Index of Ext_B characters in Unicode 3.2

These tables contain all the code points of Extension B of Unicode 3.2, however, the most recent font which displays 36,862 of the 42,711 characters is called SimSun (Founder Extended) font which ships as "sursong.ttf", and over 39 Megabytes in size.

Consequently, when viewing the characters in these tables using the sursong.ttf font, you will notice that there are gaps where the character cannot be displayed as the font does not have it.

20000.htm 20100.htm 20200.htm 20300.htm 20400.htm 20500.htm 20600.htm 20700.htm 20800.htm 20900.htm 20A00.htm 20B00.htm 20C00.htm 20D00.htm 20E00.htm 20F00.htm 21000.htm 21100.htm 21200.htm 21300.htm 21400.htm 21500.htm 21600.htm 21700.htm 21800.htm 21900.htm 21A00.htm 21B00.htm 21C00.htm 21D00.htm 21E00.htm 21F00.htm 22000.htm 22100.htm 22200.htm 22300.htm 22400.htm 22500.htm 22600.htm 22700.htm 22800.htm 22900.htm 22A00.htm 22B00.htm 22C00.htm 22D00.htm 22E00.htm 22F00.htm 23000.htm 23100.htm 23200.htm 23300.htm 23400.htm 23500.htm 23600.htm 23700.htm 23800.htm 23900.htm 23A00.htm 23B00.htm 23C00.htm 23D00.htm 23E00.htm 23F00.htm 24000.htm 24100.htm 24200.htm 24300.htm 24400.htm 24500.htm 24600.htm 24700.htm 24800.htm 24900.htm 24A00.htm 24B00.htm 24C00.htm 24D00.htm 24E00.htm 24F00.htm 25000.htm 25100.htm 25200.htm 25300.htm 25400.htm 25500.htm 25600.htm 25700.htm 25800.htm 25900.htm 25A00.htm 25B00.htm 25C00.htm 25D00.htm 25E00.htm 25F00.htm 26000.htm 26100.htm 26200.htm 26300.htm 26400.htm 26500.htm 26600.htm 26700.htm 26800.htm 26900.htm 26A00.htm 26B00.htm 26C00.htm 26D00.htm 26E00.htm 26F00.htm 27000.htm 27100.htm 27200.htm 27300.htm 27400.htm 27500.htm 27600.htm 27700.htm 27800.htm 27900.htm 27A00.htm 27B00.htm 27C00.htm 27D00.htm 27E00.htm 27F00.htm 28000.htm 28100.htm 28200.htm 28300.htm 28400.htm 28500.htm 28600.htm 28700.htm 28800.htm 28900.htm 28A00.htm 28B00.htm 28C00.htm 28D00.htm 28E00.htm 28F00.htm 29000.htm 29100.htm 29200.htm 29300.htm 29400.htm 29500.htm 29600.htm 29700.htm 29800.htm 29900.htm 29A00.htm 29B00.htm 29C00.htm 29D00.htm 29E00.htm 29F00.htm 2A000.htm 2A100.htm 2A200.htm 2A300.htm 2A400.htm 2A500.htm 2A600.htm


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