+8A7C 詼 kuə̀i U+8C57 豗 xuəi U+8F1D 輝 *xiuəi U+96B3 隳 xiuɛ U+9EBE 麾 *xyuɛ U+6D04 洄 *huəi U+56DE 回 *huəi U+5EFB 廻 *huəi U+8FF4 迴 *huəi U+6094 悔 xuə̌i U+6703 會 *huɑ̀i U+5F57 彗 hiuɛ̀i ziuɛ̀i zui U+7BF2 篲 ziuɛ̀i U+532F 匯 huə̌i U+5349 卉 xiuə̀i xiuə̌i U+60E0 惠 *huèi U+6167 慧 huèi U+6666 晦 xuə̀i U+8559 蕙 huei U+87EA 蟪 huek U+660F 昏 *xuən U+5A5A 婚 xuən U+95BD 閽 xuən U+6E3E 渾 huən huə̌n U+9B42 魂 *huən U+6DF7 混 huə̌n U+8C41 豁 xuɑt U+6D3B 活 huɑt U+706B 火 *xuɑ̌ U+85FF 藿 xuɑk U+970D 霍 xuɑk U+6FE9 濩 huɑk U+3E0C 㸌 hok huɑk U+7372 獲 huɛk U+798D 禍 huɑ̌ U+6216 或 *huək U+64CA 擊 *gek U+51E0 几 gyǐ U+79A8 禨 giəi U+808C 肌 gyi U+6FC0 激 *gek U+9951 饑 *giəi U+7A3D 稽 gei kěi U+559E 喞 tziək U+57FA 基 giə U+59EC 姬 giə U+5C50 屐 ghiæk U+6A5F 機 *giəi U+74A3 璣 giəi U+757F 畿 ghiəi U+78EF 磯 giəi U+7A4D 積 *tziɛk U+7F87 羇 *gyɛ U+7F88 羈 *gyɛ U+8B4F 譏 giəi U+8DE1 跡 *tziɛk U+8E8B 躋 tzei U+8FF9 迹 *tziɛk U+96DE 雞 *gei U+97BF 鞿 giəi U+98E2 飢 *gyi giəi U+9DC4 鷄 *gei U+5D47 嵇 hei U+7C4D 籍 dzhiɛk U+537D 卽 *tziək U+53CA 及 *ghyip U+5409 吉 git U+5C8C 岌 ngyip U+6025 急 *gyip U+6222 戢 jrip U+68D8 棘 *giək U+696B 楫 tziɛp U+6975 極 *ghiək U+6A9D 檝 tziɛp U+6C72 汲 *gyip U+75BE 疾 *dzhit U+96C6 集 *dzhip U+9DBA 鶺 tzek U+5E7E 幾 *giə̌i giəi U+87E3 蟣 giə̌i U+5DF1 己 giə̌ U+621F 戟 giæk U+638E 掎 gyiɛ̌ U+6FDF 濟 tzèi U+7D00 紀 giə̌ U+9AFB 髻 gèi U+5180 冀 gyì U+5993 妓 ghyɛ̌ U+5B63 季 gì U+5BC2 寂 *dzhek U+5BC4 寄 *gyɛ̀ U+5FCC 忌 ghiə̀ U+60B8 悸 ghuì U+66A8 暨 gyì U+6D0E 洎 ghyì U+7E7C 繼 *gèi U+82B0 芰 ghyiɛ̀ U+830D 茍 gǒu U+858A 薊 gèi U+89AC 覬 gyì U+8A08 計 *gèi U+8A18 記 giə̀ U+969B 際 *tziɛ̀i U+973D 霽 *tzèi U+9A65 驥 gyì U+65E3 旣 *giə̀i U+7A37 稷 tziək U+796D 祭 *tziɛ̀i U+593E 夾 *gæp U+4F73 佳 *gɛi gɛi U+5BB6 家 *ga U+52A0 加 ga U+5609 嘉 ga U+7B33 笳 *ga U+9D10 鴐 ga U+846D 葭 ga U+8FE6 迦 ga U+88B7 袷 gæp U+621B 戛 gat U+86FA 蛺 gep U+9830 頰 gep U+8CC8 賈 *gǎ U+5047 假 gǎ U+7532 甲 *gap U+99D5 駕 *gà U+50F9 價 gà U+5AC1 嫁 *gà U+714E 煎 tziɛn U+9593 間 *gɛn U+76E3 監 gam gàm U+517C 兼 *gem gem U+5805 堅 *gen U+59E6 姦 gan U+6BB2 殲 tziɛm U+724B 牋 tzen U+7B8B 箋 tzen U+7DD8 緘 gæm U+8271 艱 *gɛn U+84B9 蒹 gem U+97C0 韀 tzen U+80A9 肩 gen U+8E47 蹇 kiæ̌n U+5109 儉 ghyɛ̌m U+526A 剪 *tziɛ̌n U+63C0 揀 gɛ̌n U+6AA2 檢 gyɛ̌m U+6E1B 減 gæ̌m U+7C21 簡 gɛ̌n U+7E6D 繭 gěn U+7FE6 翦 *tziɛ̌n U+6F38 漸 *dzhiɛ̌m U+6FFA 濺 tziɛ̀n U+6ABB 檻 hǎm U+5065 健 *ghiæ̀n U+528D 劍 *gi(u)æ̀m U+5292 劒 *gi(u)æ̀m U+5EFA 建 *giæ̀n U+6F97 澗 *gɑ̀n U+78F5 磵 *gàn U+7BAD 箭 *tziɛ̀n U+85A6 薦 *tzèn U+8AEB 諫 gàn U+8CE4 賤 *dzhiɛ̀n U+8E10 踐 dzhiɛ̌n U+991E 餞 dzhiɛ̀n dzhiɛ̌n U+898B 見 *gèn U+5C07 將 *tziɑng *tziɑ̀ng U+6F3F 漿 *tziɑng U+7586 疆 giɑng U+50F5 僵 giɑng U+6C5F 江 *gang U+87BF 螿 tziɑng U+97C1 韁 giɑng U+69F3 槳 tziɑ̌ng U+8B1B 講 gǎng U+5320 匠 dzhiɑ̀ng U+7D73 絳 gàng U+91AC 醬 tziɑ̀ng U+964D 降 gàng hang U+6F86 澆 keu U+81A0 膠 gau U+8549 蕉 tziɛu U+7126 焦 tziɛu U+4EA4 交 *gau gau U+5B0C 嬌 *gyɛu U+6912 椒 tziɛu U+86DF 蛟 *gau U+90CA 郊 *gau U+9D41 鵁 gau U+9A55 驕 *gyɛu U+56BC 嚼 dzhiɑk U+77EF 矯 gyɛ̌u U+6E6B 湫 tsiou U+89D2 角 *gak U+811A 脚 giɑk U+8173 腳 giɑk U+652A 攪 gǎu U+768E 皎 *gěu U+72E1 狡 gǎu U+7E73 繳 jiɑk U+6559 教 *gau gàu U+5FBC 徼 gèu U+8F03 較 gàu U+53EB 叫 gèu U+566D 噭 gèu U+73D3 珓 gàu U+55DF 嗟 *tzia U+63A5 接 *tziɛp U+7686 皆 *gæi U+8857 街 gæi gɛi U+968E 階 *gæi U+7D50 結 *get U+9821 頡 het U+7BC0 節 *tzet U+78A3 碣 ghiæt ghiɛt U+6377 捷 dzhiɛp U+5091 傑 ghyɛt U+52AB 劫 kiæp U+5A55 婕 tziɛp U+622A 截 dzhet U+6F54 潔 get U+7AED 竭 ghyɛt U+7FAF 羯 giæt U+8871 衱 ghyɛp giæp U+6ADB 櫛 jrit U+89E3 解 *gɛ̌i U+85C9 藉 dzhià U+4ECB 介 gæì U+501F 借 *tzià U+6212 戒 gæ̀i U+754C 界 gæ̀i U+77DC 矜 giəng U+7972 祲 tzìm U+91D1 金 *gyim U+7B4B 筋 giən U+887F 衿 *gyim U+4ECA 今 *gyim gyim U+5DFE 巾 *gin U+6D25 津 *tsin U+895F 襟 *gyim U+50C5 僅 ghìn U+69FF 槿 giə̌n U+9326 錦 *gyǐm U+8FD1 近 *ghiə̌n U+7981 禁 *gyìm U+76E1 盡 *dzhǐn U+52C1 勁 giɛ̀ng U+6D78 浸 tzìm U+664B 晋 *tzìn U+71FC 燼 zìn U+85CE 藎 zìn U+9032 進 *tzìn U+775B 睛 tziɛng U+7D93 經 *geng U+7CBE 精 *tziɛng U+9BE8 鯨 *ghiæng U+6D87 涇 geng U+4EAC 京 giæng U+5162 兢 giəng U+65CC 旌 *tziɛng U+6676 晶 tziɛng U+834A 荊 *giæng U+83C1 菁 tziɛng U+9A5A 驚 *giæng U+9D84 鶄 tziɛng U+8396 莖 *hɛng U+9838 頸 giɛ̌ng U+4E95 井 *tsiɛ̌ng tsiɛ̌ng U+8B66 警 giæ̌ng U+666F 景 *giæ̌ng *qiæ̌ng U+811B 脛 hèng hěng U+5F91 徑 *gèng U+656C 敬 *giæ̀ng U+6DE8 淨 *dzhiɛ̀ng U+7ADF 竟 *giæ̀ng U+7AF6 競 *ghiæ̀ng U+9015 逕 *gèng U+93E1 鏡 *giæ̀ng U+975C 靜 *dzhiɛ̌ng U+6243 扃 gueng U+518F 冏 guěng U+8FE5 迥 *huěng U+7CFE 糾 giə̌u U+9CE9 鳩 giou U+557E 啾 *tziou U+6A1B 樛 giəu U+4E45 久 *gioǔ gioǔ U+4E46 乆 gioǔ U+4E5D 九 *gioǔ gioǔ U+9152 酒 *tziǒu U+97ED 韭 giǒu U+548E 咎 ghiǒu U+5C31 就 *dzhiòu U+5EC4 廄 giòu U+6551 救 *giòu U+81FC 臼 ghiǒu U+8205 舅 ghiǒu U+820A 舊 *ghiòu U+9DF2 鷲 dzhiòu U+62D8 拘 gio U+5C45 居 giu U+7F5D 罝 tzia U+97A0 鞠 giuk U+6CAE 沮 dzhiǔ tsiu tziù U+88FE 裾 giu U+99D2 駒 qio U+72D9 狙 tsiu U+8445 葅 jriu U+63AC 掬 giuk U+5C40 局 ghiok U+6A58 橘 *guit U+83CA 菊 *giuk U+8DFC 跼 ghiok U+77E9 矩 giǔ U+8209 舉 *giǔ U+53E5 句 *giò U+5036 倶 *gio gio U+62D2 拒 ghiǔ U+7AB6 窶 ghiǒ U+77BF 瞿 ghio U+41BD 䆽 kèu U+907D 遽 ghiù U+5177 具 *ghiò ghiò U+5287 劇 *ghiæk U+5DE8 巨 ghiǔ U+61FC 懼 ghiò U+64DA 據 *giù U+70AC 炬 *ghiǔ U+7C34 簴 ghiǒ U+805A 聚 dzhiò U+8A4E 詎 *ghiǔ U+9245 鉅 ghiǔ U+5A1F 娟 *qiuɛn U+8832 蠲 guen U+942B 鐫 tziuɛn U+9D51 鵑 *guen U+6350 捐 iuɛn U+6D93 涓 *guen U+6372 捲 *gyuɛ̌n U+5377 卷 *gyuɛ̌n gyuɛ̀n U+5026 倦 ghyuɛ̀n U+7737 眷 gyuɛ̀n U+7F65 罥 guěn U+7D79 絹 giuɛ̀n U+89BA 覺 *gak U+8E76 蹶 giuæt U+53A5 厥 giuæt U+6289 抉 guet U+6398 掘 ghiuæt ghiuət U+6877 桷 gak U+73A6 玦 guet U+7D55 絕 *dzhiuɛt U+8568 蕨 kiuæt U+8A23 訣 guet U+9D03 鴃 guet U+6F4F 潏 guet U+541B 君 *giuən U+8ECD 軍 *giuən U+921E 鈞 guin U+5747 均 guin U+4FCA 俊 tzuìn U+5CFB 峻 suìn U+90E1 郡 *ghiuə̀n U+99FF 駿 *tzuìn U+958B 開 *kəi U+6137 愷 kə̌i U+6168 慨 kə̀i U+582A 堪 *kom U+6221 戡 kom U+4F83 侃 kɑn U+574E 坎 *kǒm U+780D 砍 kǒm U+770B 看 *kɑn kɑ̀n U+6177 慷 kɑ̌ng U+5EB7 康 kɑng U+4EA2 亢 kɑ̀ng U+6297 抗 kɑ̀ng U+8003 考 kɑ̌u U+7292 犒 kɑ̀u U+75B4 疴 qɑ U+82DB 苛 hɑ U+9846 顆 kuɑ̌ U+78D5 磕 kɑp U+79D1 科 kuɑ U+67EF 柯 gɑ U+73C2 珂 kɑ U+7AA0 窠 kuɑ U+874C 蝌 kuɑ U+8EFB 軻 kɑ kɑ̌ U+6BBC 殼 kak U+5DB1 嶱 gɑt U+6E34 渴 kɑt U+53EF 可 *kɑ̌ U+514B 克 kək U+523B 刻 kək U+5BA2 客 *kæk U+61C7 懇 kə̌n U+80AF 肯 *kə̌ng U+5751 坑 kæng U+93D7 鏗 kɛng U+7A7A 空 *kung kùng U+5D06 崆 kung U+7B9C 箜 kung U+5B54 孔 *kǔng U+6050 恐 *kiǒng U+63A7 控 *kùng U+979A 鞚 kùng U+53E3 口 *kǒu U+9DC7 鷇 kòu xou U+53E9 叩 kǒu U+5BC7 寇 kòu U+6263 扣 *kǒu kòu U+853B 蔻 xòu U+5233 刳 ko U+54ED 哭 *kuk U+67AF 枯 *ko U+7A9F 窟 *kuət U+82E6 苦 *kǒ U+88B4 袴 kò U+5938 夸 kua U+8A87 誇 *kuɑ U+8DE8 跨 kuà U+584A 塊 kuɑ̀i U+5FEB 快 kuài U+81BE 膾 guɑ̀i U+5BEC 寬 kuɑn U+6B3E 款 kuɑn U+5321 匡 *kiuɑng U+7B50 筐 kiuɑng U+72C2 狂 *ghiuɑng U+8A91 誑 giuɑ̀ng U+51B5 况 *xiuɑ̀ng U+66E0 曠 *kuɑ̀ng U+6CC1 況 *xiuɑ̀ng U+7E8A 纊 kuɑ̀ng U+7ABA 窺 *kiuɛ U+8667 虧 kyuɛ U+5914 夔 ghyui U+8475 葵 ghui U+994B 饋 ghyuì U+6127 愧 *gyuì U+6606 昆 guən U+5764 坤 *kuən U+5D11 崑 *kuən U+95AB 閫 kuə̌n U+56F0 困 *kuə̀n U+5ED3 廓 kuɑk U+95CA 闊 *kuɑt U+6ADA 櫚 liu U+95AD 閭 liu U+9A62 驢 liu U+50C2 僂 liǒ U+4FB6 侶 liǔ U+5442 呂 *liǔ U+5C62 屢 liò U+5C65 履 *lǐ U+65C5 旅 *liǔ U+7E37 縷 liǒ U+524C 剌 lɑt U+7DA0 綠 *liok U+7387 率 luì shruit U+5F8B 律 luit U+616E 慮 liù U+81D8 臘 lɑp U+881F 蠟 *lɑp U+F90E 癩 lɑ̀i U+63A0 掠 liɑk U+7567 畧 liɑk U+4F86 來 *ləi ləi U+840A 萊 *ləi U+7028 瀨 lɑ̀i U+7C5F 籟 lɑ̀i U+8CF4 賴 *lɑ̀i U+85CD 藍 lɑm U+95CC 闌 *lɑn U+6B04 欄 *lɑn U+5A6A 婪 lom U+5D50 嵐 lom U+6514 攔 *lɑn U+703E 瀾 *lɑn lɑ̀n U+862D 蘭 *lɑn U+89BD 覽 lɑ̌m U+58C8 壈 lǒm U+5B3E 嬾 lɑ̌n U+61F6 懶 lɑ̌n U+652C 攬 lɑ̌m U+721B 爛 *lɑ̀n lɑ̀n U+7E9C 纜 *lɑ̀m U+F928 廊 lɑng U+72FC 狼 *lɑng U+7405 琅 lɑng U+90DE 郞 *lɑng U+7860 硠 lɑng U+6717 朗 lɑ̌ng U+6D6A 浪 *lɑ̀ng lɑng U+7262 牢 lɑu U+52DE 勞 *lɑu lɑ̀u U+6F66 潦 lɑ̀u U+8001 老 *lɑ̌u U+5AEA 嫪 lɑ̀u U+634B 捋 luɑt U+52D2 勒 lək U+6A02 樂 *lɑk *ngak U+4E86 了 *leǔ leǔ U+96F7 雷 *luəi U+7FB8 羸 liuɛ U+7F4D 罍 luəi U+58D8 壘 *luǐ U+78CA 磊 luəi U+7D2F 累 liuɛ̀ liuɛ̌ U+6DDA 淚 *luì U+985E 類 luì U+68F1 棱 ləng lə̀ng U+7A1C 稜 ləng U+51B7 冷 *læ̌ng læ̌ng U+9A6A 驪 *liɛ U+96E2 離 *liɛ U+7483 璃 liɛ U+72F8 狸 liə U+4366 䍦 liɛ U+4670 䙰 liɛ U+527A 剺 liə U+68A8 梨 *li U+68C3 棃 *li U+6F13 漓 liɛ U+7282 犂 lei U+7C6C 籬 *liɛ U+7E2D 縭 liɛ U+7F79 罹 liɛ U+85DC 藜 lei U+9E1D 鸝 liɛ U+9ECE 黎 lei U+8821 蠡 lěi U+674E 李 *liə̌ U+6FA7 澧 lěi U+7406 理 *liə̌ U+79AE 禮 *lěi U+88CF 裏 *liə̌ U+9090 邐 tjiɛ̌ U+91CC 里 *liə̌ U+9BC9 鯉 liə̌ U+9E97 麗 *lèi U+5229 利 *lì U+529B 力 *liək U+53B2 厲 *liɛ̀i U+540F 吏 *liə̀ U+5533 唳 lèi U+6144 慄 lit U+6817 栗 *lit U+6AEA 櫪 lek U+6B77 歷 *lek U+6EA7 溧 lit U+7658 癘 liɛ̀i U+792A 礪 liɛ̀i U+7B20 笠 lip U+7C92 粒 lip U+7CF2 糲 liɛ̀i U+8354 荔 lèi liɛ̀ U+96B7 隷 lèi U+9742 靂 lek U+7ACB 立 *lip U+6F23 漣 liɛn U+9023 連 *liɛn U+84EE 蓮 *len U+5EC9 廉 liɛm U+6190 憐 *len U+7C3E 簾 *liɛm U+806F 聯 *liɛn U+6582 斂 liɛ̀m liɛ̌m U+81C9 臉 læ̌m U+6200 戀 *liuɛ̀n U+7DF4 練 lèn U+934A 鍊 lèn U+826F 良 liɑng U+51C9 凉 liəng U+6DBC 涼 *liɑng U+6881 梁 *liɑng U+7CB1 粱 liɑng U+7CE7 糧 liɑng U+5169 兩 liɑ̀ng liɑ̌ng U+9B4E 魎 liɑ̌ng U+8AD2 諒 liɑ̀ng U+91CF 量 liɑng liɑ̀ng U+4EAE 亮 liɑ̀ng U+64A9 撩 leu lěu U+804A 聊 leu U+5BE5 寥 *leu U+5BEE 寮 leu U+907C 遼 *leu U+98CA 飉 biɛu U+71CE 燎 liɛ̀u liɛ̌u U+77AD 瞭 leu lěu U+6599 料 *lèu U+6369 捩 let U+88C2 裂 *liɛt U+5217 列 liɛt U+52A3 劣 liuɛt U+70C8 烈 *liɛt U+7375 獵 *liɛp U+9B23 鬣 liɛp U+6DCB 淋 *lim U+81E8 臨 *lim U+8F54 轔 lin U+9130 鄰 *lin U+6797 林 *lim U+6F7E 潾 lin U+7433 琳 lim U+96A3 隣 *lin U+9C57 鱗 *lin U+9E9F 麟 *lin U+5EEA 廪 lǐm U+51DC 凜 *lǐm lǐm U+96F6 零 *leng U+6CE0 泠 leng U+9748 靈 *leng U+4F36 伶 leng U+51CC 凌 *liəng U+6DE9 淩 liəng U+73B2 玲 *leng U+7FCE 翎 leng U+8046 聆 leng U+8232 舲 leng U+83F1 菱 *liəng U+9234 鈴 leng U+9675 陵 *liəng U+9D12 鴒 leng U+9F61 齡 leng U+5DBA 嶺 *liɛ̌ng U+9818 領 liɛ̌ng U+4EE4 令 *liɛ̀ng liɛng U+6E9C 溜 liòu U+7559 留 *liou U+5289 劉 *liou U+65D2 旒 liou U+69B4 榴 liou U+6D41 流 *liou U+7409 琉 liou U+98C0 飀 liou U+9A2E 騮 *liou U+67F3 柳 *liǒu U+516D 六 *liuk liuk U+9686 隆 *liung U+9F8D 龍 *liong U+6727 朧 lung U+7C60 籠 *lung lǔng U+7027 瀧 shrang U+5DC3 巃 lung lǔng U+6AF3 櫳 lung U+74CF 瓏 *lung U+7643 癃 liung U+807E 聾 lung U+58DF 壟 liǒng U+650F 攏 lǔng U+96B4 隴 *liǒng U+48DB 䣚 sit U+6A13 樓 *lou U+5A41 婁 lou U+87BB 螻 lou U+6F0F 漏 *lòu U+964B 陋 lòu U+826B 艫 lo U+58DA 壚 lo U+5EEC 廬 *liu U+7210 爐 *lo U+76E7 盧 *lo U+7F4F 罏 *lo U+8606 蘆 *lo U+946A 鑪 lo U+9E15 鸕 lo U+F936 虜 *lǒ U+9B6F 魯 *lǒ U+9E7F 鹿 *luk U+9678 陸 *liuk U+9732 露 lò U+8DEF 路 *lò U+622E 戮 *liuk U+6E0C 渌 liok luk U+7849 硉 luət U+797F 祿 luk U+7C59 籙 liok U+83C9 菉 liok U+9DFA 鷺 lò U+5B4C 孌 liuɛ̌n U+6523 攣 liuɛn U+5DD2 巒 luɑn U+6B12 欒 luɑn U+947E 鑾 luɑn U+9E1E 鸞 *luɑn U+4E82 亂 *luɑ̀n luɑ̀n U+7DB8 綸 *luin U+502B 倫 luin U+5D19 崙 luən U+8F2A 輪 *luin U+8AD6 論 *luən luin luə̀n U+7F85 羅 *la U+908F 邏 lɑ̀ U+863F 蘿 *lɑ U+99F1 駱 lɑk U+843D 落 *lɑk U+7D61 絡 lɑk U+6D1B 洛 *lɑk U+7296 犖 lak U+9EBB 麻 *ma U+87C6 蟆 *ma U+746A 瑪 mǎ U+99AC 馬 *mǎ U+973E 霾 mæi U+57CB 埋 *mæi U+8CB7 買 *mɛ̌i U+8108 脈 mɛk U+8CE3 賣 *mɛ̀i U+9081 邁 mài U+9EA5 麥 *mɛk U+8B3E 謾 màn U+883B 蠻 *man U+6EFF 滿 *mɑ̌n U+66FC 曼 miæ̀n U+6F2B 漫 *mɑn *mɑ̀n U+5E54 幔 mɑ̀n U+6162 慢 màn U+71B3 熳 mɑ̀n U+8513 蔓 *miæ̀n U+832B 茫 *mɑng U+5FD9 忙 mɑng U+92E9 鋩 miɑng U+8292 芒 mɑng U+76F3 盳 mæng U+83BD 莽 *mɑ̌ng U+9AE6 髦 mɑu U+6BDB 毛 *mɑu U+8765 蝥 mau U+65C4 旄 *mɑu U+77DB 矛 miou U+8305 茅 *mau U+82BC 芼 mɑ̀u U+7441 瑁 mɑ̀u mə̀i U+5192 冒 mɑ̀u U+5E3D 帽 *mɑ̀u U+770A 眊 mɑ̀u U+8004 耄 mɑ̀u U+8302 茂 *mòu U+8C8C 貌 mak màu U+8393 莓 məi U+6CA1 没 *mət U+5A92 媒 məi U+5D4B 嵋 myi U+679A 枚 miɛ̌u U+6885 梅 *məi U+7709 眉 *myi U+6BCF 每 *mə̌i U+6E3C 渼 myǐ U+7F8E 美 *myǐ U+6CAC 沬 mɑt U+59B9 妹 *mə̀i U+5A9A 媚 myì U+5BD0 寐 mì U+6627 昧 *mə̀i U+9B45 魅 myì U+8882 袂 miɛ̀i U+636B 捫 mən U+9580 門 *mən U+8499 蒙 *mung U+6726 朦 mung U+6FDB 濛 mung U+731B 猛 *mæ̌ng U+5922 夢 *mùng U+5B5F 孟 *mæ̀ng U+7CDC 糜 myɛ U+8FF7 迷 *mei U+7030 瀰 miɛ miɛ̌ U+5F4C 彌 miɛ U+737C 獼 miɛ U+7E3B 縻 myɛ U+9E8B 麋 myi U+9E9B 麛 mei U+9761 靡 myɛ̌ U+5F2D 弭 miɛ̌ U+7C73 米 měi U+5B93 宓 myit U+5BC6 密 *myit U+6C68 汨 mek U+8993 覓 *mek U+7720 眠 *men U+68C9 棉 *miɛn U+7DBF 綿 *miɛn U+7DDC 緜 *miɛn U+514D 免 *myɛ̌n myɛ̌n U+5195 冕 myɛ̌n U+52C9 勉 myɛ̌n U+7704 眄 mèn měn U+7DEC 緬 miɛ̌n U+9762 面 *miɛ̀n U+82D7 苗 myɛu U+9088 邈 mak U+7707 眇 miɛ̌u U+676A 杪 miɛ̌u U+6DFC 淼 miɛ̌u U+6E3A 渺 *miɛ̌u U+7DF2 緲 *miɛ̌u U+5999 妙 *miɛ̀u U+5EDF 廟 *myɛ̀u U+6EC5 滅 *miɛt U+7DE1 緡 myin U+5CB7 岷 myin U+65FB 旻 myin U+6C11 民 min U+73C9 珉 myin U+9EFE 黾 miɛ̌n mǐn U+6CEF 泯 mǐn U+50F6 僶 mǐn U+615C 慜 myǐn U+95A9 閩 myin U+6E9F 溟 meng U+669D 暝 *mèng meng U+9169 酩 měng U+51A5 冥 meng mèng U+540D 名 *miæng U+660E 明 *miæng U+9298 銘 meng U+9CF4 鳴 *miæng U+547D 命 *miæ̀ng U+6469 摩 *mɑ U+78E8 磨 *mɑ U+5AEB 嫫 mo U+8B28 謨 mò U+62B9 抹 *mɑt U+83AB 莫 *mɑk U+58A8 墨 mək U+5BDE 寞 *mɑk U+672B 末 mɑt U+6F20 漠 *mɑk U+79E3 秣 mɑt U+7E86 纆 mək U+964C 陌 *mæk U+9ED8 默 *mək U+6B7E 歾 mət U+9EBD 麽 mɑ̌ U+7E46 繆 miəu U+4F94 侔 miou U+7738 眸 miou U+8B00 謀 *miou U+59E5 姥 mǒ U+6BCD 母 *mǒu U+755D 畝 mǒu U+52DF 募 mò U+5893 墓 mò U+5E55 幕 *mɑk U+5E59 幙 *mɑk U+6155 慕 mò U+66AE 暮 *mò U+6728 木 *muk U+6C90 沐 muk U+7267 牧 *miuk U+76EE 目 *miuk U+7A46 穆 miuk U+82DC 苜 miuk U+5973 女 *niǔ *njiǔ U+90A3 那 *nɑ nɑ̌ U+7D0D 納 *nop U+8650 虐 ngiɑk U+8B14 謔 xiɑk U+4E43 乃 *nəǐ nəǐ U+8010 耐 nə̀i U+5948 奈 *nɑ̀i U+5357 南 *nom U+96E3 難 *nɑn U+67DF 柟 nom U+7537 男 *nom U+8D67 赧 nǎn U+56CA 囊 *nɑng U+9403 鐃 nau U+6A48 橈 njiɛu U+6493 撓 nǎu U+7331 猱 nɑu U+8166 腦 nɑ̌u U+7459 瑙 nɑ̌u U+5167 內 *nuə̀i nuə̀i U+5AE9 嫩 nuə̀n U+80FD 能 *nəng U+6CE5 泥 *nei nèi U+5C3C 尼 ni U+730A 猊 ngei U+9713 霓 *ngei U+79B0 禰 něi U+64EC 擬 ngiə̌ U+65CE 旎 niɛ̌ U+85BF 薿 ngiə̌ U+6635 昵 nit U+6EBA 溺 nek U+533F 匿 niək U+81A9 膩 nì U+9006 逆 ngiæk U+9ECF 黏 niɛm U+5E74 年 *nen U+649A 撚 něn U+8F26 輦 *liɛ̌n U+5FF5 念 *nèm U+5B43 孃 *niɑng U+5A18 娘 *niɑng U+91C0 釀 niɑ̀ng U+9CE5 鳥 *děu U+5ACB 嫋 *něu U+88CA 裊 *něu U+892D 褭 něu U+82F6 苶 nep net njiɛt U+56D3 囓 nget U+5B7D 孽 ngiɛt U+5D72 嵲 nget U+81EC 臬 nget U+9F67 齧 nget U+5BE7 寧 *neng neng U+51DD 凝 *ngiəng ngiəng U+725B 牛 *ngiou U+9215 鈕 niǒu U+5102 儂 nong U+6FC3 濃 *niong U+8FB2 農 nong U+5F04 弄 *lùng U+8028 耨 nòu U+5974 奴 *no U+5B65 孥 no U+99D1 駑 no U+52AA 努 nǒ U+6012 怒 *nǒ nò U+6696 暖 *nuɑ̌n U+7156 煖 *nuɑ̌n U+61E6 懦 nuɑ̀ U+5614 嘔 qou qǒu U+6B50 歐 qǒu U+9DD7 鷗 *qou U+8B33 謳 qou U+5076 偶 *ngǒu U+6777 杷 bha U+7436 琶 *bha U+6015 怕 pà U+62CD 拍 pæk U+6392 排 *bhæi U+5F98 徘 *bhəi U+6D3E 派 pɛ̀i U+6F58 潘 pɑn U+6500 攀 *pan U+87E0 蟠 bhɑn U+78D0 磐 bhɑn U+76E4 盤 *bhɑn bhɑn U+76FC 盼 pɛ̀n U+5224 判 pɑ̀n U+7554 畔 *bhɑ̀n U+6EC2 滂 pɑng U+65C1 旁 *bhɑng U+9F8E 龎 mang U+9F90 龐 bhang U+629B 抛 pau U+888D 袍 *bhɑu U+5486 咆 bhɑu U+9185 醅 pəi U+90B3 邳 bhyi U+966A 陪 bhəi U+4F69 佩 *bhə̀i U+65C6 旆 bhɑ̀i U+73EE 珮 *bhə̀i U+8F61 轡 byì U+914D 配 pə̀i U+5674 噴 pən U+6E53 湓 bhən U+7830 砰 pɛng U+70F9 烹 pæng U+9D6C 鵬 bhəng U+84EC 蓬 *bhung U+670B 朋 bhəng U+6367 捧 piǒng U+5288 劈 pek U+4E15 丕 pyi U+6279 批 pei U+62AB 披 *pyɛ U+9674 陴 bhiɛ U+813E 脾 bhiɛ U+7435 琵 *bhi U+75B2 疲 bhyɛ U+76AE 皮 bhyɛ U+7F86 羆 *byɛ U+8C94 貔 bhi U+9F19 鼙 *bhei U+5339 匹 *pit U+9E0A 鸊 bhek U+8F9F 辟 bhiɛk biɛk U+64D7 擗 bɛk U+50FB 僻 pek piɛk U+8B6C 譬 piɛ̀ U+95E2 闢 bhiɛk U+504F 偏 piɛn U+7BC7 篇 *piɛn U+7FE9 翩 *piɛn U+9A08 騈 bhen U+7247 片 *pèn U+6F02 漂 piɛu U+98C4 飄 *piɛu U+74E2 瓢 *bhiɛu U+7E39 縹 piɛ̌u U+527D 剽 piɛ̀u U+5AD6 嫖 piɛu U+77A5 瞥 piɛt U+6487 撇 pet U+983B 頻 *bhin U+860B 蘋 *bhin U+56AC 嚬 bhin U+5B2A 嬪 bhin U+8CA7 貧 *bhyin U+9870 顰 bhin U+54C1 品 pǐm U+4FDC 俜 peng U+5A09 娉 piɛng U+782F 砯 pɛng U+5C5B 屛 *bheng biɛ̌ng U+5C4F 屏 *bheng U+51ED 凭 bhiəng bhiə̀ng U+5E73 平 *bhiæng U+6191 憑 *bhiəng U+7501 甁 bheng U+840D 萍 bheng U+9817 頗 *pɑ pɑ̌ U+5761 坡 pɑ U+76A4 皤 bhɑ U+5A46 婆 bhɑ U+9B44 魄 *pæk U+8FEB 迫 *bæk U+91B1 醱 pɑt U+73C0 珀 pæk U+7834 破 *pɑ̀ U+5256 剖 pǒu U+4EC6 仆 più U+92EA 鋪 *po U+64B2 撲 puk U+8461 葡 bho U+84B2 蒲 *bho U+6A38 樸 pak U+50D5 僕 *bhuk bhuk U+5703 圃 bǒ U+6D66 浦 *pǒ U+7011 瀑 bhuk U+671F 期 *ghiə U+59BB 妻 *tsei U+4E03 七 *tsit tsit U+51C4 凄 *tsei tsei U+60BD 悽 *tsei U+621A 戚 tsek U+6B3A 欺 kiə U+6DD2 淒 *tsei U+6F06 漆 tsit U+840B 萋 *tsei U+6816 栖 *sei U+68F2 棲 *sei U+9E02 鸂 kei U+7947 祇 *jiɛ̌ ghiɛ U+7948 祈 ghiəi U+9F4A 齊 *dzhei U+8604 蘄 ghiə U+5176 其 *ghiə ghiə U+5947 奇 *ghyɛ gyɛ U+68CB 棋 ghiə U+9A0E 騎 *ghyɛ *ghyɛ̀ U+980E 頎 ghiəi U+5C90 岐 ghiɛ U+5D0E 崎 ghiəi U+65D7 旗 *ghiə U+6B67 歧 ghiɛ U+7881 碁 ghiə U+81CD 臍 dzhei U+9E92 麒 ghiə U+7566 畦 huei U+573B 圻 ghiəi U+7941 祁 ghyi U+8C48 豈 *kiə̌i U+4E5E 乞 kiət U+6567 敧 gyɛ kyɛ U+675E 杞 kiə̌ U+8D77 起 *kiə̌ U+7DBA 綺 *kyɛ̌ U+6CE3 泣 *kyip U+780C 砌 tsèi U+5951 契 *kèi ket set U+5668 器 kyì U+68C4 棄 *kì U+78E7 磧 tsiɛk U+8A16 訖 kiət U+6C23 氣 *kiə̀i U+6070 恰 kæp U+9A2B 騫 kyɛn U+727D 牽 *ken kèn U+828A 芊 tsen U+8B19 謙 kem U+5343 千 *tsen U+6106 愆 kyɛn U+6434 搴 gyɛ̌n U+8930 褰 kyɛn U+9077 遷 *tsiɛn U+9621 阡 tsen U+97C6 韆 tsiɛn U+925B 鉛 iuɛn U+9322 錢 *dzhiɛn U+524D 前 *dzhen U+6F5B 潛 *dzhiɛm U+8654 虔 ghyɛn U+9ED4 黔 ghyɛm U+6DFA 淺 *tsiɛ̌n U+9063 遣 *kiɛ̌n U+8B74 譴 kiɛ̀n U+5D4C 嵌 kam U+5029 倩 tsiɛ̀ng U+6B20 欠 kiuæ̀m U+5879 塹 tsiɛ̀m U+84A8 蒨 tsèn U+69CD 槍 tsiɑng U+7F8C 羌 *kiɑng U+93D8 鏘 tsiɑng U+5F4A 彊 *ghiɑng U+5F37 強 *ghiɑng ghiǎng U+8594 薔 dzhiɑng U+6AA3 檣 dzhiɑng U+7246 牆 *dzhiɑng U+6572 敲 kau U+7FF9 翹 ghiɛu U+55AC 喬 ghyɛu U+6194 憔 dzhiɛu U+6A35 樵 *dzhiɛu U+6A4B 橋 *ghyɛu U+9866 顦 dzhiɛu U+5DE7 巧 kǎu U+6084 悄 *tsiɛ̌u U+6100 愀 tsiɛ̌u U+9798 鞘 shrau U+8A9A 誚 dzhiɛ̀u U+5207 切 tset U+4F3D 伽 ghia U+4E14 且 *tsiǎ tsiǎ U+59BE 妾 *tsziɛp U+602F 怯 *kiæp U+611C 愜 kep U+7ACA 竊 *tset U+7BCB 篋 kep U+6B3D 欽 kim U+89AA 親 *tsin U+4FB5 侵 *tsim tsim U+5D94 嶔 kyim U+887E 衾 *kyim U+52E4 勤 *ghiən U+64D2 擒 ghyim U+7434 琴 *ghyim U+79BD 禽 *ghyim U+79E6 秦 *dzhin U+5BE2 寢 *tsǐm U+873B 蜻 tseng U+9752 青 *tseng U+6E05 清 *tsiɛng U+8F15 輕 *kiɛng U+50BE 傾 *kiuɛng kiuɛng U+537F 卿 *kiæng U+60C5 情 *dzhiɛng U+64CE 擎 ghiæng U+6674 晴 *dzhiɛng U+9803 頃 kiuɛ̌ng U+8ACB 請 *tsiɛ̌ng U+78EC 磬 kèng U+6176 慶 kiæ̀ng U+86E9 蛩 ghiong U+7A79 穹 kiung U+7AAE 窮 *ghiung U+74CA 瓊 ghiuɛng U+4E18 丘 *kiou kiou U+4E20 丠 kiou U+6978 楸 tsiou U+79CC 秌 *tsiou U+90B1 邱 *kiou U+97A6 鞦 tsiou U+9D96 鶖 tsiou U+56DA 囚 zhiou U+6C42 求 *ghiou U+866C 虬 kiəu U+866F 虯 kiəu U+88D8 裘 *ghiou U+7CD7 糗 kiǒu U+8DA8 趨 *tsio U+5340 區 gou kio U+66F2 曲 *kiok U+5C48 屈 *kiuət ghiuət U+5D87 嶇 kio U+795B 祛 kiu U+8EC0 軀 kio U+9A45 驅 *kio U+6E20 渠 ghio U+9EB4 麴 kiuk U+3C9A 㲘 shra U+8862 衢 *ghio U+9E1C 鸜 ghio U+53D6 取 *tsiǒ U+8DA3 趣 *tsiò U+53BB 去 *kiù U+609B 悛 tsiuɛn U+4F7A 佺 tsiuɛn U+5168 全 *dzhiuɛn dzhiuɛn U+62F3 拳 ghyuɛn U+6B0A 權 *ghyuɛn U+6CC9 泉 *dzhiuɛn U+75CA 痊 tsiuɛn U+7B4C 筌 tsiuɛn U+8A6E 詮 tsiuɛn U+9293 銓 tsiuɛn U+72AD 犬 *kuěn U+52F8 勸 *kiuæ̀n U+7F3A 缺 *kuet U+96C0 雀 *tziɑk U+95D5 闕 *kiuæt U+5374 却 *kiɑk U+537B 卻 *kiɑk U+786E 确 hak U+9D72 鵲 tsiɑk U+8E06 踆 tsuin U+9021 逡 tsuin U+56F7 囷 kyun U+7FA4 群 *ghiuɛn U+88D9 裙 ghiuən U+7136 然 *njiɛn U+71C3 燃 njiɛn U+5189 冉 *njiɛ̌m njiɛ̌m U+67D3 染 njiɛ̀m njiɛ̌m U+82D2 苒 njiɛ̌m U+7A70 穰 njiɑng njiɑ̌ng U+703C 瀼 njiɑng U+58E4 壤 njiɑ̌ng U+8B93 讓 *njiɑ̀ng U+9952 饒 njiɛu U+64FE 擾 njiɛ̌u U+7E5E 繞 *njiɛ̌u njiɛ̀u U+9076 遶 *njiɛ̌u njiɛ̀u U+60F9 惹 ngiǎ U+71B1 熱 *njiɛt U+4EBA 人 *njin njin U+4EC1 仁 njin U+5FCD 忍 *njǐn U+834F 荏 njǐm U+4EFB 任 *njim njim U+4EDE 仞 njìn U+4EED 仭 nhìn njìn U+5203 刃 njìn U+8A8D 認 njìn U+4ECD 仍 *nə̌i njiəng U+65E5 日 *njit U+8338 茸 njiong U+5BB9 容 *iong U+5DB8 嶸 *huɛng U+620E 戎 *njiung U+6995 榕 iong U+69AE 榮 *hiuæng U+6EB6 溶 iong U+84C9 蓉 *iong U+878E 螎 *iung U+5197 冗 njiǒng U+67D4 柔 njiou U+8089 肉 *njiuk U+6FE1 濡 njio U+5112 儒 *njio njio U+5982 如 *njiu U+8966 襦 njio U+8FB1 辱 njiok U+4E73 乳 njiǒ U+6C5D 汝 *njiǔ U+8925 褥 njiok U+5165 入 *njip njip U+962E 阮 ngiuæ̌n U+8EDF 軟 njiuɛ̌n U+8564 蕤 njui U+854A 蕊 njuǐ U+8602 蘂 njiuɛ̌ U+92ED 鋭 iuɛ̀i U+82AE 芮 njiuɛ̀i U+777F 睿 iuɛ̀i U+6F64 潤 njuìn U+958F 閏 njuìn U+82E5 若 *njiɑk U+5F31 弱 njiɑk U+6492 撒 sɑt U+7051 灑 *shrǎ shri shriɛ̀ shriɛ̌ shrɛ̌i U+98AF 颯 *sop U+8DBF 趿 sop U+585E 塞 *sək *sə̀i U+816E 腮 səi U+4E09 三 *sɑm sɑm U+6BFF 毿 som U+6563 散 *sɑ̀n U+55AA 喪 *sɑ̀ng U+6851 桑 *sɑng U+9859 顙 sɑ̌ng U+9A37 騷 sɑu U+81CA 臊 sɑu U+8258 艘 seu sɑu U+6414 搔 *sɑu U+6383 掃 *sɑ̌u sɑ̀u U+57FD 埽 *sɑ̌u U+8272 色 *shriək U+6F80 澀 shrip U+745F 瑟 *shrit U+98CB 飋 *shrit U+68EE 森 *shrim U+50E7 僧 *səng səng U+7D17 紗 *shra U+6BBA 殺 *shrat *shræ̀i U+6C99 沙 *shra U+93A9 鎩 shræ̀i U+838E 莎 suɑ U+7802 砂 *shra U+5EC8 廈 hǎ U+6749 杉 shræm U+5220 删 shran U+5C71 山 *shrɛn U+6F78 潸 shran shrǎn U+73CA 珊 sɑn U+7FB6 羶 shiɛn U+886B 衫 shram U+829F 芟 shram U+647B 摻 shræ̌m U+7752 睒 shiɛ̌m U+9583 閃 shiɛ̌m U+6247 扇 *shiɛ̀n U+5584 善 *zhiɛ̌n U+64C5 擅 zhiɛ̀n U+7E55 繕 zhiɛ̀n U+81B3 膳 zhiɛ̀n U+50B7 傷 *shiɑng shiɑng U+5546 商 *shiɑng U+89F4 觴 *shiɑng U+8CDE 賞 *shiɑ̌ng U+5C1A 尚 *zhiɑ̀ng zhiɑ̀ng U+4E0A 上 *zhiɑ̀ng zhiɑ̀ng zhiɑ̌ng U+71D2 燒 *shiɛu U+7A0D 稍 *shràu U+68A2 梢 shrau U+7B72 筲 shrau U+6753 杓 zhiɑk U+97F6 韶 zhiɛu U+5C11 少 *shiɛ̀u *shiɛ̌u U+7D39 紹 zhiɛ̌u U+90B5 邵 zhiɛ̀n U+8CD2 賒 shia U+5962 奢 shia U+86C7 蛇 *jhia tɑ U+6368 捨 shiǎ U+8D66 赦 shià U+6D89 涉 zhiɛp U+651D 攝 shiɛp U+820D 舍 *shià U+793E 社 zhiǎ U+8A2D 設 shiɛt U+9E9D 麝 jhià U+5C04 射 *jhià ià jhiɛk U+61FE 懾 jiɛp U+4F38 伸 *shin shin U+547B 呻 shin U+6DF1 深 *shim U+7533 申 shin U+8EAB 身 *shin U+795E 神 *jhin U+751A 甚 *zhǐm zhìm U+9823 頣 iə U+614E 慎 *zhìn U+8703 蜃 zhin U+5347 升 *shiəng U+6607 昇 *shiəng U+7272 牲 shræng U+751F 生 *shræng U+7B19 笙 *shræng U+8072 聲 *shiɛng U+7E69 繩 jhiəng U+7701 省 *shræ̌ng siɛ̌ng U+76DB 盛 *zhiɛ̀ng U+52DD 勝 *shiə̀ng U+8056 聖 *shiɛ̀ng U+6FD5 濕 *ship U+6EBC 溼 *ship U+65BD 施 *shiɛ shiɛ shiɛ̀ U+5931 失 *shit U+5C4D 屍 shi U+5E2B 師 *shri U+7345 獅 shri U+8479 葹 shiɛ U+8768 蝨 shrit U+8937 褷 shriɛ U+8A69 詩 *shiə U+77F3 石 *zhiɛk U+62FE 拾 zhip U+8755 蝕 *jhiək U+98DF 食 *jhiək U+5341 十 *zhip U+5852 塒 zhiə U+5BE6 實 *jhit U+6642 時 *zhiə U+4F7F 使 *shriə̌ shriə̀ shriə̌ U+53F2 史 *shriə̌ U+59CB 始 *shiə̌ U+77E2 矢 shǐ U+8C55 豕 shiɛ̌ U+98FE 飾 shiək U+9069 適 *shiɛk U+793A 示 jhì U+4E16 世 *shiɛì shiɛì U+4E8B 事 *jrhiə̀ jrhiə̀ U+4F8D 侍 *zhiə̀ zhiə̌ U+52E2 勢 *shiɛ̀i U+566C 噬 zhiɛ̀i U+58EB 士 *jrhiə̌ U+5BA4 室 *shit U+5E02 市 *zhiə̌ U+5F0F 式 shiək U+6043 恃 zhiə̌ U+62ED 拭 shiək U+662F 是 *zhiɛ̌ U+7757 睗 shiɛk U+8996 視 *zhǐ zhì U+8A66 試 *shiə̀ U+8A93 誓 *shiɛ̀i U+901D 逝 zhiɛ̀i U+91CB 釋 shiɛk U+6C0F 氏 *zhiɛ̌ jiɛ U+8B58 識 *shiək U+6536 收 *shiou shiòu U+5B88 守 *shiǒu U+624B 手 *shiǒu U+9996 首 *shiǒu U+53D7 受 *zhiǒu U+58FD 壽 zhiòu zhiǒu U+6388 授 zhiòu U+72E9 狩 shiòu U+7378 獸 *shiòu U+7626 瘦 *shriòu U+7DAC 綬 zhiǒu U+758E 疎 *shriu U+758F 疏 *shriu shriù U+8F38 輸 shio U+500F 倏 shiuk U+66F8 書 *shiu U+68B3 梳 *shriu U+6A1E 樞 chio U+6B8A 殊 *zhio U+852C 蔬 shriu U+8212 舒 *shiu U+719F 熟 *zhiuk U+6DD1 淑 zhiuk U+8D16 贖 jhiok U+5B70 孰 *zhiuk zhiuk U+6691 暑 shiǔ U+7F72 署 zhiǔ U+8700 蜀 *zhiok U+9ECD 黍 shiǔ U+9F20 鼠 *shiǔ U+5C6C 屬 *jiok zhiok U+6578 數 *shriò *shriǒ U+66D9 曙 *zhiù U+6F31 漱 shriòu sòu U+5EB6 庶 shiù U+620D 戍 *shiò U+675F 束 *shiok U+6A39 樹 *zhiò *zhiǒ U+8853 術 jhuit U+88CB 裋 zhiǒ U+8C4E 豎 zhiǒ U+8FF0 述 jhuit U+8870 衰 *shrui chriuɛ U+5E25 帥 shruì U+96D9 雙 *shrang U+971C 霜 *shriɑng U+723D 爽 shriɑ̌ng U+8AB0 誰 *zhui U+6C34 水 *shuǐ U+7A0E 税 shiuɛ̀i U+5E28 帨 chiuɛ̀i shiuɛ̀i U+7761 睡 zhuiɛ̀ U+542E 吮 jhuǐn U+9806 順 *jhuìn U+8AAC 説 *shiuɛt shiuɛ̀i U+720D 爍 shiɑk U+6714 朔 *shrak U+9460 鑠 shiɑk U+601D 思 *siə siə̀ U+53F8 司 *siə U+5EDD 廝 siɛ U+65AF 斯 *siɛ U+79C1 私 *si U+7D72 絲 *siə U+7F73 罳 siə U+5636 嘶 *sei U+6F8C 澌 siɛ U+6B7B 死 *sǐ U+4F3A 伺 siə̀ U+4F3C 似 *ziə̌ ziə̌ U+8086 肆 sì U+5155 兕 zǐ U+55E3 嗣 ziə̀ U+56DB 四 *sì U+5BFA 寺 *ziə̀ U+6CD7 泗 sì U+7940 祀 ziə̌ U+99DF 駟 sì U+6DDE 淞 siong U+5D69 嵩 *siung U+677E 松 *ziong U+3A73 㩳 siǒng U+8073 聳 siǒng U+8A1F 訟 ziòng U+980C 頌 ziòng U+5B8B 宋 *sòng U+8AA6 誦 ziòng U+9001 送 *sùng U+641C 搜 shrǎu shriou U+8490 蒐 shriou U+98BC 颼 shriou U+53DF 叟 *sǒu U+8607 蘇 *so U+4FD7 俗 *ziok ziok U+612C 愬 sò U+7AA3 窣 suət U+5919 夙 siuk U+6CDD 泝 sò U+7C9F 粟 siok U+7D20 素 *sò U+8085 肅 *siuk U+8A34 訴 sò U+901F 速 suk U+5BBF 宿 *siuk siòu U+84FF 蓿 siuk U+9178 酸 *suɑn U+72FB 狻 suɑn U+7762 睢 xiuɛ xyui U+96D6 雖 *sui U+968B 隋 ziuɛ U+96A8 隨 *ziuɛ U+9AD3 髓 siuɛ̌ U+7E50 繐 huèi siuɛ̀i U+9042 遂 *zuì U+6B72 歲 *siuɛ̀i U+71E7 燧 zuì U+788E 碎 *suə̀i U+98F1 飱 suən U+5B6B 孫 *suən U+7B4D 筍 suǐn U+84D1 蓑 suɑ U+7E2E 縮 shriuk U+5A11 娑 sɑ U+6331 挱 sɑ U+68AD 梭 suɑ U+6475 摵 shrɛk U+6240 所 *shriǔ U+7463 瑣 *suɑ̌ U+7485 璅 tzɑ̌u U+7D22 索 shræk shrɛk sɑk U+9396 鎖 *suɑ̌ U+93C1 鏁 *suɑ̌ U+4ED6 他 *tɑ tɑ U+5854 塔 tɑp U+6C93 沓 dhop U+905D 遝 dhop U+8E0F 踏 *top U+64BB 撻 tɑt U+69BB 榻 tɑp U+8E4B 蹋 dhɑp U+95E5 闥 tɑt U+82D4 苔 *dhəi U+53F0 台 *təi U+81FA 臺 *dhəi U+592A 太 *tɑ̀i U+614B 態 tə̀i U+6C70 汰 tɑ̀i U+7058 灘 *tɑn U+8CAA 貪 tom U+6A80 檀 dhɑn U+58C7 壇 dhɑn U+8AC7 談 dhɑm U+6F6D 潭 *dhom U+5766 坦 tɑ̌n U+83FC 菼 tɑ̌m U+63A2 探 tɑm tɑ̀m U+5606 嘆 tɑn tɑ̀n U+6B4E 歎 *tɑn tɑ̀n U+70AD 炭 tɑ̀n U+6E6F 湯 tɑng U+5510 唐 dhɑng U+5802 堂 *dhɑng U+5858 塘 *dhɑng U+642A 搪 dhɑng U+68E0 棠 dhɑng U+8E3C 踼 dhɑ̀ng U+5018 倘 tɑ̌ng U+6FE4 濤 *dhɑu U+6ED4 滔 tɑu U+7D5B 絛 tɑu U+9676 陶 *dhɑu U+54B7 咷 dhɑu U+6843 桃 *dhɑu U+8404 萄 dhɑu U+9003 逃 dhɑu U+6D2E 洮 tɑu U+8A0E 討 tɑ̌u U+7279 特 dhək U+85E4 藤 *dhəng U+9A30 騰 *dhəng U+68AF 梯 tei U+5254 剔 tek U+63D0 提 dhei zhiɛ U+8E44 蹄 *dhei U+8E4F 蹏 *dhei U+984C 題 *dhei U+9D5C 鵜 dhei U+557C 啼 *dhei U+55C1 嗁 *dhei U+9D97 鶗 dhei U+8351 荑 dhei U+9AD4 體 *těi U+608C 悌 dhèi U+60D5 惕 tek U+66FF 替 tèi U+6D95 涕 *tèi U+6DFB 添 *tem U+5929 天 *ten U+55D4 嗔 chin U+5861 塡 dhen U+586B 填 dhen U+7530 田 *dhen U+754B 畋 dhen dhèn U+8214 舔 tèm U+5FDD 忝 těm U+6311 挑 dheu teu U+7967 祧 teu U+8729 蜩 dheu U+5CA7 岧 dheu U+689D 條 *dheu U+8FE2 迢 *dheu U+7A95 窕 dhěu U+8DF3 跳 dheu U+773A 眺 tèu U+5E16 帖 tep U+9435 鐵 *tet U+6C40 汀 teng U+807D 聽 *teng tèng U+5EAD 庭 *dheng U+4EAD 亭 *dheng dheng U+505C 停 *dheng dheng U+5EF7 廷 *dheng U+9706 霆 dheng U+633A 挺 dheng U+901A 通 *tung U+6F7C 潼 *dhung U+5CD2 峒 dhung U+4EDD 仝 dhung U+540C 同 *dhung U+5F64 彤 dong U+6723 朣 dhung U+6850 桐 *dhung U+77B3 瞳 dhung U+9285 銅 *dhung U+7AE5 童 *dhung U+50EE 僮 *dhung dgung U+7B52 筒 dhung U+7D71 統 tòng U+615F 慟 dhùng U+75DB 痛 *tùng U+5077 偷 tou U+982D 頭 *dhou U+6295 投 *dhou U+900F 透 tòu U+7A81 突 *tuət U+79C3 秃 tuk U+5716 圖 *dho U+5857 塗 *dho U+5C60 屠 *dho U+5F92 徒 *dho dho U+9014 途 *dho U+5410 吐 *tǒ U+571F 土 *tǒ U+83DF 菟 dho U+5154 兔 *tò tò U+6E4D 湍 tuɑn U+5718 團 dhuɑn U+6476 摶 dhuɑn U+63A8 推 tuəi U+9839 頹 *dhuəi U+9000 退 *tuə̀i U+541E 吞 *tən U+8C5A 豚 dhuən U+5C6F 屯 dhuən djuin U+8131 脱 *tuɑt U+8A17 託 *tɑk U+99B2 馲 lɑk tɑk U+6A50 橐 tɑk U+6CB1 沱 dhɑ U+9640 陀 dhɑ U+4F57 佗 *tɑ tɑ U+8DCE 跎 *dhɑ U+99DD 駝 *dhɑ U+99DE 駞 *dhɑ U+9F09 鼉 dhɑ U+59A5 妥 tuɑ̌ U+62D3 拓 tɑk U+67DD 柝 tɑk U+86D9 蛙 qua U+5AA7 媧 gua U+74E6 瓦 nguǎ U+896A 襪 miæt U+5916 外 *nguɑ̀i U+525C 剜 guɑn U+5F4E 彎 quan U+7063 灣 quan U+9811 頑 nguan U+4E38 丸 huɑn U+5B8C 完 *huɑn U+7D08 紈 huɑn U+73A9 玩 nguɑ̀n U+6D63 浣 huɑ̌n U+5A49 婉 qiuæ̌n U+60CB 惋 quɑ̀n U+633D 挽 miæ̌n U+665A 晚 *miæ̌n U+667C 晼 *qiuæ̌n U+6900 椀 quɑ̌n U+742C 琬 qiuæ̌n U+76CC 盌 quɑ̌n U+5B9B 宛 qiuæn qiuæ̌n U+8155 腕 quɑ̀n U+842C 萬 *miæ̀n U+7FEB 翫 nguɑ̀n U+6C6A 汪 quɑng U+738B 王 *hiuɑng hiuɑ̀ng U+4EA1 亡 *miɑng miɑng U+4EBE 亾 miɑng U+60D8 惘 miɑ̌ng U+6789 枉 *qiuɑ̌ng U+7DB2 網 miɑ̌ng U+9B4D 魍 miɑ̌ng U+5F83 徃 *hiuɑ̌ng U+5984 妄 miɑ̀ng U+671B 望 *miɑng miɑ̀ng U+5FD8 忘 *miɑng miɑ̀ng U+5A01 威 *qiuəi U+8473 葳 qiuəi U+9036 逶 *qyuɛ U+9688 隈 quəi U+5371 危 *ngyuɛ U+5DCD 巍 ngiuəi U+5FAE 微 *miəi U+840E 萎 qyuɛ U+9055 違 *hiuəi U+97CB 韋 hiuəi U+570D 圍 *hiuəi U+5CDE 峞 nguə̌i U+5D6C 嵬 *nguəi U+5E37 帷 hyui U+5E43 幃 *hiuəi U+60DF 惟 *ui ui U+95C8 闈 hiuəi U+8587 薇 miəi U+552F 唯 *ui U+7DAD 維 ui U+9697 隗 nguə̌i U+7DEF 緯 hiuə̀i U+8466 葦 hiuə̌i U+59D4 委 *gyuɛ gyuɛ̌ U+7325 猥 quə̌i U+5C3E 尾 *miə̌i U+9927 餧 qyiɛ̀ U+4F4D 位 hyuɛ̀ U+5473 味 *miə̀i U+6170 慰 qiuə̀i U+672A 未 *miə̀i U+6E2D 渭 *hiuə̀i U+875F 蝟 hiuə̀i U+885B 衛 *hiuɛ̀i U+885E 衞 *hiuɛ̀i U+8B02 謂 *hiuə̀i U+754F 畏 *qiuə̀i U+7232 爲 *hyuɛ *hyuɛ̀ U+9B4F 魏 *ngiuə̀i U+5C09 尉 qiuə̀i U+851A 蔚 qiuət U+6EAB 溫 quən U+6587 文 *miən U+7D0B 紋 miən U+805E 聞 *miən U+520E 刎 miə̌n U+543B 吻 miə̌n U+7A69 穩 quə̌n U+6C76 汶 miə̀n U+554F 問 *miə̀n U+7FC1 翁 qung U+7515 甕 qùng U+6E26 渦 guɑ U+6211 我 *ngɑ̌ U+5053 偓 qak U+5E44 幄 qak U+63E1 握 qak U+6C83 沃 qok U+81E5 臥 nguɑ̀ U+55DA 嗚 *qo U+5C4B 屋 *quk U+5DEB 巫 *mio U+8AA3 誣 mio U+70CF 烏 *qo U+6C61 污 qo qò U+7121 無 *mio U+6BCB 毋 mio U+5433 吳 *ngo U+5434 吴 *ngo U+543E 吾 *ngo U+9F2F 鼯 ngo U+856A 蕪 *mio U+68A7 梧 *ngo U+4E94 五 *ngǒ ngǒ U+5348 午 ngǒ U+5FE4 忤 ngò U+6B66 武 *miǒ U+821E 舞 *miǒ U+9D61 鵡 miǒ U+9727 霧 *miò U+9DA9 鶩 miò muk U+5140 兀 *nguət nguət U+52D9 務 miò U+52FF 勿 *miət U+5862 塢 qǒ U+5C7C 屼 *nguət U+609F 悟 *ngò U+7269 物 *miət U+8AA4 誤 *ngò U+8FD5 迕 ngò U+6614 昔 *siɛk U+6EAA 溪 *kei U+8C3F 谿 *kei U+8E4A 蹊 hei U+72A7 犧 xyɛ U+4FD9 俙 xiəi U+516E 兮 *hei hei U+5438 吸 xyip U+550F 唏 *xiə̌i xiə̀i U+5DC7 巇 xyɛ U+5E0C 希 xiəi U+606F 息 *siək U+6089 悉 sit U+60DC 惜 *siɛk U+665E 晞 xiəi U+66E6 曦 xyɛ U+6790 析 sek U+7280 犀 sei U+7A00 稀 *xiəi U+7AB8 窸 sit U+7FB2 羲 *xyɛ U+819D 膝 sit U+897F 西 *sei U+89FF 觿 huei xiuɛ U+595A 奚 hei U+5915 夕 *ziɛk U+7199 熙 xiə U+5E2D 席 *ziɛk U+6A84 檄 hek U+7FD2 習 zip U+8972 襲 zip U+932B 錫 sek U+559C 喜 *xiə̌ U+5C63 屣 shiɛ̌ U+74BD 璽 siɛ̌ U+87E2 蟢 xiə̌ U+6D17 洗 *sěi U+7E6B 繫 *gèi U+8204 舄 siɛk U+4FC2 係 *gèi U+56B1 嚱 xyɛ̀ U+5C53 屓 xyì U+7D30 細 *sèi U+7D8C 綌 kiæk U+90E4 郤 *kiɑk U+9699 隙 kiæk U+6232 戲 *xyɛ̀ U+8766 蝦 ha U+4FE0 俠 hep U+5323 匣 hap U+5CFD 峽 *hæp U+72F9 狹 hæp U+7455 瑕 ha U+7864 硤 *hæp U+9050 遐 ha U+971E 霞 *ha U+6687 暇 hà U+590F 夏 *hǎ U+4E0B 下 hà hǎ U+7E96 纖 *siɛm U+4ED9 仙 *siɛn siɛn U+50CA 僊 *siɛn siɛn U+5148 先 *sen sen U+9BAE 鮮 siɛn U+9592 閒 *gɛn *hɛn U+54B8 咸 *hæm U+5ACC 嫌 *hem U+5F26 弦 *hen U+7D43 絃 *hen U+8237 舷 hen U+8CE2 賢 *hen U+929C 銜 *ham U+9591 閑 *hɛn U+6D8E 涎 ziɛn U+5E70 幰 xiæ̌n U+861A 蘚 siɛ̌n U+986F 顯 xěn U+96AA 險 *xyɛ̌m U+737B 獻 *xiæ̀n U+5CF4 峴 hěn U+61B2 憲 *xiæ̀n U+7DDA 線 siɛ̀n U+9677 陷 hæ̀m U+9730 霰 sèn U+9650 限 *hɛ̌n U+7E23 縣 *huèn U+7FA8 羨 ziɛ̀n U+5EC2 廂 siɑng U+6E58 湘 *siɑng U+7BB1 箱 siɑng U+7DD7 緗 siɑng U+8944 襄 *siɑng U+9999 香 *xiɑng U+9A64 驤 siɑng U+9115 鄕 *xiɑng U+76F8 相 *siɑng *siɑ̀ng U+7965 祥 ziɑng U+7FD4 翔 *ziɑng U+60F3 想 *siɑ̌ng U+97FF 響 *xiɑ̌ng U+9909 餉 shiɑ̀ng U+5DF7 巷 *hàng U+50CF 像 *ziɑ̌ng ziɑ̌ng U+5411 向 *xiɑ̀ng U+6A61 橡 ziɑ̌ng U+8C61 象 *ziɑ̌ng U+7D83 綃 siɛu U+5BB5 宵 *siɛu U+689F 梟 keu U+6D88 消 siɛu U+701F 瀟 *seu U+856D 蕭 *seu U+900D 逍 siɛu U+92B7 銷 *siɛu U+9A4D 驍 geu U+7C2B 簫 *seu U+9704 霄 *siɛu U+5C0F 小 *siɛ̌u U+66C9 曉 *xěu U+6821 校 gàu hàu U+6586 斆 gàu U+562F 嘯 *sèu U+5B5D 孝 xàu U+6548 效 hàu U+7B11 笑 *siɛ̀u U+8096 肖 siɛ̀u U+6B47 歇 *xiæt U+5354 協 hep U+64F7 擷 het xet U+7E88 纈 het U+8AE7 諧 hæi U+978B 鞋 hæi hɛi U+651C 攜 *huei U+659C 斜 *zia U+8105 脅 xiæp U+90AA 邪 zia U+8EA0 躠 set U+5BEB 寫 *siǎ U+8840 血 *xuet U+5C51 屑 set U+69AD 榭 zià U+6D29 洩 iɛ̀i U+7009 瀉 siǎ U+85A4 薤 hæ̀i U+8B1D 謝 *zià U+9082 邂 hɛ̀i U+6CC4 泄 siɛt U+5FC3 心 *sim U+5FFB 忻 xiən U+65B0 新 *sin U+6B23 欣 xiən U+85AA 薪 sin U+8F9B 辛 *sin U+99A8 馨 xeng U+4FE1 信 *sìn U+91C1 釁 xyìn U+661F 星 *seng U+7329 猩 *shræng U+8165 腥 seng U+8208 興 *xièng *xiəng U+884C 行 *hæng *hɑng U+5211 刑 heng U+5F62 形 *heng U+9192 醒 *seng sěng U+5016 倖 *hɛ̌ng hɛ̌ng U+59D3 姓 siɛ̀ng U+5E78 幸 hɛ̌ng U+6027 性 *siɛ̀ng U+674F 杏 hæ̌ng U+8347 荇 hæ̌ng U+5144 兄 *xiuæng xiuæng U+51F6 凶 xiong U+5308 匈 xiong U+6D36 洶 xiǒng U+80F8 胸 xiong U+49FA 䧺 qiòng U+718A 熊 *hiung U+96C4 雄 *hiung U+8129 脩 *siou U+4F11 休 *xiou xiou U+4FEE 修 *siou siou U+7F9E 羞 *siou U+673D 朽 xiǒu U+5CAB 岫 ziòu U+79C0 秀 *siòu U+7E61 繡 *siòu U+8896 袖 *ziòu U+6B3B 欻 xiuət U+6B58 歘 xiuət U+5653 噓 xiu xiù U+589F 墟 kiu U+76F1 盱 xio U+865B 虛 *xiu U+9808 須 *sio sio U+9B1A 鬚 *sio U+80E5 胥 siu U+5401 吁 xio U+5F90 徐 *ziu U+8A31 許 *xiǔ U+7D6E 絮 *siù U+5379 卹 suit U+58FB 壻 sèi U+6F35 漵 ziǔ U+7DD2 緒 ziǔ U+7E8C 續 ziok U+84C4 蓄 xiuk U+5BA3 宣 *siuɛn U+7FFE 翾 xiuɛn U+8ED2 軒 *xiæn U+55A7 喧 *xiuæn U+61F8 懸 *huen U+65CB 旋 *ziuɛn U+7384 玄 *huen U+70DC 烜 xiuæ̌n U+9078 選 *siuɛ̌n U+7729 眩 huèn U+6CEB 泫 huěn U+93C7 鏇 ziuɛ̀n U+524A 削 siɑk U+7A74 穴 *huet U+5B78 學 *hak U+96EA 雪 *siuɛt U+52F3 勳 *xiuən U+85B0 薰 *xiuən U+91BA 醺 xiuən U+5864 塤 xiuæn U+718F 熏 *xiuən U+5DE1 巡 zuin U+5FAA 循 zuin U+65EC 旬 zuin U+5C0B 尋 *zim U+99B4 馴 zuin U+6F6F 潯 zim U+6B89 殉 zuìn U+8A0A 訊 sìn U+8A13 訓 xiuə̀n U+8FC5 迅 *sìn U+905C 遜 suə̀n U+5F87 徇 zuìn U+9D28 鴨 qap U+9D09 鴉 *qa U+58D3 壓 *qap qiɛp U+5440 呀 nga xa U+6DAF 涯 *ngɛi U+82BD 芽 nga U+6792 枒 nga U+7259 牙 *nga U+5D16 崖 *ngɛi U+555E 啞 qà U+96C5 雅 *ngǎ U+7330 猰 qat U+8A1D 訝 ngà U+4E9E 亞 qà U+5D26 崦 qyɛm qyɛ̌m U+7159 煙 qen U+6DF9 淹 *gyɛm U+54BD 咽 *qet U+7109 焉 *qyɛn hyɛn U+70DF 烟 qen U+6A90 檐 *iɛm U+56B4 嚴 *ngiæm U+598D 妍 ngen U+5CA9 岩 *ngam U+5DD6 巖 *ngam U+5EF6 延 *iɛn U+7B75 筵 *iɛn U+7C37 簷 *iɛm U+984F 顏 *ngan U+8712 蜒 dhěn U+708E 炎 *hyɛm U+6CBF 沿 *iuɛn U+9E7D 鹽 iɛm iɛ̀m U+95BB 閻 iɛm U+8A00 言 *ngiæn U+5261 剡 zhiɛ̌m U+3AC3 㫃 *qiu qo U+5043 偃 qiæ̌n U+5DD8 巘 ngiæ̌n U+63A9 掩 *qyɛ̌m U+7430 琰 iɛ̌m U+9EE4 黤 qǒm U+773C 眼 *ngɛ̌n U+884D 衍 iɛ̀n U+6F14 演 iɛ̌n U+8758 蝘 qěn U+5BB4 宴 *qěn qèn U+5F66 彦 bgyɛ̀n U+664F 晏 qàn qèn qěn U+7069 灩 iɛ̀m U+71C4 燄 iɛ̌m U+786F 硯 ngèn U+8C54 豔 *iɛ̀m U+96C1 雁 *ngàn U+9D08 鴈 *ngàn U+53AD 厭 *qiɛ̀m U+71D5 燕 *qen *qèn U+592E 央 qiɑng U+9D26 鴦 *qiɑng U+6CF1 泱 qiɑng U+63DA 揚 *iang U+694A 楊 *iɑng U+7F8A 羊 iɑng U+967D 陽 *iɑng U+98BA 颺 *iɑng U+6D0B 洋 iɑng U+716C 煬 iɑ̀ng U+4EF0 仰 *ngiɑ̌ng ngiɑ̌ng U+990A 養 *iɑ̌ng U+600F 怏 qiɑ̀ng U+6059 恙 iɑ̀ng U+6A23 樣 iɑ̀ng U+6F3E 漾 *iɑ̌ng iɑ̀ng U+7001 瀁 *iɑ̌ng iɑ̀ng U+4E48 么 qeu U+5996 妖 *qyɛu U+8170 腰 *qiɛu U+9080 邀 *qiɛu U+592D 夭 qyɛ̌u U+8EFA 軺 iɛu zhiɛu U+582F 堯 *ngəu U+59DA 姚 iɛu U+5DA2 嶢 ngeu U+6447 摇 *iɛu U+7476 瑶 iɛu U+8B20 謠 iɛu U+9059 遙 *iɛu U+98BB 颻 iɛu U+54AC 咬 gǎu U+6773 杳 *qěu U+7A85 窅 *qěu U+9A15 騕 qěu U+7A88 窈 *qěu U+66DC 曜 iɛ̀u U+8000 耀 iɛ̀u U+8981 要 *qiɛ̀u U+85E5 藥 *iɑk U+9470 鑰 iɑk U+723A 爺 ia U+8036 耶 ia U+4E5F 也 iǎ U+51B6 冶 iǎ U+91CE 野 *iǎ U+591C 夜 *ià U+696D 業 *ngiæp U+8B01 謁 qiæt U+9134 鄴 ngiæp U+8449 葉 *iɛp U+6396 掖 iɛk U+6DB2 液 iɛk U+66F3 曳 *iɛ̀i U+62FD 拽 iɛ̀i U+7317 猗 gyɛ U+63D6 揖 qip U+6B39 欹 gyɛ U+4E00 一 *qit qit U+4F0A 伊 *qi qi U+566B 噫 qiə U+6F2A 漪 qyE U+4F9D 依 *qiəi qiəi U+58F9 壹 qit U+8863 衣 *qiəi qièi U+79FB 移 *iɛ U+7591 疑 *ngiə U+5100 儀 ngyɛ U+572F 圯 iə U+5937 夷 i U+59E8 姨 i U+5B9C 宜 *ngyɛ U+5F5D 彝 i U+6021 怡 iə U+75CD 痍 i U+8CBD 貽 iə U+907A 遺 *ui uì U+87FB 蟻 *ngyɛ̌ U+8FE4 迤 *iɛ iɛ̌ U+4E59 乙 qyit U+4EE5 以 *iə̌ iə̌ U+501A 倚 *gyɛ̌ gyɛ̌ U+5DF2 已 *iə̌ U+65D6 旖 qyɛ̌ U+8798 螘 *ngyɛ̌ U+77E3 矣 *hiə̌ U+9091 邑 *qyip U+7E79 繹 iɛk U+4EA6 亦 *iɛk iɛk U+5955 奕 iɛk U+5C79 屹 ngiət U+5F08 弈 iɛk U+5F0B 弋 iək U+5F79 役 *iuɛk U+610F 意 qiə̀ U+61B6 憶 *qiək U+6291 抑 qiək U+6613 易 *iɛ̀ iɛk U+67BB 枻 iɛ̀i U+6BC5 毅 ngiə̀i U+6EA2 溢 qit U+7570 異 *iə̀ U+7FA9 義 ngyɛ̀ U+7FBF 羿 ngèi U+7FCA 翊 iək U+7FF3 翳 qèi U+7FFC 翼 *iək U+85DD 藝 ngiɛ̀i U+88DB 裛 qip U+8A63 詣 ngèi U+8B70 議 ngyɛ̀ U+9038 逸 it U+9A5B 驛 *iɛk U+FA17 益 *qiɛk U+6D65 浥 gyip U+8ABC 誼 ngyɛ̀ U+81C6 臆 qiək U+56E0 因 *qin U+8335 茵 qin U+6BB7 殷 *qiən qiə̌n qɛn U+9670 陰 *qim U+97F3 音 *qyim U+541F 吟 *ngyim U+57A0 垠 ngiən ngyin U+5924 夤 in U+5BC5 寅 in U+5D1F 崟 ngyim U+9280 銀 *ngyin U+5C39 尹 iǔn U+5F15 引 *ǐn U+96B1 隱 qiə̌n U+98F2 飲 *qyìm *qyǐm U+5370 印 qìn U+852D 蔭 qyìm U+5B30 嬰 qiɛng U+6AFB 櫻 qɛng U+7516 甖 qɛng U+7E93 纓 *qiɛng U+81BA 膺 qiəng U+9DAF 鶯 *qɛng U+9DF9 鷹 *qiəng U+9E0E 鸎 *qɛng U+9E1A 鸚 *qɛng U+82F1 英 *qiæng U+61C9 應 *qiəng *qiə̀ng U+71DF 營 *iuɛng iuɛng U+584B 塋 iuɛng U+5B34 嬴 iɛng U+6979 楹 iɛng U+701B 瀛 iɛng U+76C8 盈 *iɛng U+7E08 縈 qiuɛng U+87A2 螢 *hueng U+8805 蠅 iəng U+8D0F 贏 iɛng U+7192 熒 hueng U+7469 瑩 hiuæng qèng U+8FCE 迎 *ngiæng U+90E2 郢 iɛ̌ng U+5F71 影 *qiæ̌ng U+6F41 潁 iuɛ̌ng U+7A4E 穎 iuɛ̌ng U+786C 硬 ngɛ̀ng U+6620 映 *qiæ̀ng U+5889 墉 iong U+5EB8 庸 iong U+6175 慵 zhiong U+64C1 擁 *qiǒng U+9095 邕 qiong U+6D8C 涌 *iǒng U+52C7 勇 *iǒng U+548F 咏 hiuæ̀ng U+6C38 永 *hiuæ̌ng U+6CF3 泳 hiuæ̀ng U+6E67 湧 *iǒng U+8A60 詠 *hiuæ̀ng U+8E34 踴 iǒng U+7528 用 *iòng U+512A 優 qiou U+5466 呦 giəu U+5E7D 幽 *qiəu U+60A0 悠 *iou U+6182 憂 *qiou U+6538 攸 iou U+8030 耰 qiou U+6E38 游 *iou U+5C24 尤 *hiou U+7337 猷 iou U+904A 遊 *iou U+7531 由 *iou U+7336 猶 *iou U+6CB9 油 iou U+53CB 友 hiǒu U+7256 牖 iǒu U+6709 有 *hiǒu U+53C8 又 *hiòu U+53F3 右 *hiòu U+72D6 狖 iòu U+5E7C 幼 qiə̀u U+67DA 柚 iòu U+7D06 紆 qio U+903E 逾 *io U+756C 畬 shia U+59A4 妤 iu U+5A31 娱 ngio U+611A 愚 *ngio U+6986 榆 io U+6E1D 渝 io U+6F01 漁 *ngiu U+7AFD 竽 hio U+8174 腴 io U+8438 萸 io U+865E 虞 *ngio U+8E30 踰 *iu U+9685 隅 *ngio U+9B5A 魚 *ngiu U+4E8E 于 *hio hio U+4F59 余 *iu iu U+9918 餘 *iu U+81FE 臾 io U+4E88 予 *iu iu U+8F3F 輿 *iu U+7FBD 羽 *hiǒ U+3E84 㺄 iǒ U+50B4 傴 qiǒ U+5709 圉 ngiǔ U+5B87 宇 *hiǒ U+5EBE 庾 iǒ U+79B9 禹 *hiǒ U+8A9E 語 *ngiǔ ngiù U+96E8 雨 *hiǒ U+8207 與 *iǔ iu U+71E0 燠 qiuk U+96A9 隩 qiuk qɑ̀u U+828B 芋 hiò U+57DF 域 hiuək U+5BD3 寓 ngiǒ U+6108 愈 *iǒ U+6B32 欲 *iok U+6D74 浴 iok U+6FA6 澦 iò U+7389 玉 *ngiok U+79A6 禦 ngiǔ U+7C5E 籞 ngiǔ U+8B7D 譽 iù U+9047 遇 *ngiò U+9810 預 iù U+98EB 飫 qiù U+99AD 馭 *ngiù U+9B31 鬱 *qiuɛt U+9D52 鵒 iok U+8C6B 豫 iù U+5FA1 御 *ngiù U+80B2 育 iuk U+55BB 喻 iò U+5AD7 嫗 qiò U+5BC3 寃 qiuæn U+9CF6 鳶 iuɛn U+9D1B 鴛 *qiuæn U+9D77 鵷 qiuæn U+5143 元 *ngiuæn ngiuæn U+5712 園 *hiuəi U+5713 圓 *hyuɛn U+57A3 垣 hiuæn U+63F4 援 hiuæn U+6C85 沅 ngiuæn U+6E72 湲 hyɛn U+6E90 源 *ngiuæn U+7230 爰 hiuæn U+7328 猨 *hiuæn U+733F 猿 *hiuæn U+8881 袁 hiuæn U+8F45 轅 hiuæn U+9EFF 黿 ngiuæn U+539F 原 *ngiuæn U+7DE3 緣 *iuɛn U+54E1 員 hyuɛn U+9060 遠 *hiuæ̌n U+6028 怨 *qiuæ̀n U+613F 愿 ngiuæn U+63BE 掾 iuɛ̀n U+9662 院 *hyuɛ̀n U+9858 願 *ngiuæ̀n U+82D1 苑 *qiuæ̌n U+66F0 曰 *hiuæt U+7D04 約 qiɑk U+925E 鉞 hiuæt U+8D8A 越 *hiuæt U+8E8D 躍 iɑk U+5CB3 岳 *ngak U+5DBD 嶽 *ngak U+60A6 悦 *iuɛt U+6708 月 *ngiuæt U+95B2 閲 iuɛt U+6C33 氳 qiuən U+6688 暈 ngiuən U+7B60 筠 hyun U+4E91 云 *hiuən hiuən U+5300 匀 uin U+96F2 雲 *hiuən U+6B9E 殞 hyuǐn U+904B 運 *hiuə̀n U+919E 醞 qiuə̀n U+5E00 帀 tzop U+96DC 雜 *dzhop U+707D 災 tzəi U+5BB0 宰 *tzə̌i tzə̌i U+518D 再 *tzə̀i tzə̀i U+5728 在 *dzhə̌i U+8F09 載 *tzə̀i *tzə̌i dzhə̀i tzə̀i U+7C2A 簪 *jrim U+6522 攢 dzhuɑn U+66AB 暫 *dzhɑ̀m U+8D0A 贊 tzɑ̀n U+846C 葬 *tzɑ̀ng U+7CDF 糟 tzɑu U+906D 遭 *tzɑu U+947F 鑿 dzhɑk U+65E9 早 *tzɑ̌u U+68D7 棗 tzɑ̌u U+85FB 藻 tzɑ̌u U+86A4 蚤 tzɑ̌u U+9020 造 dzhɑ̌u tsɑ̀u U+71E5 燥 sɑ̌u U+566A 噪 sɑ̀u U+7AC8 竈 tzɑ̀u U+8B5F 譟 sɑ̀u U+8E81 躁 tzɑ̀u U+6FA4 澤 *djhæk U+5247 則 tzək U+5E58 幘 jrɛk U+64C7 擇 djhæk U+8CAC 責 jrɛk U+4EC4 仄 *jriək jriək U+8CCA 賊 *dzhək U+589E 增 *tzəng U+618E 憎 tzəng U+77F0 矰 tzəng U+7F7E 罾 tzəng U+7511 甑 tziə̀ng U+8D08 贈 *dzhə̀ng U+89F0 觰 dja U+54F3 哳 djɛt U+672D 札 jrat U+54A4 咤 djà U+4E4D 乍 jrhà U+9F4B 齋 *jræi jræi U+6458 摘 djɛk U+5B85 宅 *djhæk U+7A84 窄 *jræk U+50B5 債 jrɛi U+9C63 鱣 djiɛn U+6CBE 沾 *djiɛm U+65C3 旃 jiɛn U+6C0A 氊 jiɛn U+77BB 瞻 jiɛm U+9085 邅 djiɛn U+9711 霑 djiɛm U+9E07 鸇 jiɛn U+5360 占 jiɛm U+8F3E 輾 djiɛ̌n U+5C55 展 *djiɛ̌n U+65AC 斬 *jræ̌m U+9186 醆 jiɛ̌n U+98AD 颭 jiɛ̌m U+6E5B 湛 djhæ̌m U+6230 戰 *jiɛ̀n U+68E7 棧 jrhàn U+7DBB 綻 djhɛ̀n U+8E54 蹔 *dzhɑ̀m U+5887 墇 *giæ̌ng U+5ADC 嫜 jiɑng U+6F33 漳 djiɑng U+5F35 張 *djiɑng U+7AE0 章 *jiɑng U+638C 掌 *jiɑ̌ng U+6F32 漲 dzhiɑ̀ng U+4E08 丈 *djhiɑ̌ng djhiɑ̌ng U+4ED7 仗 djhiɑ̀ng djhiɑ̌ng U+5D82 嶂 jiɑ̀ng U+5E33 帳 *djiɑ̀ng U+6756 杖 *dhjiɑ̌ng U+7634 瘴 chriɑng U+969C 障 *jiɑng jiɑ̀ng U+671D 朝 *djhiɛu *djiɛu U+62DB 招 *jiɛu U+662D 昭 *jiɛu U+7740 着 *djiɑk djiɑk U+6CBC 沼 jiɛ̌u U+53EC 召 djhiɛ̀u U+8D99 趙 *djiɛ̀u U+5146 兆 djhiɛ̌u U+7167 照 *jiɛ̀u U+8A54 詔 *jiɛ̀u U+6AC2 櫂 *djhàu U+906E 遮 *jia U+6298 折 *jiɛt U+54F2 哲 djiɛt U+78D4 磔 djæk U+8F12 輒 djiɛp U+8B2B 謫 *djɛk U+87C4 蟄 djhip U+8D6D 赭 jiǎ U+8005 者 *jiǎ U+8517 蔗 jià U+9DD3 鷓 jià U+937C 鍼 *jim U+659F 斟 jim U+699B 榛 jrin U+73CD 珍 *djin U+771F 真 *jin U+7827 砧 *djim U+81FB 臻 jrin U+8C9E 貞 djiɛng U+91DD 針 *jim U+7504 甄 gyɛn U+75B9 疹 jǐn U+8EEB 軫 jǐn U+6795 枕 *jǐm U+9707 震 jìn U+9663 陣 *djhìn U+93AE 鎮 djìn U+632F 振 *jìn U+5D22 崢 *jrhɛng jrhæng U+5F81 征 *jiɛng U+70DD 烝 jiəng U+7B8F 箏 *jrɛng U+84B8 蒸 jiəng jiɛng U+722D 爭 *jrɛng U+8ACD 諍 jrɛ̀ng U+5FB5 徵 *djiəng U+6574 整 jiɛ̌ng U+912D 鄭 *djiɛ̀ng U+6B63 正 *jiɛ̀ng U+80DD 胝 dji U+679D 枝 *jiɛ U+80A2 肢 jiɛ U+4E4B 之 *jiə jiə U+5DF5 巵 jiɛ U+652F 支 jiɛ U+6894 梔 jiɛ U+7957 祗 *jiɛ̌ U+67B3 枳 gyɛ̌ jiɛ̌ U+8102 脂 *ji U+77E5 知 *djiɛ U+7E54 織 *jiək U+64FF 擿 *djhiɛk U+646D 摭 jiɛk U+57F7 執 jip U+690D 植 djhiə̀ U+76F4 直 *djhiək *djhiə̀ U+8DD6 跖 jiɛk U+8077 職 jiək U+503C 值 *djhiə̀ djhiə U+6307 指 *jǐ U+65E8 旨 jǐ U+6B62 止 *jiə̌ U+7D19 紙 jiɛ̌ U+53EA 只 *jǐɛ U+6CBB 治 djhiə djhiə̀ djhì U+6EEF 滯 *djhiɛ̀i U+81F3 至 *jì U+96C9 雉 *djhǐ U+5236 制 jiɛ̀i U+5E19 帙 djhit U+5FD7 志 *jiə̀ U+7099 炙 jiɛk U+7564 畤 djhiə̌ jiə̌ U+79E9 秩 djhit U+7A1A 稚 *djhì U+7F6E 置 *djiə̀ U+8F0A 輊 djì U+9DD9 鷙 jì U+667A 智 djiɛ̀ U+684E 桎 jit U+8CEA 質 *jit U+64F2 擲 *djhiɛk U+81F4 致 *djì U+5FE0 忠 djiung U+7D42 終 *jiung U+87BD 螽 jiung U+937E 鍾 *jiong U+9418 鐘 *jiong U+4E2D 中 *djiùng djiung U+8877 衷 djiong U+51A2 冢 *djiǒng djiǒng U+585A 塚 *djiǒng U+7A2E 種 *jiòng jiǒng U+91CD 重 *djhiong *djhiǒng djhiòng U+4EF2 仲 *djhiùng djhiùng U+8846 衆 *jiùng U+5468 周 *jiou U+5DDE 州 *jiou U+6D32 洲 *jiou U+821F 舟 *jiou U+8EF8 軸 djhiuk U+5E1A 帚 jiǒu U+8098 肘 djiǒu U+5191 冑 djhiòu U+5B99 宙 djhiòu U+665D 晝 *djiòu U+76BA 皺 jriòu U+8AF8 諸 *jiu U+6731 朱 *jio zhio U+682A 株 djio U+7026 瀦 djiu U+73E0 珠 *jio U+8331 茱 zhio U+8A85 誅 djio U+9296 銖 zhio U+9010 逐 *djhiuk U+71ED 燭 *jiok U+7AF9 竹 *djiuk U+8233 舳 djhiuk U+7BC9 築 djiuk U+4E3B 主 *jiǒ jiǒ U+56D1 囑 jiok U+6E1A 渚 *jiǔ U+716E 煮 jiǔ U+77DA 矚 jiok U+8CAF 貯 djiǔ U+4F47 佇 djhiǔ U+4F4F 住 *djhiò djhiò U+52A9 助 jrhiù U+7B6F 筯 djhiù U+7FE5 翥 jiù U+9444 鑄 jiò U+99D0 駐 djiò U+795D 祝 jiuk U+6CE8 注 jiò U+67F1 柱 *djhiǒ U+8457 著 *djiù *djiɑk djhiɑk U+7BB8 箸 djhiù U+722A 爪 jrǎu U+5C08 專 jiuɛn U+8F49 轉 *djiuɛ̌n U+64B0 撰 jrhiuɛ̌n U+56C0 囀 djiuɛ̀n U+994C 饌 jrhiuɛ̀n jrhuǎn U+599D 妝 *jriɑng U+7CA7 粧 *jriɑng U+838A 莊 jriɑng U+88DD 裝 jriɑng U+58EF 壯 *jriɑ̀ng U+72C0 狀 jrhiɑ̀ng U+690E 椎 djhui U+8FFD 追 *djui U+9310 錐 jui U+9A05 騅 jui U+7DB4 綴 djiuɛ̀i U+589C 墜 *djhuì U+68C6 棆 luin U+8FCD 迍 djuin U+96BC 隼 suǐn U+6E96 準 juǐn U+5353 卓 djak U+6349 捉 jrak U+68F9 棹 *djhàu U+64E2 擢 djhak U+65AB 斫 jiɑk U+6FC1 濁 djhak U+707C 灼 jiɑk U+914C 酌 *jiɑk U+6FEF 濯 *djhak U+5544 啄 *duk djak U+62D9 拙 *jiuɛt U+8332 茲 *tziə dzhiə U+6ECB 滋 *tziə U+9DC0 鷀 dzhiə tziə U+54A8 咨 tzi U+59FF 姿 *tzi U+5B5C 孜 tziə U+8CB2 貲 tziɛ U+9AED 髭 tziɛ U+83D1 菑 jriə U+8CC7 資 tzi U+89DC 觜 tziuɛ̌ U+59CA 姊 tzǐ U+6893 梓 tziə̌ U+6ED3 滓 tziə̌ U+7D2B 紫 *tziɛ̌ U+8A3E 訾 tziɛ U+5B50 子 *tziə̌ U+6063 恣 tzì U+5B57 字 *dzhiə̀ dzhiə̀ U+7725 眥 dzhiɛ̌ U+81EA 自 *dzhì U+5B97 宗 *tzong U+5D78 嵸 tzung tzǔng U+6936 椶 tzung U+8E64 蹤 tziong U+7E3D 總 *tzǔng U+7E31 縱 tziong tziòng U+9139 鄹 jriou U+966C 陬 jriou U+9A36 騶 jriou U+8D70 走 *tzǒu tzòu U+594F 奏 tzòu U+9A5F 驟 jrhiou U+79DF 租 tzo U+5352 卒 *tzuət tsuət tzuit U+5D12 崒 dzhuət U+8DB3 足 *tziok U+65CF 族 dzhuk U+7956 祖 *tzǒ U+7D44 組 tzǒ U+4FCE 俎 jriǔ U+963B 阻 *jriǔ U+947D 鑽 tzuɑn U+5634 嘴 tziuɛ̌ U+6700 最 *tzuɑ̀i U+7F6A 罪 dzhuə̌i U+9189 醉 *tzuì U+5C0A 尊 *tzuən U+7F47 罇 *tzuən U+9075 遵 tzuin U+6A3D 樽 *tzuən U+6628 昨 *dzhɑk U+5DE6 左 tzɑ̌ U+5750 坐 *dzhuɑ̀ *dzhuɑ̌ U+5EA7 座 *dzhuɑ̀ U+795A 祚 dzhò U+4F5C 作 *tzɑk tzɑk


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